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    Space battle site between Ilyr and Vetras

    Erana's Prison Ship

    "{Waiting is the most annoying thing in this entire galaxis.}", Opheilm roams in the port where the infiltration team landed. Sometimes he goes to one of the Imperial ships, which are already destroyed by them, and seaching he wrecks for some useful parts.
    "{Patience is a useful gift, which can win an already lost battle.}", Kelanin responds in his wise way. He, Opheilm, some dark templar and stalker are ordered to cleanse the bay and protect their solely escape route.
    "{Your words are the same as my old mentor. Even he belongs to the Imperium he's still a templar.}"
    "{And a part of your past. Denying your own past will lead you to suffering.}"
    "{Fighting is a most aggressive way to protect, he said. I finally know what he truly meant with it. Even staying here with you is a form of fighting and protection.}"
    "{But that isn't the only thing we can do.}" Kelanin stares outwards to the ongoing battle, while the imperial ship firing at the zerg and the order's ships.
    "{We can turn off the canons or even the whole energy of this ship. There are five six reactors on this ship. Four for the engines and two for the interior electricity. But after the seperation the Imperium changed the way of build a little bit. The reactors are still on the same position as before, but they aren't for the same needs.}"
    "{That means we have to find out which reactor belongs to the weapons.}"
    "{If we hit the wrong they will reinforce the other reactors. But at the first we shouldn't get many resistance. They are too focused at Erana and the other team.}"
    "{My zealots and stalkers will defend the ship. Our dark templar will accompany us.}"
    "{Let's do this.}"

    After a short briefing with the rest of the troops, the new formed sabotage group starts to run down various corridors. Sometimes a zealot group or single stalkers patrol their ways but no one take notice of them.

    "{Do you hear it?}", asked Opheilm while looking behind a corner to check if nobody is near.
    "{Only metal.}"
    "{This corridor down are zerg. 4 zerglings. And they are fighting with some protoss. Difficult to say how much they are. Forcefields are disturbing my senses.}"
    "{Do you know whether there could be a reactor?}"
    "{Possible. But not quite sure.}"
    "{Hey, Opheilm?}"
    "{Something missing?}", he asked without turning to him.
    "{We have some company.}"


    - Tired of waiting, Kelanin and Opheilm are decided to sabotage a reactor of the prison ship.
    - They left the zealots and stalkers nearby the ship and left with solely the dark templar.
    - While searching for the reactors, they run into something.

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    Space, next to the unnamed System between Dras Lana and Zaratun

    Protoss Flagship

    A darkened room with a giant window and only a small sun, not larger, but brightener, than any other point in the space, lightens it. Kelanin is sitting right in front of the window starring to the bright point.

    "Hatred is the catalyst for war and its source is love. Love to a woman, love to a country, love to a planet or an empire. The seeds of hatred let bloom new plants of war and its seeds will create new love to the missed. This process is called revenge and it will always lead to new wars. To forgive is the only solution of that spiral. The spiral of death and hatred."
    "I hope I doesn't disturb your meditation, Ambassador Kelanin no' Karanur.", Rassyr entered the open room through the archway, which function as a door.
    "No, there isn't a disturbtion without a meditation. I was only peering through the space." Kelanin stands up while turning around to the Order's Leader.
    "The calm before the storm is always nice to listen to, don't you think?"
    "Sure. It reminds me to an era of peace."
    "That is the only thing you always searching for, right?"
    "It seems you knows some parts of me that even Ambassador U'lun haven't noticed yet."
    "It was always the task of a leader to know the other side of a conversation."
    "Thanks for your understanding and guidance. I think you make a good leader to the Order."
    "Thank you, but acceptance isn't a good thing for a leader. It could make him perfect and impregnable, which leads to carelessness and finally to his death. I hope that wasn't your intention." Both are laughing at this statement. "I'm glad to have you for this mission, Ambassador, even under these circumstances."
    "I will always searching for a way to peace and I'm glad to hear that you share this vision with me." He bowed in front of Rassyr.
    "I know we can restore peace and we will have a huge amount of influence to that. Ambassador, I will take my leave because my units needs my presence. We will see us again, with Erena."

    Shortly after Rassyr leaved the room a dark templar entered it.
    "En Taro Tassadar, Ambassador Kelanin. I'm Raznar, Commander of the Tama."
    "En Taro Tassadar, Commander."
    "I respresent the Tama Tribe to inform you that our council send you ten Dark Templar for your mission to rescue Erana."
    "I appreciate this gesture."
    "They are already with your other troops and ready to take your command." Raznar semms to worry about something until he tells Kelanin his unusual statement. "Peace is not always the way to peace. Sometimes peace have to be forced out to accept he is peace itself."
    "Force will never lead to peace. The removal of force and power is needed to create peace from nothing."
    "Creation is not in our hands. We can only shape. The time, the matter and our own will. We always shape those things and it will never be otherwise."
    "You are binded to a higher good. Take good care of yoour believings."
    "Watch your back, Ambassador. I can't guarantee for your safety."
    "Of course, I will."

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    Paleora, Idum System

    "{Everything is prepared for the take-off, Master.}", said Dealash while escorting Kelanin to his ship. "{Your escort troops are already prepared and are waiting for you commands.}"
    "{Well done. Take care of Grogir while I'm absent.}"
    "{Rather he'll take care of me, I guess. Have a good flight.}" With a raised hand Kelanin appreciate his wish while he enters his ship.
    In the moment he take seat as the commander of his ship the conversion signal lightens up. "Who is it?", asked he gently while pressing the button which flashed.
    A holographic screen appears in front of him with another protoss. "En Taro Tassadar, Ambassador Kelanin no'Karanur. I am Opheilm from the Order."
    "En Taro Tassadar, Opheilm of the Order."
    "Ambassador, I've heard you will participate in this mission as a representative for your tribe."
    "That is true.", he replied, wondering about what could comes next.
    "We both know that a direct attack on the transferring fleet is impossible."
    "This fact causes me to build an infiltration squadron and here I'm asking you to take a leading role aside me."
    "What are you planning me to do?"
    "I will infiltrate the ship while our main forces will distract the convoy and I would like to see you accompany me."
    "Sounds easy enough to me."
    "We could also need some additional troops."
    "The Tama are willing to support me with a couple of dark templar."
    "I'm afraid to tell you that this won't be enough. I'm thinking about some terran mercenaries."
    "Sadly, I didn't got any ressources from my council."
    "Well, I'll talking to my leader if he's willing to support us with ressources."
    "I am about to head to Dras Lana in the very moment."
    "Then I won't try to hinder you anymore."
    "Thank you, consider my presence next to you when we are aboard. En Taro Tassadar."
    "En Taro Tassadar, Ambassador." The screen disappears and Kelanin is thinking about a possible strategy comparing to the one of Orpheilm.

    "Commander?", asked one of his helmsman.
    "Huh? Ah, yeah. Take-off heading Dras Lana."
    "Yes, Sir."

    SOA: Opheilm asked Kelanin to join his task force, which should infiltrate Erana's transport ship.
    Additionally Kelanin is heading to Dras Lana (10 hex with speed 4)

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    Paleora, Idum System

    Kelanin enters the meeting room which is filled with false expectations. After a shot time ambassador U'lun appears on the screen.
    "Ambassador. En Taro Tassadar."

    "En Taro Tassadar. Ambassador U'lun."

    "What is about this meeting?"

    "I was informed that the treaty fleet is leaving Thanus. Which purpose does this action has? Give me some details."

    U'lun showed no signs of surprise. Had he been anticipating this meeting?
    "Patriarch Myr has decided to act upon the information acquired by Erana's Order. The fleet is headed towards an advanced position in order to better respond to future developments regarding Erana. Does that answer your question?" he said.

    "No, it does not. This acting is a contempt to the Zaratun Treaty and your patriarch knows that, too. Maybe the Imperium wants exactly that. You're exposing us to them."

    "We are not the first to act outside of the restrictions of the treaty. Your military has acted in this way many times in the past, exposing our capital to attack, if not by the Imperium then by the terrans and zerg."

    "Until now there was never any harm for you. We took care about our choices. We made sure that neither terrans nor zerg could threated you as those times. But it is different now. The Imperium stands before our very eyes everytime ready to charge."

    "That is true. However, if the information regarding Praetor Erana's transfer is to be believed, we can assume that the Imperium is not willing to make a move until the transfer is over. Knowing the Imperium's methods and attitude, Praetor Erana is likely to be transferred by a large fleet, making the Imperium unable to succesfully attack your capital. Should an offensive take place, rest assured that we, the Tama, will rush to your defense without a moment's hesitation.
    However, for now, we believe that the benefits of freeing Praetor Erana outweigh the risks of leaving your capital system temporarily undefended. If your Council had agreed to help with the endeavor, this action would not have been necessary."

    "Is to be believed? In the time of war there is no time for faith. And even if it is true that operation would be a one way ticket. You should consider that involving your tribe into this 'rescue mission' will make you an enemy to the Imperium.
    Sadly, I can't influence my councils descisions. Elsewise I would gather more, trustable, sources of information to consider my options."

    "Nothing can be truly known before it happens. Even then, it remains obscured. The Patriarch is basing this action upon centuries of observation and leadership. We both know that the Imperium already considers the Tama a threat, albeit a dormant one. The Patriarch is well aware that this mission may very well provoke the Imperium and make it unleash the full might of its forces upon our tribes.
    However, given your Council's refusal to take part in the mission, we are left with few other choices. Erana's Order cannot do this alone without exposing its planets to the zerg and that is one thing they will never do. They need our help."

    "For the sake of our relationship and the sake of all our planets. Exposing our main system to the Imperium at a time like this will force us to return our forces from your system to ours to defend ourselves.
    If you really want us to do it we have to expose you to the zerg and terrans.
    You can leave this stagnation as it is right now or one of us have to expose to one of our enemies. It is your will to choose from. We will act as you choose. And I hope it is a choice for peace."

    "So you would permanently expose your oldest allies' home to the enemy instead of commiting but a fraction of your forces towards helping Erana's Order who, I feel the need to mention, is also your ally? Very well. If this is what you wish, then you shall get it. The Tama will fully abandon your Idum as soon as the Exiled abandon Zaratun."

    "I've never said it would be permanently. Fo course it would be only temporary. We would never think of that lonely fact to reject our allies. Neither I want to leave this triangle. Rather I am willing to join this operation myself to maintain the current situation if I have the opportunity to do so."

    U'lun's eyes flared with surprise.
    "You would aid us?"

    "Only me and solely myself, with my own escort of course. But this would require the continuance in place of all our treaty troops."

    "I shall discuss this with the Patriarch. En Taro Tassadar, Ambassador Kelanin."

    "En Taro Tassadar, Ambassador U'lun."

    The screen darkens and Kelanin realizes what will come to him and a strange feeling of fear and confidence comes over him.
    After leaving the conference room Daelash joins his way to the council.
    "{What happened, Master?}", he asked.

    "{Please prepare my ship and the escort. I have to leave as soon as possible after I talked to the council.}"

    "{It fills me with pain to see you leaving. It reminds me to your past.}"

    "{I won't fail.}" Daelash turns and heads to the escort quarters while Kelanin continues his path to the council.

    With a shattered thunder Kelanin enters the council hall.
    "{Ambassador Kelanin, It fills us with anticipation to see you this soon.}"

    "{Council members. I have to tell you that the Tama Tribe is about to rethink their decision to drawback out of our system.}"

    "{These are great news. I hope you didn't offer a trade to sympathize yourself.}"

    "{I did and I won't regret it. I exchange myself and my escort with the whole Tama Fleet."} The council cuts the mental link to him to discuss his descision.

    "{Maybe you already know that nobody of us will ever endorse it.}"

    "{Sure and I am fully aware of it and each consequences it could have.}"

    "{Great. As soon we will get any answer from the Tama we will inform you immediately. All of us hope that you can come back as soon as possible. Your position is not at the battlefield.}"

    "{Sure, but sometimes even the pacifist has to bear arms to restore peace.}"

    "{We hope your sword will be as sharp as your wisdom, ambassador Kelanin.}"

    "{Council members.}"

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    Partly yes, but now as an ORPG which is still in beta, but playable on EU.

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    Paleora, The Exiled Tribes Capital

    "Sit. Come on. Sit, already."
    The only response Kelanin receives was a humming of his zergling pet Grogir.
    "You should have to know that each zergling can sit down on command." But the zerg rotate his short head a little with a straight question in his eyes. Kelanin sights with no hope for his teachings.
    "{Master, you received a message from the Tama Tribe and they await a quick answer.}" One of his countless fellows and students stands in the door to tell him this word.
    "{Thank you, ...}" Kelanin knows that he was the oldest and most devoted students, but he always forget his name.
    "{Daelash, was it.}"
    "{Ah, right, thank you, thank you. And stop call me master. It's Kelanin, for all of you.}"
    "{Sure, Master.}"
    "{Are my teachings so bad?}"
    "{I'll guess so, Master.}"
    "{Then take your leave, student.}" He already forget the name again and both of them know it. "I'll guess I should use some reminders.", whispers he to himself.
    "Be a good boy, Grogir." And he responds with another humming. "I will be back soon enough." The door closes automatically when he passed through them.
    On the floor another one of his students comes to Kelanin telling him the details about the message while going to the embassy meeting room, which wasn't far away from his labs, where he spend most of his time.

    The dark room got filled with light when he enters it and only a sole desk stands in the middle. In front of it a screen lights up and U'lun shows up.
    "En Taro Tassadar, Ambassador Kelanin."
    "En Taro Tassadar, Ambassador U'lun."
    "I'm sorry for this short-dated call and I'm very glad you could made it."
    "The realtionship between the Tama and the Exiled is always my first priority."
    "That is good to hear." U'lun seems to be confident about his coming question. "Maybe you heared about Erana?"
    "Yes, they want to move her to Vetras."
    "Exactly, but the Exiled Council refuses to help Erana's Order. You and I know what she have done in the past and imprison her isn't the right option."
    "I know what you want to point at, but no. The past is the past and maybe Erana could change something with her solely presence. But starting a war only for a change is too vague. We don't what will this lead up to."
    "It disappoints me to know that your council won't help the Order, but I thought the relationship of our tribes is important to you."
    "It is, but I won't risk the life of my people for a single person. I always searching for a way to peace. Not only for the Protoss."
    "I know that your words have high expectations and I respect you for this. But it always leave you in stagnation. And without changing your way of feeling is maybe too slow for this universe. Maybe you won't experience your fruits of your labour."
    "I don't work for experience, I work for peace and the freedom of everybody."
    "I'm tired to hear this." Kelanin is about to end this conversation. "You said to want freedom for all?"
    "Yes." He knows what would come next.
    "But it seems that Erana isn't anybody in everybody for you."
    "As I already said, I won't risk the lifes of my people for the sake of a single person."
    "I'll guess you won't change your mind. En Taro."
    "No, I won't. En Taro." And the screen darkens again.

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    @Vjetar: Go

    Shield Explosion:
    Yesterday I'd changed it in the middle of the night but it seems I forgot to save it, but you buffed it a bit. ;P

    I'll guess I will take your suggestion with the arbiter.

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    Well, thanks for the suggestions of course. (even when I copied Psi-storm from SC2)

    I've added the weapon, the changes you've mentioned and replaced Energy Explosion with Shield Explosion.

    The ulterior motive with the zergling was to create additional content like "something that can be captured by thiefs" or something in that way. It's simply potential story substance.

    The problem I have with the flagships is fairly in the same direction. The protoss have only two big ships: the mothership and the carrier. I've thought that both is simply boring, because sneaking on a planet wouldn't be easy with a giant mothership. (same goes for the carrier) The zerg have the same problem. Only the leviathan can serve as a self-defending air-transport-"vehicle". Not to mention the terran battlecruiser.

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    Kelanin no' Karanur, High Templar scientist and diplomat

    Affiliation: The Exiled Tribe

    Kelanin was born during the great escape from the Imperium and the creation of the Exiled Tribes. So he could never feel the real pain of being hunted down and so he never could create hatred against the empire or other beings. Always lived in mental peace Kelanin couldn't understand why they were driven from their homeland. That was his reason to study psychology in his young age; to understand a person's spirit and mind.

    After a short period of time the Zerg appear in his life, spreading terror and dispair under his tribe, while still fighting against the Imperium. Kelanins parents died through the zerg and the yet unleashed fury of his heart got channeled on the massive amount of beings. The discovery of his psyonic powers should change his fate forever. Some survivors found him unconscious and still embracing the corpses of his parents in front of their house. They took Kelanin to the local executor Karashin who introduced him to the path of ascension.

    After finishing his training started to study again, now the zerg, their behaviour and their DNA. And even while researching his executor ordered him to join scouting and exploring missions on abandoned zerg planets. It was a perfect opportunity to gather fresh examples. But it turned into a trap set up by Terran mercenaries who could capture Karashin. But Kelanin could flee to his homeworld.

    New things couldn't wait and the ambassador of he Tama Tribe arrived shortly after this incident. Ambassador U'lun needed a new contact to the Exiled Tribe since the disapperance of the former one. U'lun informed Kelanin to replace Karashin that he wished for him as his replace for the position of the diplomat to the Tama Tribe. Kelanin accepted this rude offer reluctantly, maybe because he wanted to know why he was the chosen one the replace his master and maybe because he wanted to know why the ambassador asked for a new contact so quick.

    With his new position Kelanin moved to the Exiled Tribe's Capital where he has been expected. He got a new home, a new enviroment and new duties. But these duties bored him fairly soon and he restarted his studies about the zerg. The military provided him new samples regularly and sometimes even living testing objects. His reseaches weren't unnoticed and the universaties started to show interest to him. They fund his studies and even supply him with a research team. His greatest success is his zergling pet Grogir who is completly free from any mental distraction.

    Now as the capital's high scientist and diplomat to the Tama Tribe Kelanin researchs and gathers various life forms from all the space nearby while flying to planets ruled by the friendly Tribe. And even fulfilling all of his duties Kelanin will never forget that only one man made all of this possible to him, his Master Karashin.


    Types: Biological, Psionic, Heroic

    Health(Shield)	450(400) 34
    Energy		330	13
    Mov Speed	3	8
    Armor		5	30
    Sight		8	0
    DPS		40	27
    Range		9	20
    AoE(area)	1.5	38
    Abilities	4	30
    Total:			199


    Lightning Strike
    Damage: 35
    Weapon Cooldown: 0,875


    Psionic Storm
    Energy: 75
    100 damage over 4 seconds with 2 radius

    Mental Chain
    Energy: 100
    Mental Chain will jump to an enemy nearby dealing half damage again (120->60->30). Can only jump up to 3 times.

    Shield Explosion
    Shield: up to 100
    Drains some of Kelanins Shield, dealing 2.5 damage per point of drained shield (up to 40 damage) to nearby enemies around Kelanin.
    Cooldown: 15 seconds
    Note:You cannot control how many shield points are used. If you have more than 100 shields, 100 shields are automatically used up.

    Mind Implosion
    Energy: 50
    Stuns all enemies in an 2 radius circle for 3 seconds and deals 40 damage.

    Ship (The Lancer)[Arbiter class]:

    Weapons		3	9
    Armor		3	9
    Manueverability	5	25
    Security	4	16
    Cargo		1	1
    Speed		4	16
    Total			76


    Stalker(Tech)	 11
    Zealot(Tech)	  6
    25x Stalker	5
    15x Zealot	3
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    We should define the values of the game, like maximum character points, army points, ship points etc., shouldn't we?

    I've readed in the first post something about 300 character points, but I don't know how the ship and army is affected by that.

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    Guess I'll make a High Templar Scientist from the Exiled Tribes, which try to tame Zergs and reseach their habits in connection with the DNA assimilation and hybrids.

    Sadly, I havn't found abilities or somethin' yet to get more into the details. Guess I have to wait until everything got copied. ;P

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    I'll read tomorrow through the rules but you'll better prepae a good story. ;P

    As a game/story designed- to-be I'm a little bit ambitious.

    Another question: You said there will be 3 GMs... will it become a global story or will everything devided into 3 pieces with a little bit of influence with the other two? I think it's quite hard to involve different setting and races (esp. Starcraft II) which should be allied in a strange team. But completly seperate things are some kind of redundant.

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    Yeah, I really like to start a FRPG again, but first a few questions:

    Do you prepare a rule set, or do we want to make a idea collection?
    Are you want to make the GM or will it be someone other?

    Just for emergency we can also use other games like DnD or Shadowrun.

    But I'm very interested in a FRPG.

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    You have to declare the points via variables and arrays earlier.

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    Then you have to show us the section where you set the variable. Maybe there are some interferences or something.

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