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    posted a message on Ideas for a pathing algorithm

    There is an algorithm called A* which is the goto for pretty much any pathing needs in a game. It's basically a depth first search that attemps to follow a direction- it wont return the most optimal distance. Then you have Dijkstra's Algorithm which will find the best answer every time but is not practical to use in a real time setting.

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    posted a message on Apply force so target goes flying on melee hit

    If you want to push a unit in a relative direction you can use a create persistent with the orphan parameters flag enabled so you can determine a relative offset between two points or based on a unit's facing direction.


    Also when applying force effects, these force effects were designed to be used with behaviors as far as can be told from how blizzard does it. They only apply a binary force with a direction, they do not have a scale. Scale is determined by the behavior buff which modifies how much force appears to be applied through Modification - Movement Speed Minimum which will determine the speed of the unit when under the force. It has to be applied periodically to obtain the desired effect over time as stated, this can be done with a behavior buff or a create persistent- though you may still need a create persistent just to get the offsets you want.

    Here is an example of my use of force effect for massive air to ground collisions for my feedback mod. Note that the air units crashing are not being issued an order but are under a continuous force as they are propelled in the direction they are facing until they hit the ground:

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    posted a message on Still having trouble with morphing animation. Advice?

    If it's constructing like a zerg egg you have to have buildable ability on the unit. This makes the unit pause itself. Also if you change the property in the unit actor for building model it will be a different model when the unit is building.

    Otherwise if it's morphing like a siege tank then you can modify the stats in the morph ability to have transition time and then use the actors with ability event to fire the animations.

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    posted a message on SOPA Votes Today.!!!

    Hmm where did my post go.

    Anyway what I said was I think this bill is mostly so that the government can protect the intellectual property of it's rights holders from overseas infringement by restricting it's availability. It could be done within the country but I think they have less interest in pursuing it when they can already enforce it at the civil level within the country.

    That being said it's still too overbearing- it needs restrictions and warnings. I think if it were to be used against a country it should first be blacklisted as being unwilling to enforce the rights of copyright holders a measure that can be lifted later.

    If this were to be enforced willy nilly it could put a lot of people out of business, not because they can't host copyright material but because some places even if they go down overnight could go bankrupt on the hardware they are having to pay for or are renting for their web presence.

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    posted a message on can i ask something and im not trolling when i say this cause i REALLY don't know...

    Why do people hate Justin Bieber?


    16 year old American from youtube who got rich and famous for hitting it big based on some videos he posted of covers of some RnB songs with him singing in his room.

    Embed Removed: https://www.youtube.com/v/O-0G63O2N-Q?fs=1

    16 year old from Spain on youtube who spent a lot of his youth learning how to create music with complicated synth software who is not famous because no one thinks anything of edm, hard style, hands up, or trance.

    Embed Removed: https://www.youtube.com/v/_Y57iWlfwKM?fs=1

    One sings and copies other people, the other does not sing and makes a lot of his own stuff. Who gets famous? The one who sings, who is an american, who looks like a lesbian. The main gripe? One is an icon that is recognized as an artist the other is an artist that just isn't recognized.

    I am an American and even I am kind of put off by it. Of course I was also one of those kids in the 8th grade who was extremely annoyed with Britney Spears and the Spice Girls.

    Don't really hate Beiber personally but the fact that he has any inclination to let it go to his head when hes basically just a lucky bastard with a pretty face doesn't do much to make me think anything of him.

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    posted a message on Stop SOPA!

    It doesn't even really help piracy because:

    • 1. It takes away the responsibility of the individual and puts it on the cloud.
    • 2. Most piracy is done with torrent software which does not use hosting but is peer to peer.

    It may very well give the united states the power to protect itself against infringements of intellectual property overseas however but I think it should be done more diplomatically, between one nation and another. If a nation doesn't respect the intellectual property of another nations rights holders enough to enforce those rights then our nation can and should take action to use a method similar to this WITH RESPECT TO THAT NATION. But I do not agree with doing it at such a low level as for each individual site. Such a thing would be a nightmare of liturgy and an unneeded burden for an industry that is still trying to find itself- some companies that host could literally go bankrupt overnight if it could not provide it's service. A lot of this hardware is on loan and when bills have to get paid... I could just see another bubble bursting...

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    posted a message on First big mod : where is the manual ?

    Manual Is still being written http://www.sc2mapster.com/wiki/galaxy/main-page/

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    posted a message on Sc2 vs Wc3 Maps: What's wrong in recent maps.

    It's not the community that has a chip on their shoulder.

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    posted a message on Third Person Over the Shoulder View.

    Hit F7 to open the data editor. Click on the + tab>>Edit Advanced Data>>Cameras. Click on Default Camera in the view pane to the left. Now there is a Zoom Levels+ entry field among all the fields(using table view ctrl+1). Double click the Values for the Zoom Levels+ in the column to the right and it will open an options window so you can modify the Zoom Levels.

    Zoom Level 0 is the default(where the camera is when fully zoomed out) and all others for the different Scroll Levels when you scroll the mouse. Highlight it by clicking it, it should turn blue, then you can change it's values below.

    If you mess with the camera settings to get the view you want using cameras it should be familiar. You can use one of those to get a perspective you like and then copy the settings.

    Entries that are not enabled will not change the camera so just enable what you intend to change.

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    posted a message on Crater of Carnage Off Topic Thread

    It would be a stretch but it could be possible. They could decide to start charging for using the tools as a prototype development platform. Not that they would.

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    posted a message on Crater of Carnage Off Topic Thread

    People on steam will flock to Dota 2 no matter how much people on Battle.net flock to BDota.

    Dota 2 if they don't flock to Super Monday Night Combat which is looking promising to me as a bridge between TF2 and Dota- a rather clever move in my opinion.

    Anyway, like I said before, Battle.net doesn't really have a market for it's maps and mods, and B.net 2.0 is kind of in a rut with it's user base, not many users and most of the ones that do play only play SC2. Trying to make a map for the game before they have released some kind of marketing tools so you can at least evaluate the worth.

    The current system just doesn't work for publishing maps. Not for anyone.

    That much being said, if you are interested in making a proof of concept or prototype using World Editor it could definitely be worth it if you don't spend too much. Granted if blizzard doesn't change their policies and start taking ownership of everything people make on world edit. Doesn't seem like the case since they didn't stop Riot or IceFrog.

    If you still want to consider multiplayer for something like Unity3d you can look into stuff like smartfoxserver. I've been contemplating using it to make an mmorpg but it could also be used to make a basic moba. The Interactivity might a little fudgy but it would at least give you something to publish on facebook where you could really get people to play your game. It has a 100 concurrent user license that's free for evaluation and development.

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    posted a message on Crater of Carnage Team Thread (Positions Filled)

    I've been around the Data Editor and the recent changes to the editor that allows migrating XML make it really easy to share updates. It really does make collaborating an actual possible thing to do.

    I wouldn't mind at least giving it a shot. I think I could do maybe 6 champions(in data/trigger mechanics not graphics) for 300$ depending on what your asking of course- I can use graphics from the engine for basic effects, nothing custom(blizzard makes it hard to do custom graphics).

    I'll have to check out my PayPal Account and see if it even still works. It's been like 4 years since I used it. Probably means there will be activation fees.

    Your idea about an ability power stat might be a little challenging ill have to look into it. If push comes to shove I can implement whatever damage system needed in triggers using the effects as handles. I can usually do most mechanics in the data editor which easily migrates as XML.

    I might randomly be away on tuesday, thursday, friday and saturday, as I am a contracted worker under a plumber to get some stuff done, he calls me as he needs me- we are working on a bathroom system. We are almost done with it though but then later some time in January I might get caught up in a bid for an apartment complex. This job wasn't that great for pay but it was kind of a "I rub your back you rub mine" community related thing- it's a lot of work, especially since I am a comp sci major, but it's something better than nothing and I've been sitting around for way too long sulking about how the economy was going down the shoot. Might as well work to work. Economy doesn't get better with people sitting on lawns picketing everywhere about how they didn't get the job of their dreams.

    I'll warn you that the current state of the custom game market on b.net 2.0 is in shambles. The popularity feature without a current host list has squashed out many creative ideas. People are irate about this but hopefully by HOTS or some time after BDOTA something will be fixed- it's a gamble to be honest. It's not like making apps for iphone or ipad where you know that someone will run across your product and it has all the opportunity to take off (in fact it's nothing like that at all. It's currently more like a novelty to keep people playing sc2). That much being said the SC2 editor is an amazing piece of work.

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    posted a message on Simple question regarding "Unit built at Building" trigger

    You could do it several ways. Should not be hard.

    Basic loop you would want:

    Trigger 1


    • Periodic(every few seconds or so)


    • none


    • For Each unit in Unit Group(A group of a particular building)
      • Create Marine at Picked Unit.
    • For Each unit in Unit Group(A group of another particular building)
      • Create Marauder at Picked Unit.

    Trigger 2


    • Unit enters region entire map


    • None


    • If
      • Building type is Barracks
        • Add building to Barracks Unit Group
    • Else If
      • Building type is Bunker
        • Add building to Bunker Unit Group

    Or you could use data to make it so that the building either creates a unit or is issued an order to train a unit and give the building the train ability. Using Effects (like issue order) and Behaviors (behavior buff with a period that calls the issue order).

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    posted a message on Third Person Over the Shoulder View.

    In the data editor modify the default camera or change the one used by your tileset.

    Mostly what you want to change is not the fields for the camera itself as much as the camera's Zoom Levels+. The Zoom levels are more than just the Zoom, they are the different camera states that change when you scroll the mouse wheel and can be used to change all the camera settings that move the camera around.

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    posted a message on Wiki - To Review Log

    Updated the Create Persistent to give more explanation about how periodic offsets work with respect to Orphan Parameters flag. http://www.sc2mapster.com/wiki/galaxy/data/effects/create-persistent/

    Data Editor GUI Article is really outdated. I might mess with it later if no one else does. It might be a while tho. Just saying. http://www.sc2mapster.com/wiki/galaxy/data/data-editor-gui/

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