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    @BloodClud: Go

    The main goal of endless Left 2 Die is to survive as long as you can. This is nowhere near similar, because you can try different tactics. (Of course for the first times. After that you've found the most effective way.)
    That is a quiet different survival map like yours. You have to run, and that is the only thing you can do. The amount of time you survive are most depented on luck and the positioning of the banelings in behaviour with the survivors. How long should a single game long for? If I'm unlucky maybe 20 seconds or fewer. (only theoretical) Will there be a new round or I have to rejoin a new game?
    You said the trailer said some things. A player amount up to 10. Every second custom map have this. What else? Some features... Achievements? What kind of achievments could a map like this have? Survive 5, 10, 15 minutes? What I do all the time? Run! Run, Run and run. Is there any varity?
    To come back to Left 2 Die. There are the main mob, Hunterlings, Choker, Spotter and of course STANKS! Each of them have unique abilities and each of them raise the fun factor a lot. Not because they sound similar to the original but they're a good transfer from the original. What've you? Banelings, Banelings and of course banelings. No varity. No fun.
    Like I said before: I havn't played the map before because it doesn't sound very interesting because it's mainstream and not unique.
    To make a map unique... think for yourself. What about a changing terrain? I don't think you have reached the maximum map size. Go ahead and make more mazes so every time you run the map it's other from before.

    To come back to the features. You wrote you can find +2 Experience. What can I do with that? Or is it completly useless? Maybe you can add a safehouse and a talent tree. (You can only assign points when you're in a safehouse, but the survive timer stopped for that player) Only this can make a map unique because there're so many possibilities to "win".
    If the only target to survive longer as other survivors, you can also add negative effects for other players.

    Only some ideas. I've many more, but I don't want to support other maps effectively.


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    Afaik there is a function to convert single players to a playergroup.

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    You seems to be very desperate. Like somebody who didn't know to like his own work so I will say some things directly with only the knowledge from the first post.

    First of all, the video is very bad. There is a 40 seconds intro that says nothing, and I mean nothing, about the map. As far as I know there are several other survival maps that are quite similar. So start to ask yourself: What exactly make your map unique? When your answer is "only banelings", start right back from the scratch.
    The rest of the video seems to be the natural gameplay. Actually there is no UI, but with the actual status there is no need for one.

    What I doesn't understand: are there any objectives for the survivors? (Like going to a saferoom or find a weapon to kill all banelings) Or shall they die after some time? That would be a very annoying gameplay.
    To come up with "easy control" is something you shouldn't say. That is the standard Starcraft II control. The only changes are LMB (teleport) and Z (walk; why should I need that?).
    Additionally most of the "features" are very common today. Most of them are done in less than 10 minutes.

    All of these informations aren't very beneficial for a map with an old concept who want to shine out from the rest, because they throw more questions than answers at me.

    The only charm I have now is: are there any bugs or exploits to find? But that isn't a reason to start SC2 and log in to B.net 0.2

    Like I said before: direct critique.


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    Hio people,

    like the title says I have a strange bug, again.
    First of all it started with 1.2. That patch was not a failure but after some time the editor have stopped loading any of my maps and stopped with crashes. In that time I've worked with my laptop for two month. But when patch 1.3 was out it was working again.
    Now my map is so full with triggers that I need two minutes at least to load the triggers when I start the editor with the laptop and I don't want to wait everytime two minutes just loading the map. (It's only when I load the map in the editor not in the game)
    On my PC I have to load the triggers only for 30 seconds but now I can't open it anymore just like with patch 1.2. Strangely I can load the map with SC2 and empty maps in the editor (and other small maps with a very few size).
    Just for the protocol: I havn't changed anything. And yes, it do work on the laptop.

    I tried the repair programm from Blizzard but it didn't work properly.

    Does anybody know something about this bug?



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    For me, this video throws more questions than answers at me.

    If Arcturus (or the ghost project) have injected Kerrigan a neural link, couldn't he kills her earlier before? When yes, why do he needs Tychus? (maybe it's only a stunning link for the case of betrayal or something or Tychus was only a bait for Raynor because he hid himself)

    I also aggre to s3rius. I can't imagine that this could be a fake. Too good to be one.

    But, I rather think that is a cutscene from LotV (legacy of the Void), or maybe the ending scene. WoL are more focussed on Raynor's revenge to Arcturus and lesser on Kerrigans fate. Of course she was the main plot, but only for three missions. The rest was only "searching new members agaist Mengsk", "stop disturbing nasty Tal'darim" and "save the citizens".
    HotS shall focussed on Kerrigan and her relation to the swarm. I can't imagine, that the end of it should ending with "now the zerg are free". There are also the swarm lords in the HotS preview which are portray Kerrigans memories. So maybe she fight against them or assasinate them because of something (maybe they can evolve to overminds (even when Blizzard said they're no overminds) just theory). I also want to know what happend to the zerg swarm after the Char artifact event. When Char became purged, why not every single zerg DNA of Kerrigan? How can it survive the artifact? (I think Blizzard will tell us something about accident or Xel'naga influence)

    Nevertheless I think without more background knowledge it's hard to tell that the video could be the ending scene of HotS.

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    Quote from Lonami: Go

    @s3rius: Go Well, is there, at least, any way to show the names different in the chat?

    For this it's enough. (Of course only trigger-relayed text-massages)

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    It is possible if you work around.

    Use variables with text-type and fill the player names in these. You can use the "Combine Text" (I dunno if this the correct name in english version (ger version here)) and in the first part you put the player name und in the second what you want to have as a suffix. The same works with prefix and everything else.

    Now you only need to change player name functions to these text-variables and it should work.

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    I worked on Wc3 Maps for about 7 years but never really released one because I always started them again and again,

    I know that XD

    Currently I work on my shadowrun map. *advertisement*
    In WC3 I made several rpgs and defense maps, mostly played with friends. I never could get any links to the regular custom map player. So I hope I can develop myself here. ;P

    It's strange to ask for good WC3 map authors which should made good SC2 maps. If the concept and the gameplay has a good design everybody can make it to a good map author.
    Additionally it's not enough to be popular to make good maps. Even known map authors can produce crap. (This is the same as for Blizzard) But even it is crap *Battle.net 0.2 cough* it would become popular.
    It's a pity that the people asks for the authors and not for the maps.

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    I don't like the two island expansions. It favors terra and airplay. I think there should be a single choke with rocks instead.

    Additionally wide chokes on a 2n2/FFA map (or 1n1 with short rush range) supports early rushes (like 6 pool or else).

    The center could get two gold minerals, but then the outer golden should get rocks. (So you have the option to make a risky in the center or a late in the corner) The central watch towers (left and right) should be in a lowering plateau (don't forget to raise the whole map if you want to make a lowering) or else it would support terran long range bunker, which can be very annoying with only two paths. As far as I can see the towers are watching over the whole center, do they? (You can activate the sight range for towers in the editor) Additional secret paths would make the map more dynamical.

    Sorry for grammar. ;P

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    I think the easiest way to do that is to duplicate a terran floating building and change the actor to the floating creep pad. Then remove movement speed and everything you don't need or want to erase (The ability to click or mouse over the pad for example).

    The main problem here is I don't know anything about your entire progress. So it would be helpful when you could say if you already have the ability or not.

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    The dragon is too kewl <3

    Hope they will release the icons on EU servers too.

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