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     just to respond to your comment about voice acting: I totally don't believe it should cost you a cent. There should be plenty of Blizzard fans, the type who show up at Cosplay and Comicon and what not, who would love to do your voice acting for free just to be part of a great thing. Hell, if I had the talent, I would be more than happy to do voice acting for you too!
    I think when you make something great, don't stop at 99%. Your quality is on the verge of being indistinguishable from a Blizzard official project. Only the lack of voices betray the fanmade origins. If the remaining 1% is beyond you personally, just put out a call on the forums and you'll have more people begging to audition than you can handle! I believe the community will back you 100% on this because your annihilation project is that good.
    Voice acting for a mediocre map or poorly written story, that's a different matter...
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