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    This one is singleplayer only, sadly. When I'm done with it I guess I'll try a multiplayer version of it.

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    Shadowrun is a pen and paper game with a weird history. Adaptation to the SNES as a singleplayer game and a adaption as a online shooter.
    Maybe the most people are familiar wih Deus Ex which follows the main concepts of Shadowun, except for magic, so many people got contact in the past with it.
    I wanted to create a new adaption for Starcraft II and here it is.

    Embed Removed: https://www.youtube.com/v/H3oUnWGGVns?fs=1

    Some core facts:

    • Almost 1:1 adaption from the original rulebook.
    • A powerful character creator
    • A deep story with at least 5 hours game time in the end
    • Over 250 pieces of background story to discover (can be gathered through various playthroughs)
    • Traditional round-based combat with fists, guns and magic
    • Matrix combat and hacking
    • World of Warcraft characters for a maximum of animations

    The progress can be tracked here: Project Page

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    Quote from Sephiex: Go

    Sure there's life after death. But it won't be life as a complex system of organisms such as your current one, but rather your cells will be recycled for life's use elsewhere.

    These sentences revoke the feeling of a symbiotic complex in me. While the body is a symbotic mechanism, the brain is the only body we actually use. Everything else is only a tool controlled by electricity, and each cell is a form of life. This give me the feeling of being dead.

    But to the topic: I belive in a concept of rebirth, but not as like as in buddism or hinduism. The whole karma story is a little awkward and have the possible background to be nice and polite.
    In my theory there is the concept of a soul and so the concept of reusing the soul as a medium to gain informations from the dead people about their life. But the system won't score the soul and it will reincarnate in a new body from a random species.

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    @DuckyTheDuck: Go

    Currently I'm working on a Shadowrun-based RPG with at least 5-hours of story-based-content, but singleplayer only. Reference in my sig.

    But yeah, those farming RPGs are tiresome. That is why I dislike those "OpenRPGs". After 10 minutes of playing everything is repetetive.

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    The main problem with SC2 RPGs from today are the lack of creativity and/or lack of content. Additional the common folks likes to see high replayability and multiplayer based fun.

    There are so many RPG systems, but some are mutually exclusive. It's up to you to find the best fitting system for your map.

    I'm sorry if you didn't hear what you want. ;P

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    Quote from bulletbutter: Go

    I won't be impressed until an rpg with a custom ui, at least 10 abilities per class, and the ability to experiment with a combination of abilities is released.

    What would be different if a custom ui replaces the standard blizzard ui?
    Does each of your RPGs exist by classes? So I guess Skyrim wasn't a RPG in your eyes.
    But yes, the last point is always interesting.

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    Everything Siretu said so far is fairly true.

    I have a project with over 1500 variables, 15.000 actions and 12.500 function recalls and if everything would be arranged like you did it would be a mess. I also made a über-folder which contain the other 300 folders.

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    Quote from Daara87: Go

    Ending took my breath away like I had just been kicked in the nuts repeatedly. Two days later and it's still pissing me off.

    As a game designer-to-be I felt the same about ME3. The beginning and the useless dreams pointed on that ending, but I thought it would be much better.

    While playing the main quests I had the feeling to play SC2 as a 3rd person shooter. Gather a few people with their forces to join me against the current main enemy.
    There aren't any twists that could raise the feeling the ending of ME2 had given. (And I think that ME2 was a simple filler) There are so many possibilities how this series could be done so much better than it actually is. I'm glad this madness about the ending is finished now, because everybody can rest until a new series will come.

    After all EA published Mass Effect which was their own grave since the beginning.

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    Where is it available? EU or US

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    Quote from johnnythewolf: Go

    Try searching "Harbingers" instead.

    Bnet won't give me a map even with "Harbi" or any other possiblity.

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    5 years with more than 5 map makers? Sounds a little bit overestimated for me. SC2 is now 1,5 years old and I have a huge project that I don't want to work at all the day - I have sometimes pauses about more than 3 months, just for regeneration or because I found another thing or startet a side project just for fun.
    But 5 years sounds too much. I can't even imagine what kind of project could need that amount of time.

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    Can't find it on EU under "The Harbingers".

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    You can change the number of applied buffs via the Add Behaviour effect.

    eg.: Your upgrade increase the granted HP from the buff X by 30/40/50.

    Then change the data value from HP to 10 the start number of buffs granted by the effect to 2 and the addition per upgrade to 1.

    Upgrade Level 1: (2+1)*10=30
    Upgrade Level 1: (2+2)*10=40
    Upgrade Level 1: (2+3)*10=50

    Almost everything stacks in one behaviour.

    PS: Don't forget to change the maximum stacks of the behaviour.

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    Well, thanks for the positive comments at all.

    To forestall some things: there is a plan to change the whole concept to more PvP in the early stage and laterly to PvE, because with the current content there is a lack of variability.
    I think it would be a good idea to make two different modes: the old one and the new concept, which will become the default.

    If anybody want to volunteer to host it on NA I will appreciate it gladly.

    The terrain is looking really bland and I agree to it fairly well. The background concept is hard to integrate in Starcraft, but there will coming some improvements soon, too.

    Quote from Obatztrara: Go

    Have you considered using the melee AI for the cities?

    The cities work via triggers. There were some comments that the players want to control the marines, but they should have a functionality like a tower. Maybe they get replaced by a bunker.
    In the PvP content there're attacking marines which simply gain an attack-order to the targeted city like in Dota.

    Quote from MarcusFell: Go

    Could you put give some more information on the heroes themselves? I actually have no idea what other people have chipped in.

    I can publish the basic concepts of the finished heroes if you want to.
    Explaining it in detail would be a bit too much work. ;P

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