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    @halfthought: Go

    Thank you halfthought, much appreciated. :)

    If completed in time, yes, i will be entering this into the competition. :P

    And i do hope this map can be finished soon, so i may show the people of Sc2Mapster my good maps :P

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    @Ash4meD: Go

    Firstly, Thank you Ash4meD, i like to organize my things..

    Secondly, Im not too sure, im debating the use of batteries, while having a small bar decrease as a % and then when it gets lower, it starts getting dimmer until it cuts out completely...

    And yes, guns will be class specific. so no, you wont see a Guardian running around with a Medi gun... :P

    Also, i have experience will horror as i did with Warcraft 3. I think i created some good Horror maps... Blair Witch, and Warcraft 3: A Haunting () People said you couldn't make Warcraft 3 Scary.... Pfft..

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    By Refraction Entertainment


    Waking up in a place you have never seen before, in a pitch black world, you wonder to yourself.. "Am i still alive?". As you look around you see where you are, remembering you were part of a small group of marines. Wondering where your team mates are, you broadcast a message across all networks out to all surviving marines to meet at the last known bunker location in the middle of the terran HQ.

    Where are you?

    Why are you here?

    Meeting up with your team mates is the only option.. and the only way to find out more info on where you are..





    Class Selection (None selected)


    Class Selection (Guardian Selected)



    Players - 8

    The Last Marines is a horror-type map, that is played using the mouse control and Third Person View. The world itself is Pitch Black (As seen in the preview) and requires you to use your torch. Your torch is essential in finding your way through this area. On your way round looking for your comrades, you'll encounter many foes, like the fast Zerglings, or the deadly Hydralisks.

    In this game you have specific classes aswell, I'll name a few such as the Assault, Medic and Guardian. Different classes is essential in this map as when the game flows on, you'll encounter deadlier foes that will tear your group to pieces if not careful.

    You'll also be able to find weapons through the map aswell, and even extremely powerful weapons only found on harder difficulty settings. But good luck finding them, even on Normal!

    Also throughout the map are Audio Logs. These audio logs will have real recordings, of events that has happened on this planet, can you find them all? some even lead you to other Audio Logs and even hidden weapons.


    The Torch

    The torch will be a needed tool for this map, so will the batteries. Yes, the torch batteries will run out, and they don't last as long as you will hope them too. On higher difficulties you can find Lithium Batteries that last 4x as long as normal batteries.


    I'll list below a few weapons and items, i don't want to give away too much information, but it will give you a rough idea.

    Assault Rifle =====

    Damage - 10
    Reload Time - 4 seconds (Per Mag)
    Findable - No
    This weapon is a starting weapon.

    The assault rifle is the standard issue gun that fires constantly. Ammo capacity is around 30 per mag.

    Medi-Gun =====

    Healing - 15 Per Second
    Cooldown - 20 Seconds (Per Use)
    Findable - No
    Its the Medics Starting weapon.

    The Medi-Gun is the medics best weapon, it shoots off a beam that heals units to full health almost instantly, it does however have a long cooldown timer, around 20 seconds, so its a neat little weapon that can change the way a battle ends.

    50. Caliber Rifle =====

    Damage - 70
    Reload Time - 8 seconds (Per Shot)
    Findable - Yes
    This is found on the Normal Difficulty.

    The .50 Cal is a known gun in many games, and even in real life, it is a very powerful sniper rifle that's cable of destroying anything it hits.

    .600 G.T.R (Ghost Tactical Rifle) =====

    Damage - 600
    Reload Time - 14 seconds (Per Shot)
    Findable - Yes
    This is found on the Insane Difficulty.

    The hardest weapon to find in this map, it will go through numerous enemies, without stopping, can kill most enemies with 1 shot . But, ammo is scarce, and reloading takes awhile.. So its a weapon that's best used in tight situations

    Current Staff

    These are the current staff working on this map

    Pshyched (Myself)

    Terrain / Units / Sound / Triggers


    Triggering / Units

    Closing Comments

    Hopefully this has a few of you interested in the map, and hopefully you will be waiting for at least a BETA release to come out sometime soon, we are working as fast as we can. I will post here in the future for when a release is Stable.

    Thank you ======

    Pshyched (Shadowz123)
    Refraction Entertainment

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