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    posted a message on Where can I get the Actor Events Target codes ?

    Using the ::Last Created reference in the target for an actor event action directly after creating it you could force it to use a reference dump actor event action to find most of the information.

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    posted a message on [Video] Tutorial - Change Creep Zerg texture

    I have found the char clouds is a good noise map. Also for diffuse the sludge and acid death textures look nice. Glad someone finally made a video of how it is done. Although it has been common knowledge for a long time.


    The demo map has been available since 2011:


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    posted a message on (Resolved Problem) Cannot Select Buildings While They are Under Construction

    Attach a HitTestSphere model as a Model type actor as an attachment. Some models just lack the properties to be selected.

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    posted a message on Unit not selectable with drag box

    Create a Model type actor and set the Hosting: Host - Subject to the actor you want to attach to and then set the Hosting: Hosted Attachments - Host Site Operations - Operations field to use a Site Operation (Attachment) SOp actor (origin is good). You then need to get the new actor created using a Create actor event on either the actor itself or the actor it is hosted on.

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    posted a message on Shields without Maximum Shields? (If that makes sense?)

    With triggers you can mod the damage amounts taken and probably use unit custom values instead. Could even link it up to a custom UI layout to show the different stat bars.

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    posted a message on problem with upgrades

    Is the unit to upgrade specified under the upgrade?


    Check what animation names the unit has under the cutscene editor and then change the actor events on the Unit type actor to see that they match the animation names. Alternatively use a Passchance term to get it to use a random animation whose name you specified to play for that event.


    Check the complete hero tutorial by OneTwoSC for how to make hero skills that level.

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    posted a message on An upgrade that gives you resources once it's finished?

    So once off mineral boost? Modify player effects can modify the amount of minerals a player has so you could just use a Specialization type ability that uses a Set effect that applies the Modify Player effect and uses an Apply Behavior effect to add a buff stack to regulate how often you can use it. 

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    posted a message on Unit has too many abilities

    Units morphed from other units count the abilities of all units that can possibly be morphed into towards the cap. This means if you have a unit that can morph into 4 units each with 8 abilities that counts as 36/64 abilities. This is a common issue for TDs where morphing tends to be used heavily. One method to break the cycle is to destroy the unit on morph completion to a dummy unit and then use a create unit effect to replace it. Alternatively use a trigger based system to replace units.

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    posted a message on Copy-pasting doodads causes their rotation to very slightly

    Use the No Auto Rotate editor flag under the Doodad type actor.

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    posted a message on How to make a full custom race data and replace custom console and UI icons.

    Thank you for finally making a tutorial for that commonly asked question. You do not however have to change the ID of the race since the attribute ID is the only value looked at by the assets. Also anything after the = can be any imported file path as seen from the cutscene editor/import manager.

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