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    posted a message on Missile Launching + Animation Problem

    @wingednosering: Go

    Thanks, that worked :)

    Weapon -> Create Persistent #1 (Until Destroyed / Auto Shot) -> Create Persistent #2 (1 Period Count + Initial Delay) -> Launch Missile

    Marine Actor event fires the animation at #2 persistent initial.

    I had to create another persistent for the added delay since the only delay options in the persistent are initial (on creation) and expires (before expiring). I needed a delay on every period.

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    posted a message on Missile Launching + Animation Problem

    Hey all,

    I've just tried to implement a launch missile effect to the marine unit, but the attack animation is triggered at the exact same moment that the launch missile effect is called.

    The marine unit has the following event to call the animation: Marine Events

    The Weapon calls "Create Persistent", which then calls "Launch Missile" every 1.5 seconds. And of course once the missile impacts, the "Damage" effect is called.

    Here's a short video demonstrating what the issue is. You'll notice the missile shoots out of the gun before the marine is pointing it at the target causing some 'quite' undesirable effects. The second missile in the video can't be seen as it was lost due to the frame rate :P

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    Thank you for any help :)

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    posted a message on Protoss names ideas

    @BrutalDeath90: Go

    Protoss names are exotic, a lot like the elven ones in Lord of the Rings I guess.

    Try this name generator:

    It seems to be pumping out some pretty good ones that suit the Protoss.

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    posted a message on [Video] Unit Frames v0.1 Demo

    Starcrafter [SCR]

    Here is a video demonstration the unit frames used in the Starcrafter [SCR] engine. I suggest viewing in a higher quality as I run Starcraft 2 on low settings, and the recording isn't that great. Apologies for the sound too, the trial version of my capturing program doesn't allow it.

    There are two unit frames, one for you (the player), and another for your target/selected unit. It will display their image, name, shields, life and energy.

    The image is displayed dynamically, meaning you can pick any unit and place it on the map and no hard coding will be required to make their image show up.

    The minimap isn't complete and its current state is self explanatory, as with the ability bar at the bottom.

    This is only v0.1 of the unit frames, as there is still a lot I need to add like an "In Combat" indicator, buffs and various other small things.


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    posted a message on [Library] Third Person Movement

    @chanchiem: Go

    What do you mean when you say 'custom unit's names'? Their names in the data editor? If you can provide more details I can fix it for the next version :)

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    posted a message on [Demo] Starcrafter [SCR] King of the Hill Map (Dev)

    As the title says, this is still in development, still nutting out some things in terms of combat and display.


    It's a King of the Hill map using the Starcrafter [SCR] engine I've been building. The gist of the story is that rich sources of minerals have been found at an oasis on a desert planet and both the Terrans and Protoss are after it.

    Two teams of 2 to 4 battle it out for a set duration of time, the team that holds the center for the longest wins.

    May add some more doodads here and there to fill out the rest of it (not too much though as it's a desert and must feel sparse), and will also work on lighting. Still tossing up whether it's to take place at night or during the day.


    Sub-objectives may be added after the base gameplay is completed. For example collecting minerals mid-game and bringing them back to base to receive upgrades.


    Castable spells are still in the works, all that you see in that video is the default auto shot ability which comes standard.


    Will be melee only, but they do have shields to counter the ranged combat of the Terrans. Their abilities will include:

    • Melee
    • Some sort of Psi-Beam that pulls the target to their position
    • Another that decreases the target's speed for a set duration of time.


    Ranged. Will be in trouble if in melee range they can't shoot up that close. Abilities:

    • Auto shot
    • Concussive shot (decreases speed or stuns them, still deciding)
    • Instant shot.


    It was quite jumpy when I recorded the video due to having the settings up higher than normal (on a laptop). But it's only due to CPU performance, not the map.

    There's no sound as I'm still yet to purchase the full version of Snapz Pro on the Mac.

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    posted a message on Making a better click attack system?

    This is pretty much what you want. You also need to make sure when unhighlighting, that the unit being unhighlighted was clicked on in the first place. Otherwise if you click on the ground, unit, doodad etc. and then drag the mouse over a unit and release, you will begin to attack it.

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    posted a message on Moving to Attack Range

    @fr0d0b0ls0n: Go

    It'll have to do for now I guess. I'm just convinced there's a data-based solution somewhere. I'll find it one day!

    Thanks for the help :)

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    posted a message on Moving to Attack Range

    @RileyStarcraft: Go

    Creating an augment ability doesn't work. It seems that the augment ability only runs before the main ability. So if you issue the order stop. The unit will stop, but instantly attack straight after.

    If only there was some way of adding a validator to the default attack ability.

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    posted a message on Moving to Attack Range

    I haven't found a solution to this problem even though I've seen it asked around various websites.


    When a unit (A) is ordered to attack another unit (B), it will automatically run towards B until it's within the weapon range. I wish to keep the attack behavior, but remove the movement. I'm sure this is possible in the data editor somewhere.


    In my attempts I've tried changing most values and flags I've found that seem relevant to the issue, but the little guy is just too darn determined to attack the unit and will move towards the enemy until it's within range.

    The following are a few of the things I've tried changing:


    • Behavior - Response: No Response
    • Combat - Default Acquire Level: None


    C-14 Gauss Rifle
    • Weapon - Allowed Movement: None
    • Weapon - Options: Tried multiple combinations
    • Weapon - Scan Filters: Exclude all
    • Weapon - Target Filters: Exclude all

    Is there anyone out there that has a proper solution for preventing automatic range acquisition? If so, please share, you would be an absolute life saver. Otherwise I'll have to develop some dodgy trigger based preventative measure.

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    posted a message on [Data | Text] Removing Error Messages

    @progammer: Go

    I'm afraid I've tried hiding most, if not all, UI frames, panels and dialogs including those mentioned.

    I did find the following to work though:

    • UI - Enable/Disable Command Type
      • Disable (Smart Click) for (All Players)
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    posted a message on [Data | Text] Removing Error Messages


    Lesson learned: Never try to do anything at 2AM. I have since found the following:

    • UI - Enable/Disable Command Type
      • Disable (Smart Click) for (All Players)

    Disabling/Hiding Error Messages, Alert panels etc... do not work.

    After looking for quite a while to the solution of this annoying problem for those wanting to create single-unit controlled maps like FPS and TPS, I decided to do a big of digging and fix it myself.

    The problem is of course having a unit selected, let's say a shop or NPC, and when you right click you hear a noise and one of the following error messages pops up:

    • You can't control that unit.
    • You can't issue commands to that unit.

    These errors will take the player away from the atmosphere of your game and leave them very confused as to what the errors mean. And even if you could remove the text, that bleep sound that plays would still be heard.

    The solution I found is quite simple, I would have preferred unchecking a flag, or having a UI action to remove the error box, but I couldn't find anything. So here is what you do:

    Step 1

    1. Open the Text Editor (F8)
    2. Select "All Data" from the Data Source drop down
      • Wait a few seconds for the list to update
    3. In the list, find the error message. In this case:
      • You can't control that unit
      • You can't issue commands to that unit
    4. Click on each and remove all text from the Text Entry box
      • Depending on your CPU speed, this may take a few seconds for each update
    5. Close the Text Editor

    Text Editor

    Step 2

    1. Open the Data Editor (F7)
    2. In the Data Type drop down select "Sounds"
    3. In the Data Source drop down select "All Data"
    4. Find "UI_GenericError" and click on it
    5. Double click on "Sound Assets +"
    6. Right click on the sound(s) in the Sounds List and select "Remove Sound"

    Data Editor

    The error is still triggered, but nothing will be displayed and no sound will be played.

    For the other errors that you haven't cleared the text of, they will be displayed but no sound.

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    posted a message on [Video] Custom Cast Bar v0.2

    Updated v0.2

    See original post for video :)

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    posted a message on Cone of Sight

    @Berrala: Go

    I wasn't aware of the Angle Between Points action! Thank you very much, Berrala! You've been an amazing help :)

    And true about the Z axis. Can just do some traceline checking to detect any objects between the units as with cliffs.

    Muchos <3

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    posted a message on Cone of Sight

    As my trig was never on par with anything, and it's 2:35am, I've been having a little trouble figuring out how to detect if a point (unit) is within the cone of sight of another unit. I've been looking for a while for a decent tutorial on the subject but my efforts have proved to be fruitless.

    I understand that to start I'll need:

    • Point of Unit 1 (X,Y,Z)
    • Facing angle of Unit 1
    • Facing angle offset of 45 degrees to the left and right of the facing angle.
    • Point of Unit 2 (X,Y,Z)
    • View Distance (circle radius)

    On a 2D platform I believe the basic diagram would resemble the following: Triangle of View

    But I can't for the life of me figure out how to connect everything, let alone convert detection to include the Z plane.

    Would anyone be willing to share any knowledge on the issue?

    Thanks :)

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