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    posted a message on Launch missile from a attached model

    I am also interested in this question. I set the host supporter subject of the action actor to the attachement's alias, but it still fires the missle from the regular unit and not from its attachement.

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    posted a message on GENDER Poll

    2 liers so far, how many follow? :D

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    posted a message on nested loops + trigger help

    Yes, PickEach (int or unit) has predefined functions and variables and therefore can't be nested. I was also pretty confused about the error messages I saw ingame until I found this out.
    I would recommand to always use ForEach, else you will for example have the same problem when you use PickEach in a function and another PickEach uses this function. Only in triggers which use their own thread it won't cause any problems.

    For your second question: Use a forEachUnit loop to find all houses. Filter them out by unittype or whatever works in your map. Then you would need to know if there is a maximum distance between a restaurant and a house or a maximum distance someone would walk to a restaurant. If there is one, use ConvertCircleToRegion and filter all restaurants out with this. If not, then you will need to again loop through all restaurants in the map. This can become a little tricky,d epending on how many restaurants there are in total.
    You could save all distances between the restaurants and the current house in a real array variable of a big size. Then you would need to sort this array to find the four smallest distances. Look in the standard library of blizzard. At the very bottom they gave us some sorting algortihms which you can simply copy and paste to use them for your own array.

    If you finally found the four closest restaurants I would then design some function (linear or whatever) which converts the custom value to a percentage chance. When using random values and chances you will make sure that you implement this in a while-loop so that the unit will walk to one of the restaurants and not just stand still when all chances fail for the first run.

    good luck ;)

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    posted a message on Problem with X´el Naga Towers

    1. Loop through all units in the map. Look in the trigger category "unit group". (I don't have the english client and can't give you exact function names therefore)
    2. Filter out only xel naga towers (do a "If-Unittype of picked unit=Xel'naga tower")
    3. Create another unit-group-loop. You will need to use the "ForEachUnit" here since you can't have the other loop inside of itself.
    4. Set the region of the unitgroup for the loop 3. to a circle which has its middle at the location of the xel naga tower and a radius of 2,5
    5. Filter out burried, flying and everything that doesn't make a tower being controlled.
    6. If there is only one unit as a result for this loop, increase a variable for the owner of this unit.

    I can't help you find the functions, you will have to search them. The only thing I could do would be telling you the raw-data names

    Edit: Actually the whole xel naga towers work with one simple auto-cast ability which selects a unit within 2,5 range. The ability is called TowerCapture (Turm - Einfangen). Ordername: Designate
    You can set up an event with this ability. Remember to change the phase to something else (generic- execute should be fine).

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    posted a message on Trigger Mod?

    You can make libraries like the default and campaign libraries and export/import them. ;)
    Check the library in the top left in the trigger editor (maybe you need to enable them with the button)

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    posted a message on Questions about Localize and ''Issue Order''

    @BloodClud: The simplest way to do an AI would be to order a unit to attack a point. (Thats like when you A-click ingame)

    Problems occur when a unit is behind some buildings but this unit has a higher attack priority that the buildings. Look for the field attack priority in the unit editor, higher values will mean that it will be more important to attack and kill.
    So you could make all units (and builidings ) the same priority, then everything which is close willl be attacked.

    Alternativly you could trigger the AI. This really depends on how many units you want to search for enemies in what kind of way. Check the AI categories, I am not really familiar with these functions though

    And can I ask you a question too? How did you manage to use the "copy to all locales"? button? It is grayed in my editor and I can't press it and I don't know what to do to enable this button.

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    posted a message on [POOL][Graph] Map's Quality vs. Popularity

    currently this hide'n'seek map is the top map on europe. It raised from page 3 to top in one day, don't ask me how...

    Well, it's kind of fun, still some bugs and imbalances, but has potential. Pretty much based on the map from wc3, something like island defense (or what was its name?)
    I don't like playing SOTIS, same atmosphere like in dota... as a noob you are being welcomed like a gay in vatican town...

    anyways, did someone else notice that only one map on the first page changes when you press "Show new only" :D

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    posted a message on WoW Model-Pack Requests

    So it it still possible to request things here? I really would like to have a blade or dagger model. There should be tons of this stuff in a melee fighting game like WoW but I don't see anything in sc2 :(
    Perfectly it would be similiar to the zealots blade, but something blade/dagger like would also be fine.

    Doesn't need any animations or stuff, just the plain model :)

    Thanks a lot if someone looks for one.

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    posted a message on [Galaxy Noobs] Wow to SC2 in 30 seconds! NO 3dmax!

    Edit: Realized it was the wrong thread.

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    posted a message on Community Map-Creation Challenge/Contest (Possibility)

    I really like the idea of the community making a map together! Really a great idea, and also the cash reward will motivate more people I think.

    The problem I see is the process itself. There must be someone who tells other what to do. Else you will have systems and triggers that don't work together, abilities that don't fit to the gameplay,... . So in conclusion, there will be strict rules and orders necessary to be able to combine stuff.
    It would be easier if you tell people to design a hero, an ability, an item or a tower.

    So I could imagine that the best option to really make this work would be to give direct orders like:
    Terrainers: Design a vulcano region of size x,y which only has an entrance at north.
    Data editors: Make a unit which can produce xy, has ability z,...
    Triggeres: Make a system which allows to save and load a score which will be shown in a board.

    ... well, there are some cons at this style, what do you others think?

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    posted a message on Is the event "Effect Used" riding the buggy???

    Did you set the propability to 1?
    I only changed 4 fields. Propability, checked "deadly", modfied damage to 0, and the effect that will be launched.

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    posted a message on Cameras How do i turn off auto preview camera

    easy fix: delete and remake the camera ;P
    Yep, I know this is annoying, and I haven't found a fix for this yet (if there is one)

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    posted a message on Is the event "Effect Used" riding the buggy???

    Hm, how is the behavior added? Does the unit have it by default or is it added in triggers? I have seen some differences between "transfer behavior" and "add behavior"

    So the unit doesn't die? That's what the behavior does. All the moving/making invulnerable is done in triggers, right? And none of these things happen (=trigger not fires) and the unit just stands where it is and keeps on fighting since it doesn't die?!

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    posted a message on Is the event "Effect Used" riding the buggy???

    Well, I also use this behavior and response to prevent death of my heroes, and the event always fires. But my hero never dies, it is just hidden and moved.

    Modify the damage the unit gets to 0 (so that it won't die) and test if the event fires then. Also, check if zeratul really has the behavior and if there aren't any other conditions that might exclude him.

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    posted a message on Move image to location of mouse.

    I didn't read all of this thread, but I think you will find that useful: an asset someone posted here on sc2mapster ;)

    Also you need to know that dialogs don't always have the size you set in the editor but get scaled depending on the resolution. The factors should be given with this library.

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