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    I’m having trouble making a Medivac go to a unit and pick him up, then drop him off at a point. All using triggers. All the Medivac does is stare at the unit, not loading/unloading him. This is what I have so far:

    Order Medivac to move to unit
    Wait 10 Seconds
    Order Medivac to load unit
    Wait 1 Second
    Order Medivac to Move to point
    Wait 10 Seconds
    Order Medivac to unload all (unit)


    Can anyone help?

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    My goal is to make a medivac drop off raynor, and then raynor walks to a point and stops. I got the medivac part somewhat right, here’s what I did:


    Map Initialization


    Unit -Make Medivac uncommandable

    Unit -Create 1 Raynor as cargo in Medivac

    Unit -Order Medivac to unload all at unload point then despawn at despawn point 

    Unit -Make (Last created cargo unit) uncommandable

    General -Wait 18 game time seconds 

    Unit -Order (last created cargo unit) to ( attack targeting move point)
    Unit -Make (last created cargo unit) commandable


    Please reply and help!?

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    In reply to MaskedImposter:

     I fixed it, I had them in the wrong order. But I have another “problem”, I have a scv and I want it to build a siege tank, I already got the siege tank in the command card but instead of the scv building it like it would a structure, it kinda just spawns in, how can I fix this?

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    I have tried to make one ai have a alliance with 4 players, and it doesn’t work. Here’s what I did:

    New Trigger

    Event - Map Initialization

    Variable - Empty Player Group


    - Add all needed players to the variable group

    - All players in Variable Group treat each other as ally with shared vision.

    And this doesn’t work, please help!? 

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