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    posted a message on Taking over a dead custom?

    You won't be able to update the exact map that is in bnet as each map reserves it's name forever and is forever bound to account that uploaded it.


    If original owners give you mapfile then you can edit it and upload your separate version. Same if they left it unlocked in bnet (making it available to be downloaded by everyone trough editor, tho in 90% of cases people lock their maps). If they can't be reached or don't want to give you the file it's probably better to remake the thing from a scratch.


    There are ways to steal maps, but that removes your ability to edit triggers trough GUI, and well... other people's code is usually hell and without knowing why and how original authors made their maps you'll just go insane as changing one thing will usually make other things break and you'll end up being stuck in infinite loop of trying to find out how and why one unrelated thing breaks so many others.

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    posted a message on Creating a bank to save Total kills gained and loading kills gained onto leaderboard.



    Yeah, banks need to be preloaded. If you're preloading them with triggers - make sure you're not using variable for player number. Preload trigger is special in that you need to specify players manually or it won't work. Tho a more modern way would be to not use triggers for that but go to "Map -> Preload Info->Banks".


    Looking at screenshots I think that if player doesn't have a bank or their bank is empty, then game won't be able to load anything from those empty banks and give you an error that it can't do anything.


    Also you're using "last opened bank" but each player has their own bank, so this setup will only use whatever last bank was opened in your other trigger.



    I recommend doing this:

    In your bank initialization trigger save all the info in the bank into variables and then in future use those variables instead. There you can also check if player has info recorded in the bank, and if they don't - you'll use default variable's value.


    Also try using records: right click in trigger module (where your triggers are listed), go to "new"->"new record". Records are basically variable folders. So you can nicely organize your data in a readable way, for example everything related to your bank needs you can store in a record.


    After you create record and put some variables into it you'll need to create a variable and set it's type to record that you've just created. Then you'll be able to save and manage your variables with comfort.


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    posted a message on I have 641 Points, and I want to spawn a unit on every single one.

    You can get point from name, so if you name your points like UnitA_1 UnitA_2 .. UnitA_157 .. and so on you will be able to easily iterate trough them in trigger loops.

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    posted a message on Starcraft 2 4.4.0, native functions with Date & Time

    FYI the Date/Time stuff was a passion project from our server engineer who actually used to be an SC2 modder

    from SC2Mapster discord

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    posted a message on [Net Neutrality] Asking the real question here.

    Net neutrality is about ensuring that your local internet Service Provider (ISP) treats all your internet traffic equally - not blocking or throttling it as they wish. Why would they want to do such thing? Mostly when they want to sell you a service and there is a free alternative out there, without net neutrality they can just block all access to it to users using their internet. It also enables them selling limited internet where you can only access certain things, which might not be terrible on individual level (as you chose to pay less) but is a bad thing on a bigger scale.


    This particular vote only affects US residents and what dishonest practices their ISP can employ to get more cash out of them.


    Net neutrality is not a universally enforced rule by US, it's regulated in each country individually (EU has some regulations about it too). Some countries don't have net neutrality at all. For example, a google search told me that Indonesia doesn't have net neutrality (https://www.eyerys.com/articles/news/indonesia-and-internet-neutrality-getting-away-it).


    If you want to learn more in-depth about it- someone linked me a video about the history of this whole thing in US:


    He starts going trough precedents of ISP trickery in US around 25 min mark.


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    posted a message on Skillshot ability that can bounch off terrain help

    Honestly, I would just make it a dummy unit with air pathing that looks like missile.

    - It is created when unit uses ability and is ordered to move on "triggering ability taregt point", also save its direction angle and run a trigger thread on it that checks every 0.0625 if fake missile is on unpathable terrain.

    - if trigger detects that fake missile is on unpathable terrain/cliffs - calculate bounce angle and order fake missile to move in new direction.

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    posted a message on How to show missile from trasher on minimap ?

    Step 1:  Download void thrashing coop map from this thread: https://www.sc2mapster.com/forums/resources/trigger-libraries-scripts/176712-co-op-maps

    Step 2: Open void thrashing map, go to triggers, what you want is trigger called "Void Thrasher Missiles", it's located in:
    "Cooperative Mission"->"======= MAIN ======="->"Utility"



    TLDR: use an event that detects missiles birth, attach ping to it, wait untl missile dies, destroy the ping.

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    posted a message on Working on a DBZ RPG. Custom Models, etc...

    Real question is... Who would actually be interested in playing it?

    It's DBZ, I wouldn't worry about not having people to play it ;D

    Just go for it and do it is the advice I'd give.




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    posted a message on I made a simple character ability.

    These are some nice visuals. Tell us more about the project :0

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    posted a message on Cross-Game Single Player Map Contest (WC3/SC1/SC2)

    Having just a month would be more of an exercise in figuring out what you can do in one month and doing just that to the best of your ability. Keeping that scope as small as possible.


    From my perspective 2 months means + more polish and iteration. 3 Months means I'll be working on this as a side thing (splitting work between whatever I'm currently set on doing and this single-player thing).

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    posted a message on New War Chest Models


    That mutalisk looks like some sort of a vampire bat. Exactly what I needed :D

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    posted a message on Cross-Game Single Player Map Contest (WC3/SC1/SC2)

    Mm, a month is good. I imagine that for someone with a regular job that's approx 80 hours of mapmaking (1-2 hours each work day and 10 hours on weekends). Enough for a finished rush job if you can plan accordingly.


    I've had an idea long time ago that didn't go anywhere because it would have been better off single-player and I don't do single player. This might be a good enough excuse to go trough with it and see if the idea had any merit to it.

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    posted a message on Cross-Game Single Player Map Contest (WC3/SC1/SC2)

    How much time you think on giving for this thing?

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    posted a message on [Showcase] NanaKey&Delphinium's Models

    Heya dephinium, thank you so much for having these assets be public.


    I'm letting you know I'm making use of 2 models of yours

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/42fkz5dhbcl0fvm/FroCatty gravity.gif?dl=0


    and you're credited for them in a following manner :)

    "NanaKey_EF_OverGravity.m3 and NanaKey_EF_ZeroGravity.m3 taken from Delphinum_Model_1.0 bnet dependency;"


    Have a great day!

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    posted a message on [Model] m3 to xml - editing hardcoded colors

    Worked perfectly, tyvm!

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