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    Just because the engine can interpolate between two rotations doesn't mean it will get the animation right. You have to make sure everything looks nice in the splines and will loop effectively when your animation segments are played. Also you have to make sure that when you create a rotation like for tires that you always end up in the same orientation you were in from the beginning so that it can loop without a noticeable hiccup.

    Make sure that whatever local axis your bone has is in alignment to your rotation so you don't have to do lots of work with the splines.

    Looks like you can manipulate the data for the splines in Track View in 3dsMax. http://docs.autodesk.com/3DSMAX/15/ENU/3ds-Max-Help/index.html?url=files/GUID-D22C4E4B-A6F3-4D7B-94C8-21B594E56498.htm,topicNumber=d30e239756

    This lets you look at the graphs for the curves of the bone's xyz rotation over time which is used to define the spline. The axis you are rotating on should ascend or descend until the end of the animation(easiest way) or every time the rotation comes back around(in case you are having some kind of overflow error), it will look like a zig zag with every zag going strait down when the rotation matches the original position, each zig should be identical so the rotation would not vary in weird ways every time the wheel turns.

    It shouldn't be a curve it should just be line segments because the rate of rotation is fixed(3dsMax will generate splines with interpolation as smoothing into and out of which will create undesired animation of the wheel starting up slow and easing into a stop which might not be noticeable if you are only watching one loop), you don't need to animate acceleration because the engine can simulate that when it smooths in from a fixed position and you can't loop an animation like that to make it look like the wheels are spinning at a fixed rate without hiccups between loops so this is the part where the animation tools are doing too much work for you.

    I'm assuming you are having animation problems and not export problems, if not this is still useful to know.

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    Anyone find the bunker unit? I don't see it.

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    I like the mod. I am working on a melee mod myself. It's coming along. It's more of an extension of liberty with added mechanics and some macro changes.

    I really miss the reavers and these reavers just don't seem satisfying enough. The broodwar mod does confine scarabs to cliffs, maybe you can copy or ask for some tips from that project.

    If you want scarabs to ignore buildings you can try messing with the unit's movement: collide flags. If you notice all units interact with ground and forcefield and forcefields only interact with force field and massive units only interact with ground(if you remove the forcefield shatter ability you will notice massive units walk through forcefields). If you modify all of the structures and set them only to collide as structure and take all the units and make sure they also collide with structure you can do the same thing so that scarabs and other units that are ground only will only interact with ground units and not structures.

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    Have you tried using the "attack wave" mechanics? The AI has to be functioning to know if it's working.

    You can find some AI scripts either looking through the mpq or looking through some of the trigger library.

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    Basically it would be a spin on the publishing system in which a map maker publishes a scenario that they intend to destroy and recreate for each episode using the same map and its banks to keep character information for players as they progress through the series.

    No going back means each new item is potentially unique and people would be compelled to play each episode because it won't be available when the next one comes around. If the character dies they have to make a new one unless of course they cheat and backup the bank. It could be like a global dnd session with the map maker and the player base over the course of the series.

    Has this been done before? Is there any reason why this wouldn't be possible?

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    Thanks. I was wondering if it was done with triggers.

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    Here... But got no answer for ya :(.

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    If I wanted to add rooms or such. I remember it was possible back in warcraft 3 editor to do this. Hide an aspect of the map from the minimap so that the rooms did not appear on the minimap and could not be scrolled to in the game without a camera being placed there.

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    If it's a different model I believe you might have to re-skin the model to the new bones. The old skin won't transfer the weights correctly methinks, since each vertex has the weight value for the skin.

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    Another thing about transfering the skinning to the editable mesh. If your model doesn't have it's base pose(due to being bound to an animation with the base pose not available) when you convert the polymesh to editable mesh the editable mesh will be warped by the animation and will not re-skin correctly SO After copying the skin right click the skin and turn it off before you convert to editable mesh then paste the skin to the editable mesh and it should animate as intended from it's base pose.

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    The one templar vs the marines.

    Pretty sound but tedius strategy:

    You use the storm off the bat at max range before the marines come in sight to kill whatever you can then run quickly to the left side of the island before your spotted. If you didn't agro them with your storm you can begin pulling them with the templar yourself.

    The templar pulling without using storm will not agro all of them at once(WoW anyone?) but you can only do it 2-4 at a time(helps to use the walls to avoid agroing too many. You agro them far enough away from the rest of the marines and then storm them to death. Go eat a sandwitch and come back when you have 150 mana. You can only pull 2-4 because that's how many cannot eat into your health before depleting your shields.

    Never pull with only 1 storm. You need a backup storm cause if you don't kill them you will just die.

    That being said I haven't bothered to do it cause it's pants on head stupid amount of time. At some point enough of them would be dead for you to storm the rest to death.

    I think maybe this challenge was supposed to be when before storm was nerfed or templar energy was nerfed or whatever. Either way there is no timer and maybe that indicates that maybe it does take a long time.

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    Behavior that ends .5 to however many seconds after its applied.

    In the actor events use behavior.on and behavior.off to create and destroy model actor.

    There you go. You only have to worry about applying the behavior in pulses.

    If you want it to fire when the unit is attacked etc use validator disable on the aura behavior.

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    Quote from TacoManStan: Go

    One, Google does not take date into account AT ALL when it comes to forums. I came up with posts from 2009, some of which anticipating the release of SC2!

    After initiating a search you can click on the menu to the left. Second to the bottom. It's late- sorry, I just had to try to be helpful in some obscure way since I haven't touched anything newer than a geforce 9800.

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    Nah. It's just that most from the 70's got jobs, married and such before the internet and multiplayer got popular and game developers started making level editors for their games :P.

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    What exactly is Path of Exile? An MMO?

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