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    Yes, as a mouse event make it sure that it detects key events.

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    Uploaded some new pics regarding updated UI's.

    Integrated a change in the multigon mechanic into the UI. The change to the multigon system will now have sub-categories to the main category. For example, the Tank tree will have sub-categories such as "Leadership" and "Protection".

    New terrain screenshot is out.

    EDIT: Currently looking for a triggerer. Send PM or reply if you need details.

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    EDIT: All positions taken.

    EDIT: Terrainer position taken.

    EDIT: Also lookking for possible name suggestions for the project.

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    Very nice map. Could be a lot better with better visuals and more thought into the terrain, to be honest.

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    How about another post with hours invested into the map? On that note, if you calculate how much money I "COULD" make and instead wasted my time investing into SC2, then my numbers would be a lot.. lot higher.

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    Hi, Jaxter, I'm in need of an artist ASAP just for one quick task, or if possible on-going for the project. Below is a little dialog I have been working on, and it currently has a black background. I need "something" that kinda fits in with all the buttons you see there.

    If you're looking for an on-going project to work for, here's a link to mine http://www.sc2mapster.com/forums/general/team-recruitment/24754-multiplayer-rpg-needs-designers-and-self-motivated

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    Worked on a few templates and icons. New screenshot in original post that shows off some new icons for the Multigon. They all have hover, mouse-down, and mouse-down-out icons fully working. Working on switching through multigon tabs now. (Posted a screen with only 2 new buttons, gotta head out before I stick in the rest and trigger them, sorry)

    On a side note: Currently looking for someone ASAP to work on a background image for the multigon dialog. Thank you!

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    Thank you for that wiki link, Mexaprone, really solved a lot for me.

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    Updated original post to show the positions I'd like to see. As the little note says, you don't need trigger or data editing skills. If you can simply come up with ideas and are good at balancing, that is good enough! Although if you can/want to do triggers, that is a great plus!

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    That's what I have right now, LinkD, gimme a few and I'll post the image up of it. I just came up with a brilliant idea with screen images, then was quickly shunned away. Oh well.

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    Haha don't tease me like, Nebuli. Thanks for comment though. I hope your project goes well!

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    I will be focusing my efforts on triggering, skinning, icon development, and UI work. I am not a great terrainer. As far as you making abilities in the data editor, I don't think that'll be necessary as almost everything will be triggered in - down to the actual effects of the skills. Unless I am persuaded otherwise that the data editor is superior to the trigger editor in creating skills, I will lean towards the data editor. However - 222 talents (mostly being usable/passive skills) and skills that come per class, I'd really love someone who can come up with ideas for skills and talents! I also would like someone help me in actually designing the classes and how many there should be. This designer wouldn't have to do anything other than come up with cool ideas, as long as they are balanceable. Thank you for your interest, everlasting! Hope to hear from you.

    EDIT: On a side note, I am currently working on an improved UI visual. I can't seem to get past the 50 screen image limit, which is a huge hindrance to my plans. If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to post!

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    Hello, Sc2mapster community. Skip this paragraph if you don't care about introductions. I have an RPG that is almost fully planned out and conceptualized, however I am open to input and suggestions. As far as the actual mapping and modding goes, I have very little done to be honest. I have multiple maps whereas I test if a system that I want to implement is possible, and then test the extent of it. That is about all I have done really. I have only started work a few days ago on this map. However, I have been pre-planning almost everything from the beta stage of SC2. I was demoralized to even attempt to make a map on release of custom maps in beta, and I was further demoralized by the continual failure of battle.net 2.0. Let's not get into that right now, though! I re-established my motivation in order to get this map started, and despite the popularity system, or a hurricane, or the doomsday 2012 prophecy, or whatever I shall truck on and work on the map even if only 2 people play it. I care not, because I feel it in myself to do this. I have no idea what has driven me lately, but I have been working on this like a mad dog lately, and I can only hope to continue to have this drive. Some personal background information about myself... I attended a University for a bachelor's in Software Engineering in 2006, I served the military as a Systems Engineer for 4 years, and now I am going to college in October for a bachelor's in either "Game Development & Simulation Programming" or "Network Engineering", I still got time to decide :) I am also currently looking for work as Network Administrator or related field, I haven't found the right company I want to work for yet. I am not bragging, I would just like to affirm that I have the knowledge and skills (I think I'm skilled anyways?...) to overseer and complete a project. Thank you for your time and interest in advance, and I hope you like what you read!


    There will be an /unknown/ amount of characters that you will be able to choose from. Although each character is vastly unique, all the characters have access to the same "talents" as any other character. Please note, I hate the word talents, and I hope someone can suggest a better word other than skills. :) The point of having every character access the same "talent tree" (another term I hate, I actually refer it to as a multigon, so from now on I will say multigon) is to add character depth and uniqueness apart from other players, rather than all players of the same character going the same build or slightly similar. I haven't decided on a max level of a character yet.


    When you level, you gain 3 talent points that you may allocate in a multigon. Also, at certain levels you will also gain a "Link" in which you can link two different talents in order to achieve heightened or secondary effects.


    The multigon is like a talent tree. It's a little different, and I'll try to explain it as best I can. I have worked on a few different concept images as well to help guide me building the UI in SC2. I have decided to go with the picture attached below. (I will try to make the UI look almost identical to this image) Anyways... On the far right, you will see a cluster of hexagons. These hexagons are actually icons for each talent you can learn. The icons themselves are just the template frame, so they are left blank in the center for now. These talents actually have 10 ranks to them. So once you put one point in a talent, you can put another 9 in the same one. Also, talents have two bonuses to them. I call it a Major and Minor bonus (go figure). The Major bonus would usually be a new Skill that would be available to you, and the Minor bonus would be a small stat point gain. Now, even though you put 10 points in a talent, you might only get 4 improvements to the Major bonus (for a total of 5 ranks major, 10 ranks minor). The usual means of getting the 5th level of the Major bonus is to put 9 points in the talent. Now, you're probably thinking why would anyone want to put their 10th point in the talent if they already have the highest Major bonus from the talent? The reason would be because now the Minor stat bonus is a fairly medium sized bonus, and well worth getting. There is a total of 37 hexagons in a multigon.

    As you can see on the far left of the image, there are 6 buttons (subject to image change). Tank, Magic, Physical, Support, Heal, and Utility. Each of these buttons leads to a different multigon (with another 37 hexagons). This totals 222 different hexagons/talents. The center hexagon is Tier 0. The 6 surrounding hexagons of Tier 0 are Tier 1. The surrounding hexagons of Tier 1 are Tier 2, and of course it goes up to Tier 3. Also, you cannot advance into the next tier unless you meet certain conditions, such as your character level and if you put enough points into that tab. Also, you can only advance in higher tier hexagons if it is adjacent to the lower tier hexagon. Talents can be linked as well, explained below.


    At level 2, 5, and 10 you will gain a "Link". By the time your character hits max level, you will only have 3 links in total. They are gained fast, as you can see because you get the third at level 10. They are used to Link 2 hexagons together in order to achieve improved or secondary effects on one or both parts of the talent. Here is an example where I link the two Tier 0 talents "Retribution" and "Fireball" (From tank/magic tabs respectively)

    • Major: Whenever you deal physical damage or take physical damage, you will heal for 2 health. Passive.
    • Minor: Increases your maximum health by 8.
    • Major: Hurls a fireball at the enemy dealing 24 damage.
    • Minor: Increases maximum mana by 5.
    Retribution/Fireball Link:

    Retribution will now have a 10% chance to hurl a fireball instantly whenever you deal physical damage for 75% of the fireball damage.

    That is just one link, and depending what you link with you will have different effects.

    Synergy Tab

    I have not yet implemented this into the UI, as I do not know exactly where I want to put this or how to put it yet. It is basically where you get extra skills or passives depending on how you built your character. For example, putting 5 points in Retribution and 2 points in "Evasion" would unlock a free talent for you in the Synergy Tab called "Path of Odin" which slightly improves your character's stats and slightly improves the talents Retribution and Evasion. However, a player should not feel forced to spec accordingly to these requirements of a synergy talent, so I keep the bonuses minor and improvements minor. Also note, that I "MIGHT" use this to actually somewhat force them in a certain direction in order to keep balance. I know I just contradicted myself, but paper theories are just that, who knows what it'll be like in-game.


    I've taken a wide variety of mechanics from different games and put them together to my best ability on paper. For example, I've taken FF11's skill chain system, WoW's statistics (with a few improvements), and some other minor things from different games, such as lower number damage outputs and health/mana amounts.

    User Interface

    It will be a traditional bottom multi-action bar. The players will be able to see their allies health/mana bars as well if they choose to. There will be a small minimap displayed in the top right as well. Everything is moveable and sizable. Even the action bars are drag-sizable. They are not static size increases, rather user dynamic. I also plan to have many UI customization features, such as dragging and dropping objects into the UI to improve the looks or add easier visibility to the player.


    • Strength - Adds to melee attack power. Adds to block amount (if shield is on).
    • Agility - Adds to attack speed (very slightly) and attack power (lower than strength)
    • Dexterity - Adds to armor (slightly) and critical chance. Increased ranged attack power.
    • Spirit - Adds to magical defense (slightly) and defensive spell power.
    • Intelligence - Adds to mana pool and o/d spell power.
    • Wisdom - Adds critical chance and o/d spell power.
    • Charisma - Adds to threat generation.


    Combat will be fast-paced and hopefully real time with the animations that are played. Won't be worried too much about this until number crunching has been finalized. There will be auto attack.

    Skill Usage

    I feel that your auto attacks should be able to compete against your skills, if you build properly anyways. Even if you didn't build straight for an auto-attack win, you should still be able to do good damage with it. (Unlike FF14, Rift, or other random MMO's that failed). Oh, also note that I'm not really building the game like an MMO, I just stole certain aspects of the MMO that would really tie in greatly with RPGs.


    When using a skill, there is a slightly window of opportunity to "Chain" off this skill. The window is only open for a few seconds (exact amount may be 5 seconds, don't know yet). There will be an indication at the top right near the minimap of skills that were used that are currently still chainable. A player may easily look at the top right, and see any skills that are open that he may chain off of. In order to chain off a skill, you must use the correct skill to follow up with, not just any random skill. Doing these chains unlocks two different things. One is seperate debuff list on the top left of the screen, which will display current "Chain Debuffs" on the enemy target currently selected. These debuffs can be a wide array of things, such as reducing enemy armor, reducing enemy resistances, or allowing attackers to life steal off the target. The second thing chains do is actually give you a combo that will be visible. For example, performing 9 different chains will show a "9x" right below the current active chainable skills. This is an indication of the amount of chains completed so far on the target, and will increase many things, such as drop rate and experience gained. (It shouldn't affect it that much though, if barely anything)


    Why do so called "master" magicians, wizards, sorceresses, or whatever the hell you want to call them have to stay in one place and cast? I can focus pretty damn well while I'm running 6+ miles ya know? Also, why do casters also only cast through one hand? I have no idea. Screw the lore behind it, I got my own. Caster's can keep their focus while walking/running, although lessened, and still be able to cast. The cast time of the spell is of course lengthened if you decide to move while casting. Also, certain adept caster's are also able to cast in both hands, and may "dual cast", but of course the cast time is lengthened when casting in only one hand (Might even implement damage nerf). So now you got your dual wielders and dual casters :)


    I am going for an overhead view with a slightly third person twist on it. It will not be fully overhead, but have a sort of angle on it. This is to keep open a large array of skills and abilities at my disposal. Players will be using the mouse-click movement method unless user input-lag is fixed, where then I will probably go for a more third-person view and use keyboard to move. Although I don't see that happening anytime soon.

    Inventory/Item Drops

    There will be a total of 24 different item slots, and I will not be using the traditional hero level/hero inventory that is already in placed. Everything is triggered in. There will be chests, crates, and other doodads that you can blow up in order to get items from it. Don't think Diablo 2 when I say this where the items just scatter on the ground. The items will be automatically placed in a "Loot" button where you can view/manage the items that have dropped. You can choose to take all, or select individually and automatically salvage/discard the rest. Monsters will also be dealt in the same way where their death automatically puts loot in a loot button. Magic/Rare/whatever I have not figured out a system yet for it. Trading probably won't make it into a game like this, so I'm thinking drops will be accessible to everyone. If two people need the item that dropped, well then they both can get it. Just my thought at the moment.


    I like a little more fast-paced combat with a bit of slow mixed in with it, which is why I got the chain system in place. It'll still feel fast, but have that slow aspect to it. Mobs can come in abundance, or in smaller groups where you fight one at a time. Your current combo will carry on with you until about 15 seconds where it'll expire and go back to 0. Certain areas are designed for killing of mobs in groups, and some other areas are designed for singly picking off one mob at a time at fast rates. Either way, you should find a balanced item drop/experience gain.


    Should be self explanatory. Some bosses are only accessible on a one time basis through quests. Some bosses are just hiding somewhere waiting to be killed. Don't fret, you won't have to keep remaking a game in order to farm a boss. In order to get to a boss, you can't just run up to it and kill it. You have to work towards it and kill maybe other mini-bosses or hordes and packs of mobs. Maybe even puzzles (I dunno, lol?). Just simply walk out of the place where the boss is located and re-enter to get a message asking you to reset the area if you want to farm over and over.


    There are a vast array of mechanics I have planned, and not all are 100% certain that I want to mention here for fear of being laughed at. Haha, but I think you guys should get the general gist of what I'm trying here.


    I have already a structured implementation plan. Below is a generalized numbered list of the plan.

    1. Concept

    • Paper Concept (90%)
    • In-Game Concept (5%)
    • Skill Ideas (0%)
    • Talent Ideas (4%)
    • Synergy Map/Ideas (2%)

    2. Refinement

    • Ensure Concept Systems Are Fully Working (0%)

    3. Implement

    Below is the concept of the multigon/talent tree system I mentioned above (the major gameplay mechanic of the map) Also I attached some newer versions of the template used for the talents (Normal, Mouse Down, Hover, etc)

    If you are interested in the project, please let me know either through reply or PM. I will give you my personal information thereafter. Thank you for your time in reading.

    Open Positions

    • Triggerer - General triggerer.

    NOTE: If you wish to not do any triggers/data edit, that is fine. You can communicate with me and come up with ideas and I will do the rest. You can also tell me where I should place certain skills/talents in order to maintain balance.

    Update: August 19, 11:40

    Added some icons to show how I incorporate them into the hexagon templates.

    Update: August 19, 10:40

    Uploaded the image of the WIP UI for the multigon. All hexagons now have a normal state, hover state, mouse-down state, and a mouse-down-out state. (Had to redo a lot of icons in order to achieve this, didn't know about the mouse-down-out, UGHHH)

    Update: August 20, 1:15

    New image showcasing the buttons to switch from different multigon tabs.

    Update: August 20, 4:40

    Newer image with 4 working tab buttons. Would like some feedback on them if possible... Maybe the Heal one is too bright?

    Update: August 21, 10:40

    New image with all the multigon talent tabs up, including the Synergy one. Decided to move the buttons to the far left of the dialog instead of near the multigon. Currently in need of a skill designer.

    Update: August 22, 11:00

    New terrainer and talent/character designer added to the team.

    Update: August 23, 3:20

    Started work on an improved multigon UI, minimap, and starting town.

    Update: August 24, 11:15

    Updated the multigon UI. New picture available below.

    Update: August 24, 1:01

    New pic of WIP UI for player bars is up.

    Update: August 24, 10:13

    New terrain screenshot up.

    Update: August 25, 2:31

    via Nebuli: New terrain screenshot featuring a killer zergling, lol.

    via Enexy: Also some design changes implemented. There will no longer be support/utility tab. Instead they will be integrated within each tab. There will be 3 additional tabs to come out in the multigon and announced later.

    Update: August 26, 2:55 a.m.

    New screenshot of improved multigon UI... Also demonstrating the new mechanics. Currently selected is the leadership tree from the tank tab. Also displaying the total stats gained from that tree. It will later also include the total skills acquired as well.

    Update: August 26, 4:12 p.m.

    New screenshot of improved multigon UI, once again improved. Terrain updated as well, no new screenshots on terrain. Next task at hand is player and enemy UI. Multigon is now 95%, considered complete and awaiting patch 1.4.

    Update: August 27, 1:15 a.m.

    Started work on Inventory system's shell. Reducing equipment items to 18. Introducing a new mechanic called "Enhancements" where you can enhance your body in different ways. You can enhance it Physically, Magically, Demonically, Psionically, Spiritually, and others. There will be Arm, Leg, Torso, and Head enhancements. These are all available to your character at the start of the game and can only be changed at a town/city.

    Update September 16, 3:33 a.m.

    Some info about the project: There will be over 4000 custom graphics for the project. If blizzard increases the map size limit, it will only mean more graphics! I'm limited to making only about 1000 items for the game because of the size limit, unless I re-use some of the same graphics with different colors in-game. Also, I will be tighly fitting in 3 characters that will be playable total, each with their own custom animations. These characters will all have different playstyles, but have access to the SAME multigon. It will be balanced.

    Design Overview

    • Red = Halted/No Work
    • Blue = In Progress
    • Green = Completed


    • Player Status Bars - 100% Completed 8/26/2011
    • Enemy Status Bars - 100% Completed 8/26/2011
    • Player Buff Template - 0%
    • Enemy Buff Template - 0%
    • Chat Log Interface - 100% Completed 8/31/2011
    • Combat Log Interface - 0%
    • Action Bars - 100% Completed 9/12/2011
    • Multigon UI - 100% Completed 8/26/2011
    • Minimap - 5%
    • Minimap Icons - 0%
    • Talent Icons - 15% (About 100 icons)
    • Char Info Panel - 75%
    • Spellbook Panel - 100% Completed 9/10/2011
    • Inventory Panel - 100% Completed 9/12/2011
    • Fullscreen Map - 0%
    • Hotkey Management - 0%
    • Quest Management - 0%
    • Chain Template - 0%
    • Terrain - 10%
    • Enhancements - 0%

    Core Systems

    • WASD Movement - 100% Completed 9/6/2011
    • Optional Mouse Movement - 0%
    • Camera System - 25%
    • Basic Combat - 60%
    • Combat Skill Usage - 100% Completed 9/15/2011
    • Chain System - 0%
    • Combo System - 0%
    • Inventory System - 100% Completed 9/16/2011
    • Equipment Systemt - 50%
    • Item Drop System - 100% Completed 9/13/2011

    Multigon System

    • Tank: Leadership - 85%
    • Tank: Protection - 0%
    • Tank: Divinity - 0%


    • Total Custom Graphics - 244
    • Total Doodads - 3050
    • Map Size: 1.4 MB
    Embed Removed: https://www.youtube.com/v/SCgSlFyKaAo?fs=1

    Video demonstrating a new WIP mechanic with health bars.

    Embed Removed: https://www.youtube.com/v/dzZh7KLvztc?fs=1

    Video demonstrating auto attack on melee.

    Embed Removed: https://www.youtube.com/v/JxODY5aCG8Q?fs=1

    Drag and Drop system.

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    @Vexal: Go

    It matters in a few different ways to me, and hopefully other prospective mappers that would be curious. First, I'd like to know the fastest and easiest possible route to appease a large crowd, and I would assume that is to poll a small amount of people. It is more accurate than for me to guess the general mass. I could use the system to get resolution and make the map custom per player basis, or just make the map generalized and simplify things. Looks to me like I can increase the limit from 1400 to 1600 in which I was originally looking at. I will probably go with 1600 by the looks of things, as small as the numbers I have so far. Hopefully for you 1920x1200 folks the icons (which are 64x64) will not be too small for you guys! It isn't for me anyways.

    Thank you for all the input so far, thank you all!

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    Hello all! I was wondering what the resolution people at sc2mapster mostly play at? Also, do you ever play less than at 1400 width?

    I currently play at 1600x900, and would be building my map around a slightly smaller resolution (around 1400) to accommodate other users or people who might not always play on the same screen or computer.

    Any input is also appreciated! Thanks for your time.

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