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    posted a message on Help with detection arc.

    I have some ideas: Try setting AquirePrioritization ( < - - raw-data name, don't know the usual English name) to "Angle"
    Set the Weapon-Arc to the arc you want. So let's say 90° would mean 45° to the left and right, normal for a human would be something between 180 and 0° :D
    And then set the range of the weapon as high as you want it.

    I am not sure what the "minimal scanrange" is.. Maybe this one needs to be adjusted too.

    Also another idea would be to play around with the field "AcquireTargetSorts" (again raw -data-name). If you add a sort which prefers the arc and set this to 100% then the weapon may only pick units in the angle of vision.

    I am pretty sure that the weapon (the unit) will attack units in their vision first, but I am not sure if it will still turn to be able to attack a unit which is behind it.

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    posted a message on What does preload and syncronize bank do?

    Yep, preloading only works with explicit names, no variables or constant variables. That included preloading of bank files and of any other data files like sounds, models,...
    All things the game needs to preload will be listed in a seperate file, and since this file is created when you save the map, it isn't possible for the game to translate a variable to a name. (Ok, it would be possible for constant strings, but then you will need to type the name anyways :D )

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    posted a message on Difficult Anti-blocking Solution Needed :(

    Ok, I think I understand your problem.

    You order the spawning units directly to move to the opposite X point ( regarding a normal and not a middle line) , right?
    So your terrain setup doesn't allow to completly seperate the lines like you could do in a standard maze td.

    What I can think of would be do create some sub-targets for the units. So the units spawned in the bottom left corner are issued to move to a point between the bottom left and the middle left platform. Then the shortest path the game engine finds should always be through the platform and not completly around the map (aka "the long way"). Or would this require too many changes in your current setup of triggers?

    Ah ok, now I see that it's not only about moving, but also about checking if a linear lane was blocked...
    Hm, an unelegant solution could be to create an invisible block-checking unit which spawns periodically and is issued to move to the target. If this unit attempts to walk the long way, then the linear way would be blocked.

    Ok, another idea: Isn't there a function which returns the movement cost between two points (PointPathingCost() )? So you could use this to check if this is higher than a fixed value which you will need to find out. Maze a platform compeletly out, so that it would require the unit to move the longest way possible, use this function to check for the value (all other non-linear paths should be totally blocked for testing). Maybe add +10% in case a player finds an even better maze :D . And now, whenever the movement cost between spawn and target point is higher than this value, the linear path is blocked. But I guess you will need to use some sub-points between the platforms too here!


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    posted a message on Patch 1.2 PTR Notes

    I have to admit: This really sounds like they listened to us and actually did something! Great!

    The zerg players though are very angry about neutral parasite :D

    Edit: Can anyone test please what this bank signature is and if it is "safe". At least so save that not every random person with a keyboard can edit values :D

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    posted a message on How about you?

    I don't know how you currently feel.. but I am currently doing nothing with the editor ...and just keep waiting for the patch .. being curious and probably naive about what they will change and add.

    At the moment I don't feel this magic that you feel when you create new stuff anymore. L'art pour l'art is nice and all, but it is a "little" bit demotivational to see and hear of so many people -who really produce great maps- how barely they get noticed at all.

    Also, what about the answers in the battle.net forums? The last update was in the middle of october, do they feel like they told us everything? :D

    hf gl gg :)

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    posted a message on Who is currently using the largest array in their map?

    bla[3].amount[50][5][3][50] !!! :D

    5 dimensions, one for: map, level, difficulty, location and type.
    Reduces the spawning trigger to 15 lines :D

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    posted a message on What am i doing wrong

    haha you made me laugh xD

    It's nice to hear I could help! And nice to see your THANK YOU :D
    Additonally I can show you how to create your own "ForEachInteger" loop which doesn't include all actions twice (like the loop that blizzard gave us does). This is (only) important if you nest loops and have a lot of actions/functions/whatever inside them. But I will first be able to show you in several hours when I'm back from work ;P

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    posted a message on What am i doing wrong

    @canichols2: Oh you should really try to get used to loops and arrays, they make a lot stuff so much easier. Play around with a ForEachInteger loop. It basically does the same like "PickEachInteger". Each has a disadvantage: PickEachInteger can't be nested (that means you can't have a "PickEachInteger" inside a "PickEachInteger" loop); ForEachInteger creates big amounts of code if nested since it implements to actions twice,...!

    But for the start, just get used to it.
    Create an integer array named "TileNumber" of size 10.
    In an initialization trigger do:
    ForEachInteger( loopInt, from: 0 to 10, increment 1) do:
    Variable: Set TileNumber[loopInt]=loopInt
    UI: DisplayText (convert integer to text( loopInt)

    So you set the tile number to 1,2,3,4,5,... and also display these numbers. The loop just takes the variable "loopInt" and after one iterration it increases it by "increment". So the first time the functions are called it would work like:
    Set TileNumber[0]=0
    Ui DisplayText -> 0
    (next loop)
    Set TileNumber[1]=1
    Ui DisplayText -> 1

    If you get familiar with this, we can go on ;)

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    posted a message on What am i doing wrong

    @canichols2: Yep, it can be very frustrating copy pasting values or whatever over and over. That's why I wrote everything in custom script in WC3. And that's why I love global constants, arrays and actions in the new editor :D

    Ok, to your map. It is very hard for someone not familiar with your map to understand at one single view how you set up things, so to really help you, we would need to view your map or give us more details and screenshot of your triggers. For example: What changes from Ore0 to Ore1 ?

    I could think of a setup like the following:
    Tile numbers are saved in an integer array (one index for one tile)
    So you would know only need to loop through all indexes of this array to check if the tile's number is equal to the rolled number.

    A problem follows: You don't know where the tile is. Solution idea:
    Save the position (either the point or the coordinates) in an array variable. You would need to do this at map initialization.
    TilePoint[4] would now have saved the point for tile 4. To get the number (texttag text) of this tile you would need to use TileNumber[4].

    So you would now basically loop through all tiles with a ForLoop and using the variable "loopTile" (remember to save max amount of tiles to not run out of array bounds).
    Inside the loop you would check if the TileNumber[loopTile] is equal to the rolled number.
    If it is true, then you would need to do your searches around TilePoint[loopTile]. If this search finds valid units/buildings of a player nearby it would add resources. (I am not sure how and how many you add though)

    Edit: In case you didn't understand what I was trying to explain: In game it would result in the following:
    An 8 is rolled. Now each players gets resources (somehow) who built next to a tile with the number 8.

    That's it. All you would then need to do would be one big initialization trigger which sets up the points. And of course you would need to save and update TileNumber[x] like you probably already do now.

    Tell me if I got anything totally wrong.

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    posted a message on What am i doing wrong

    Ok, I didn't understand exactly what you try to achieve.

    But just reading that you already have 33 triggers and plan to create 44 more whilst they do almost the same thing makes me want to stop you! :D

    Could you please explain carefully what you try to do. Explain it in a context and what it should look like ingame for the players. Sometimes its better to remake something complelty but having it put together in a single trigger (or only few ones).
    Just imagine what would happen if you want to change/add something ? You would need to do this damn often!

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    posted a message on Do banks keep data for the user when you change versions?

    The bank file is stored locally on the player's computer. Just look in the folder were the replays and stuff go.

    It is a text file which can be easily edited by anyone with a keyboard... that's the problem.

    So yes: your map will be able to load the bank file if you haven't changed the name of the bankfile (which you didn't)

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    posted a message on Where did everyone go?

    Well I started on www.thehelper.net for wc3 modding since I got answers there really quickly. TheHive is a huge database for wc3, but the forums for sc2 are also rarely visited, updated.

    @tigerija Yes I think you're right about what you say of team projects. Each one of us has more or less clear ideas of what he wants to create and arguing about basic stuff will be more problematic then arguing about details as soon as a beta is out.

    I always have the feeling that they sort of gave us every tool and material to construct a ferarri but don't see that it needs a proper racetrack in order to run at its full speed. And they don't tell us if they plan to fill up the holes. :D Ok maybe they know it takes some time to build a ferarri and let the bobby cars drive around the holes until the ferarris are finished?
    Ok, the metaphor is bad, but I like the bobby cars xD (you probably don't know them, so here is a picture: http://zentapher.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/bigbobbycar_comic_end-774850.jpg)

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    posted a message on Where did everyone go?

    I only see the little kitty telling me it searched desperatly :(
    Will check later if that's an adblocker or something that blocks it^^

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    posted a message on Bejeweled TD [WIP]

    How do you plan to integrate a TD into this? Just curious :D

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    posted a message on Terrain Objects a no-no?

    Nice to hear: xD

    And if you got some time you can check out if that applies to other terrain objects as well. (ofc don't do this on your own map)
    Because right now I won't use any terrain object until I know what was the problem.

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