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    posted a message on Putting Ads in custom games.

    And from what I read in the battle.net forums your map isn't really loved by people without a high end pc because of the huge amount of units. or are you already focusing on a specific target group for your ad? Rich ppl! :D

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    posted a message on Additional parameters for Triggers

    Nope. Trigger don't have parameters (except those bools inbuilt for evaluation and execution). But you can either use a GUI action and check the box that says something like "create in a seperate thread". This basically creates a trigger for this action and a global variable for every parameter. The "global parameters" are set to local variables of the same name inside the trigger, so it's basically a trigger with parameters.

    If you don't need to have a seperate thread (= you won't use waits and stuff like that inside), then you could just use a normal action (=function)

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    posted a message on Not auto following missles

    @ Kueken531: Thank you! Changing the target of the effect did the job perfectly fine.

    Man, sometimes it so easy and you just don't see the right field :D

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    posted a message on Not auto following missles

    Showed only weird behavior but not the desired effect. Movers are pretty strange :O

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    posted a message on Not auto following missles

    Hi, I have a question to those who are already experts of the data editor.

    Let's say I want to have the basic missle turret of the terrans shooting at ground units. Ok that's not the problem, just taking out the flag in the weapon filter list.
    But I want the two missles to NOT follow the target but impact at the location where the unit was when the tower launched its missles.

    How would I do that the easiest way?
    1.) Can I attach a search effect to the missle? If yes: how? And would this search be 2D or 3D? (since a missle that flies over a zergling and kills it will look strange :D )
    If number 1.) isn't possible or if it would require too much work to make a good 3d collision, I will skip it.
    2.) How would I make the missle to fly to the point where the unit was at its launch and not follow it?
    3.) I guess if I adjust the impact effect to be a search or aoe damage effect it will work.

    I know about persistant effects and periodic offsets, but i would really prefer to not use those for missle movement!

    thanks, Rushhour

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    posted a message on Make space for vitals in UI

    Why not just scale down HP and damage and all in your map by a factor of 10?

    The only possibility I could imagine would be to directly modify your map's MPQ and search for the UI files that determine the size of these numbers. But you could also wait for 1.2 and see what possibilties come up when they allow you to modify the standard UI.

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    posted a message on Right 2 Live

    I guess you are on us server, so I won't be able to test.
    But I just want to say: awesome name!!! :D I don't know if it's a common joke in this game community, but I've never heard of it and its just perfect!! :D

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    posted a message on Gate Question

    you can trigger it and whenever a player selects this gate it will change its owner to this player.

    I don't think that shared control is possible for a single unit. Or you could make a custom close/open UI with dialogs ;)

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    posted a message on Baby please don't troll!

    blocked too, and havent got my tor installed yet :O

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    posted a message on Actor's "Signal.*." bug...

    I know that this bug is already known and how it should be theoretically possible to work around it. But the thing is: It doesn't work.

    I need two Signal actor events, the first one worked fine and I could add .*.Name1 when being in the raw-data view. Then I tried to edit the second signal message and whenever I am done and want to press enter ... simply all events dissappear! :-|
    I already copied the other already functional signal-event and only tried to change the letters of the name.. but it still deletes all events.

    I really hope they improve the interface of actor events. There are so many unobvious events, expressions and actions and you can only guess half of them by looking at the already existing actors.

    So that were my 50 cents :D Anyone knows why my events dissapear and how to solve that? Thanks

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    posted a message on Help with detection arc.

    Ok, I made a library which should do the job. Was a little tricky since the game engine returns angle between points from -180° to 180° . So -180° is equal to 180°, this tricks the little math out. :(

    But I think I got it now, I add the library. You just need to import it over the import manager and then you should be able to use it.

    To add a unit to the system you will first of all need to disable the automatic detection of the weapon in the data editor. I used a marine for testing. In the marine's weapon I just removed all checkboxes for allies, enemies, neutral,... in the field "weapon scan filter". That makes the marine unable to attack by itself, but the weapon range and all is still the same.

    To add the marine to the system you need then to call the function I added. "AddUnitToDetectionAi". The parameters should be self-explaining.
    What angle is the best is up to you, I used 80° that would mean 40° to the right and to the left of the unit's facing.

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    posted a message on Help with detection arc.

    What he means are soldiers that don't magically notice when a silent little assassin walks behind them. ;) Or can you see what's going on in your back?

    But the game is based on this sort of detection (well, it won't be too hard to notice a tank or colossus behind you :D ), so you can only adjust the detection range, but not the arc.

    A workaround would then be done with triggers. Set the basic detection range to 0 for all units, so they do not notice any enemy themselves, and do the AI with triggers. That will mean periodically looping through all units on the field. Having their detection range and arc stored in variables and checking if there is a unit in this arc. If there is one you can then order to attack in the trigger. That way it would also be possible to check if there is anything blocking the line of vision between the units.

    If you need help with this trigger tell me/us.

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    posted a message on [Data] The Uberlisk

    So maybe this is the best place to ask: I read your tutorial and I think I understood most of it (except the stuff concerning tentacle attack :D )

    I'm going to explain what I want to achieve and what I already have:
    So I want to be able to add a "mount", some sort of vehicle for any unit, by adding a behavior to this unit.
    This behavior lifts the rider unit (and drops it when the behavior stops).

    There is a model actor which reacts when this behavior gets turned on. This model actor is my uberlisk which gets attached to my original unit and the position is adjusted with site operations (a single local offset right now)

    Ok this works fine, the high templar sitting on the ultralisk and I am able to use abilities and weapons of the high templar.

    But some aesthetical points make me mad:
    First: I want the ultralisk to move (=play it's walk animation) when the high templar moves. But the ultralisk-model actor doesn't seem to react to the actor event "UnitMovementUpdate.*.Walk. If I use another random -test event it correctly plays the animation.
    I don't know if the problem here is, that this is no unit-actor but a model actor. The model actor correctly gets rotation and position of its host, but maybe the event doesn't know the connection since the actor was created from a behavior?!

    Second: I want the ultralisk to play it's attack animation when my unit uses the ultralisk's weapon (this weapon should be added by the behavior)

    Third: Right now, the local offset is attached to the high templar's origin point and then locally offset. This results in a high templar not moving at all when the huge ultrallisk's shakes and runs. :D The problem is that I can't simply use another attachement point which moves with the unit and offset from this point, because this will be the attachement points from the templar. The result is a weird looking ultralisk and a normal moving high templar.
    Is there any way to "switch the roles" and make the high templar the one that gets offset from an attachement point of the ultralisk?

    The third point would just be the non-plus-ultra, but the first two should really be solved somehow. Remember that I want multiple units to ride the ultralisk and dynamically do so.
    Thanks :)

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    posted a message on Check if variabele exists

    You can't dynamically create variables. Neither locals, nor globals, nor arrays.

    So you know how big an array is or if a variable exists when you look at your script. ;)
    If you mean by "exists" if there is a value stored in this variable, you should compare it to "null" or "0" for integers and reals.

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    posted a message on Bank problems.

    Anyways: Always save values you will need more than once in a local variable instead of calling the function dozens of times. No matter if it's an integer, unit,..! Just imagine you would like to change triggering unit to "target of triggering unit" and would need to look through 100 lines of GUI code :D

    Or you wouldn't need to use "Owner of triggering unit -1" all the time ;)

    But it's strange though: if "Owner of triggering unit" doesn't return the correct value but just the lowest possible value like 0, it should still work in your example. But it could also be possible that the engine shuts down the whole trigger thread if it realizes that the triggering unit is dead and gone after the 15-25 seconds wait.

    Try storing the owner in a local variable and see what comes out.

    And another note: You wouldn't need to use banks to do a revive system if you don't plan on being able to use the hero progressivly each time the players play your map. A bank is a file on the player's computer in case you don't know.
    Some global arrays or a database would also work.


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