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    Hello everyone!

     I am editing this post because I have left out a lot of information.


    Firstly I wanna start off with the basics, my region is Europe and my time zone is CET (UCT+1).


    I have been wanting to create a custom campaign for quite some time but unfortunately, my editor skills are limited (trigger editing, cutscenes and similar are not my specialty) so I am looking for someone willing to work on something casual and without a rush. Currently I don't have a team and am working alone (I tried finding someone to work with but I believe I just lacked the information).

    I am also a student at uni (3rd year) so I have a lot of things to do, but I am willing to put 20+ hrs of work in a week at my free time to work on this project.


    The campaign I had in mind follows Selendis, Artanis' Executor, who is in the process of returning the remaining scattered protoss on other planets to Aiur after Amon's defeat, but soon realizes that some of them have rebelled against the United protoss which turns out to be a bigger threat. The antagonist (one of the Viceroys of the city in the 1st mission, Tiamath, is serving a newly self appointed Empress that resents the Hierarchy and wishes to submit the whole sector under her rule). 


    I have no problem with terrain editing, dialogue and story writing, aswell as unit ideas and how the missions would be connected (but also I am willing to always hear some new ideas :) ). I would need someone who is good at triggers (objectives, general triggers and so on), UI, unit touchups (abilities and stats), cutscenes and that's all I can think of right now.


    So far I have created only two maps (just the basic templates) and I am willing to show them if someone would be interested. :)

    So if anyone is interested in some casual collab, I would really appreciate it!


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