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    ^project page has link



    Hey guys im the author of the NA arcade game Hero Survival J and at  long last i have posted the map to mapster (triggers removed) as well as a txt change log  of alot of the chages (NOTE LOG IS NOT COMPLETE). This map contains the terrain for HSJ as well as all custom units, abilies, weapons, etc that i have created over the course of the project, for anyone to look at, learn from, or use in their own projects. (i gave the whole map because i am not skilled enough to post each data asset indevidually). Unfortunately i began the project when i was still reletively new to the editor and it's best practices so some melee units and/or abilities were overridden with my own variations (removed units listed in txt).


    I hope this map can be of use to anyone who would like to use my custom, units and abilities for their own project (i only ask you credit me and model maker if applicable)


    DISCLAIMER: for you experienced mappers, you may cringe at some of the ways i have done things, and i know, i started this before i knew better but this is purely for you guys to view, use, and learn from. i can offer support if you have any questions


    the following spoiler contains a breif overview of some of the added abilities with title and one line description




    ADDED ABILITIES (i will use both the in editor name and in game name as appropriate)

    Adreniline Rush         Self buff, increases attack and movement speed for short duration and heals a small amount of health
    Armor Bast            Single target damage ability that deals more damage based on enemy armor
    Armor Charge            temporary self buff that heals and increases armor temporarily
    Burrow Charge            like regular ultralisk abiliy but shorter range and manually target with an AoE
    Call the Swarm            spawn cocoons full of zerglings
    Call down Automatons        Call down a drop pod that deals impact damage and spawns automatons
    Call Orbs            spawns a combat orb on each nearby enemy
    Orb Smash (close up aoe)    Deals damage to all nearby enemies
    Create Evolved Zerglines     autocast ability that spawns evolved zerglings
    Create Flare            create a flare which is part of b3rm's orbital bombardment ability (see that hero)
    Dark Vortex            Create a slow moving vortext that slowly travels towards an enemy unit, dealing damage over time to units it moves through. explodes for large aoe when it hits its target
    Crate WidowMines        Crates a bunch of widowmines at target location (note i compltely changed widowmines and they are now 1-time use)
    Drop Pod            Creates a zerg drop pod at target location, deals aoe on impact and spawns Units (there are differnt types for differnt spawns)
    Etherial Mastery        Makes user become invlunerable for a breif time, during this time it may move but not attack
    Evolve                User Grows in size, and gains massive life and attack damage for a duration
    FBC (many abilities)        These coordinate to summong a FlagshipBattleCrusier in my game, but it used triggers and therefore no longer works
    Sniper (Copy)            Exactly like it sounds.
    Ghost EMP copy            Deals AoE in target area
    Ghost EMP copy copy        Throws EMP grenade which slows the movement and attack speed of effected units and deals light damage. mech units take much more damage.
    Hero Heal            autocast, target nearby hero is healed over time.
    High Templar PSI storm copy    more powerful than regular and is the one used by executor hero
    Hybrid Enhancer <X>        currently un finished, but is a buff depending on the kind (damage, heal, speed)
    Hybrid Gas            User is followed by a large AoE cloud of gas that deals damage to units in it over time
    Increase Range            Users weapon gains extra range for duration
    neural parasite            now can only be used on heros and is autocast. also taken unit gains significant fire speed
    Inspire                Passive, nearby friendly units gain +50% attack speed
    Marine Stimpack            increases attack speed at an energy cost
    Marine Stimpack Copy        aka fungal sheild    user gains a temporary shield. stimpacks 2-4 are the differnt levels of fungal shield
    Medivac Heal copy        Like medivac heal except it regenerates energy not health
    Mind Link            Autocast/passive spawns protoss units passively, used with executor hero to spawn armies
    mindcontrol            Takes over enemy unit for limited duration
    Nano Repair            Passive, if this unit is below 1/3 health, it will gain bursts of movement speed and regenerate health quickely until it gets back to above 1/3 health
    Noxious Gas            Creates a cloud of gas that deals damage to nearby bio units over time, cloud follows the user
    Off World barrage        used in conjuction with flare (see br3m) large aoe that deals damage in three bursts with a 2 second interval
    Orb Channel            heals user and restores energy over a short duration
    Calldown Mule Cop        is used for Call the Swarm (see above)
    OverCharge            Gain +2 armor and regenerate 100hp over 5 seconds
    Penetrator Rounds        Lowers fire rate but increases damage for 10 seconds
    Queen Transfuse            changed to healing pulse, heals hp and shields of a friendly unit
    Queen Transfuse copy        aka Corrosive Acid    Single target direct damage that ignores shields
    Rapid Fire            Temporary Attack speed buff
    Rest                Become a cocoon that cannot move or attack for 10 seconds to regenerate a significant amount of health
    Rush                Increases movement speed for short duration
    Sentry Gardian Shield copy    Deflects damage based on a percentage rather than flat -2 damage
    Shadow Merge            Cloaks a friendly hero for a duration
    Shadow Shield            Gain a temporary shield
    Shadow Bolt            Long Range anti-air single target damage that can hold up to 5 charges
    Spawn baneling            User spawns banelings at their position that explode after 1 second
    Spawn Raven            Spawn raven at user position
    Spawn Roach            Spawns two roaches at user position, these roaches have increased attack speed
    Summon energy Bot        spawns an energy bot on timed life that restores energy to nearby units
    Summon <Unit>            spawns that unit at user position. likely on autocast.
    Summon Zealot Escort        passively spawns zealot escorts. can have up to two out at a time.
    supply wall detector        user becomes a detector
    temp cloak 1&2            user us passively cloacked but once every 30 seconds becomes visible for short duration
    Upset                User gains attack speed at the presence of a nearby armored unit
    Zealous shield            Gives nearby heros a shield that lasts about 10 seconds
    Baneling Toss            throws banelings to target location where they explode after a second
    Summon BioPhage (located inside of barracks train)    summons a biophage
    Sawn Guardian Drone (barracks train)    summons a combative drone with good hp and is very strong while on creep
    Ghost EMP / Explosive Spores    Aoe that deals more damage depending on how densely packed the targets are in the blast area
    Warp in cloaking field generator (probe build)    summons an immortal pylon on timed life that cloaks nearby units
    Psi Cannon (yamato cannon copy)     after a charge up, sends a huge bolt that does large aoe damage centered on a target unit and deals extra damage to enemy armor
    Summon Shadow Clone (gateway train)    summons a shadow clone
    Summon Super Orb        summons a superorb at caster position





    a myriad of new custom units and variations on existing units

    11 fully fledged heros each with a set of four to five multi-level abilities as well as a set passive abiliy

    a ton custom made abilities, behaviors, weapons, and effects

    Drop pods that deal impact damage and spawn units (not an effect but an actual droppod unit)

    my pathetic terrain skills


    a bunch of modified abilies or abilites with problematically similar names. (like if i base all my effect-instants off of a copy of stimpack and leave them as stimpack copy x)



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    posted a message on Trigger that Removes an Ability

    make a dummy upgade, then give the ability a requirement that makes the player not allowed to have the dummy upgrade unlocked (you cant use the ability if you have that upgrade researched) then make the trigger give that upgrade to the player.

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    posted a message on Can anyone do this ability for my game?

    there is a field on the ability, currently set to target unit (most likely)

    it is there that you can change it to target point

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    posted a message on been having editor problems. is it because of my dependency?

    hmmm. cant tell if its my custom dependency or if its my editor itself. almost want it to be the ladder as it means i can just reinstal and be done with it

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    posted a message on Making Worlds?

    idk exactly how they did it but more than likely it is how they did. keeep in mind you can set the map bounds to a region to simulate multiple maps

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    just section off one really big map?

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    posted a message on (Done) Create visual (actor) on target unit if he has behavior

    i do it like this:
    make model actor. new event. on effect start, create.

    look at the 250mm cannon model actor for referance

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    ok so a few things have been happening recently with my editor.

    1. when i try to open a game on hots dependencies i need to relog because i "need a swarm licence to load dependencies".
    2. randomly will say "Unknown attribute id '2000' has been removed from game variant 'Other - Custom'."
    this causes some players to be renamed to "joueur x (instead of player x) and some players to loose their names entirely. this seems to happen at random.
    3. opening the text editor gives this error: "Missing string: EDSTR_TEXTEDITOR_STYLEOPTION_TightGradient"
    4. i was able to import some assets earlier but now whenever i try to import something, it says something like this "Unable to load image from 'C:\Users\Joseph\AppData\Local\Temp\StarCraftIITemp\Import/HerosAndGenerals.SC2Map\Assets\Textures\animations\Abomination\abomination_ChangableTexture1.tga' (Core: a required object could not be found)". this happens for any asset i attempt to import.

    NOTE: if it matters im using a custom dependency i made using a map i had ccreated previously on the hots dependency

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    posted a message on Any Tutorials for Custom Hero Panels?

    i havent looked at it at all, but judging by how it looks, id say they might be using a some kind of bossbar (look up tutorials for that, those may get you what ur looking for)

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    posted a message on (kinda solved) cannot get addons to work properly with copied buildings

    the flying barracks is a separate unit. make sure it has the capacity to build a techlab and fly. make sure it is not a flying barracks, but rather a flying version of your building

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    posted a message on Ability help

    look at warp prism unload. probably increase the range

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    posted a message on Which skill level player is your map for?

    i think its inheritly hard to get a 1v1-only game off the ground. at the beginning it will almost always be the creator vs some noob. he has no allies to get advicse from or experience to know what he is doing. even if you get to the point where there are some fans that actively play, you will run into the same problem of them crushing noobs and nobody having allies to talk to or learn from.

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    posted a message on Hardcore Arcade Games ?

    Hero Survival J! (also shameless plug XP)

    after beating easy, normal, or hard modes, there is still very hard and extreme modes; extreme being to this day undefeated- even by me, the creator.
    (you dont have to beat a difficulty mode to advance to the next. you can play your first game on hard for example)

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    posted a message on How to put selection circle under the Model of the unit

    isnt there an offset for that in the unit actor?

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