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    Since it is hard to go back and forth in StarCraft II Editor, I want to edit triggers in one file. It seems like editing in Data -> View Script cannot be saved. Is there any way to edit triggers in text editor and put them back in map? Thanks in advance.

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    posted a message on Help to use co-op commanders

    In reply to kerberos_42:

     I also want to make co-op missions for 3 players. Can you tell me how you managed to do it or share a template map? I have been working on this for few weeks but I am still far away from success. I will appreciate a lot if you can help me.
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    posted a message on How to give commanders to players

    I am trying to make existing co-op maps into 3-player maps but I realized that commanders selection screen is coded by Blizzard and does not support more than 2 players. So I want to give players commanders manually with 15 levels and 120 master points. I do not want just commanders but all units and tech trees associated to commanders and calldown panels. How this can be achieved?

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