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     Good for you! 
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    Hi I want to add some options in the lobby like game mode, max game time etc.





    These ones


    Is it a trigger? If so, what event do I use? 


    I just want to set the amount of resources when start and mineral/vespine geyser has. But I'm also curious about setting more complex things just like skins of units like from the Coop And Campaign units extension mode.

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     Just fixed the problem. 
    These are all you have to do. 
    1. Pick any unit you want to modify (For me I chose tempest)
    2. Go to the actor data type (Or right click actor of the unit you selected and click View Linked Actors) and you have to find the (Unit name) Attack actor. 
    3. Duplicate the Attack actor(It's an Action type actor) and set the name as you want. In my case I set the original Attack actor's name to 'left' and the duplicated to 'right'.
    4. Create two actors for the Launch Offsets. The actor type is Site Operation (Local Offset).
    5. set the offset's x value which determines right or left. I set the 'left' offset to -3,0,0 and the 'right' offset to 3,0,0
    6.  Go to the Attack actor ('Right' and 'Left') and set Combat: Launch Site and Combat: Launch Site Ops to the offset you created. https://imgur.com/pEbX9aV
    Set the 'left attack' to 'left offset' and the 'right attack' to 'right offset' (It doesn't actually matters cause they're symmetric)
    7. Here's the important part. If we just test right now you can see an error message saying "Can only create one CAtorAction per effect". So you'll have to create a duplicate of Launch missiles and Damage effect and add a Set Type effect then double click Effect: Effects to add the two Launch Missiles effect in able to make the weapon activates both Launch Missiles effects. https://imgur.com/Rjirf4I 
    It could be confusing but just to explain again just add a effect named (Unit name) Set with the type of Set and at the Effect: Effects field you can add multiple effects. Add two Launch Missiles effect. One is the original and the other one is the duplicated. There will be a screenshot at the end.
    8. Set the Events field of 'Attack Right' or 'Attack Left' actor. You must set one of them not both. The settings you're gonna do is simple. Just set all Damage and Launch Missiles effect to the one you copied. In my case I set Tempest Damage effect to Tempest Damage Copy and Tempest Launch Missile to Tempest Launch Missile Copyhttps://imgur.com/JYkqiCJ
    The red ones are what I changed.
    9.Finally go to your unit's weapon and set the Effect:Effect to the Set you made. https://imgur.com/Hq0y3Oy
    This is how the tempest looks like https://imgur.com/j5wFDeK
    If it does not work or seems weird, check the duplicated attack actor's Art:Missile field is same as the original attack actor's.
     Of course the damage is dealt twice so you'll need to set the Damage to half and set Display Attack Count field to 2 under the weapon.
    It's kind of a medieval way to do but hey the fact that it works is the most important thing
    Ask me if you don't get it.
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