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    The image is no longer available in the thread. Here's how to fix:

    Go into the unit's actor, choose field (Basic) Event: Events +

    Delete all the events for UnitDeathCustomize. You'll see entries like this:

    -ValidateUnit IsTerranUnit

    -IsStatus InAir1

    -DeathCustomize AntiGravTerran

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    posted a message on Has the Arcade gained momentum?
    Quote from Mozared: Go

    It's the fact that custom mapping has very little left to offer. WarCraft 3 custom mapping gave players the tools to create completely new things. StarCraft 2 custom mapping has given players the tools to make cool maps, but nothing that hasn't been done before. It's not anyone's fault - it's just the sad state of gaming.


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    posted a message on Anyone have access to the Chinese client?

    Hello everyone!

    I'm trying to find someone who has access to the Chinese client and map editor to help me publish my map in the China region. I have tried downloading the Chinese client on three different PCs and the game crashes when I launch the map editor on all three PCs.

    If anyone can successfully launch the map editor for China and would be willing to help me publish, I would be the most appreciative! I have my own China account, so it would work by having you log in to publish with my username and password. (And don't get any ideas... this is just a China-only account that I've only used to publish in China. I have a different account for publishing in the rest of the world.)

    Please please help me if you can!

    Thanks, Skrow

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    I need some serious help for a serious project! Let me start by saying that I have no experience with 3D models and I'm trying to do one small task for my next project. One and done!

    I need to convert a few models (about 4 or so) from a 3D Studio format, .max, to the SC2 format, .m3. What I would really like to do is go to turbosquid.com and purchase some pre-made models in .max format and get them rendered into SC2.

    So far, I have installed Autodesk 3D Studio 2011 and set up the StarTools beta. I've opened up a handful of free .max files that rendered successfully within 3D Studio, then I export them to .m3 format using StarTools. The script tells me that it was successful, but every time I try to import one of these converted .m3 files into the editor, the model is totally invisible like it can't be rendered. Does anyone have a clue why this is happening? Are there concerns about textures, file formats, or even the scale of the models that could cause this type of error? I would be the most appreciative if anyone could give me a suggestion that might help get this working.

    I've already spent a ton of time trying to get this working. If anyone has actual experience doing this type of conversion, I'd be happy to tip for your help. I'm offering $50 U.S. for a successful conversion of four models, and $15 U.S. for a serious but unsuccessful attempt.

    In addition, I have a link to download the StarTools beta in case anyone needs it and doesn't have it yet.

    Thanks in advance!

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    If you ever want to get real fancy with it, I recommend making a minimap ping at the start of the track. Then you can draw arrows on the minimap showing the path of the creeps. Blizzard does this in their campaign. You can open the campaign level from WoL with the Diamondback unit to see how it's done.

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    @Ahli634: Go

    Thanks, this is really helpful. Now I know how to fix it and prevent the actor from using the AntiGravTerran death animation.

    But... what exactly is the AntiGravTerran death? I'm not familiar with what "Death Custom" does in the actor events and I couldn't find an AntiGravTerran animation anywhere in the editor? Is it just nothing? What gives?

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    @SkrowFunk: Go

    After much testing, I was able to determine the problem:

    Any time you modify a unit's height using "Change Unit Height" trigger, when that unit dies it will have no death animation. This explains why the pre-placed units always worked. This issue can be very easily replicated, even in a brand new map file. As a sample of the bug, I have a map file attached that clearly demonstrates the bug.

    I'll open a thread on the Blizzard bug forum on Monday.

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    The 2.0.4 patch stormed through and broke many things with my map. The most perplexing issue is that some units (maybe about 25% of all custom unit actors) no longer have a death animation... They just disappear when they die. This seems to happen more commonly with flying units, but I have some flying units who still have death animations and a handful of ground units who are missing their death animation.

    I've tried re-copying the actor's "Combat: Death Effects" field from the original units, but it has had no impact. I have also tried setting the death animation to be a fresh copy of the original model (like using model "Overlord Death Copy"), again with no impact on the problem.

    Even more confusing is this: When I place one of these afflicted units on my terrain, so they exist at the time the map is loaded, these pre-placed units will successfully show the death animation. When that same unit has been spawned by a trigger after the start of the game, the spawned unit will NOT have the death animation.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem? Has anyone read about it or know of a fix?

    EDIT: Further testing- I deleted my original custom actor (based on an Overlord) and made a fresh duplicate of the default Overlord actor, then set the actor to my custom overlord unit. The unit with the new actor copy still has the exact same behavior: the death animation appears on the pre-placed unit but doesn't work on any trigger spawned units.

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    Does anyone know how to publish to China?

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    posted a message on How to publish to other regions in 2.0.4?

    This may be a ridiculously simple answer, but does anyone know how to actually publish a map to other regions?

    Prior to 2.0.4, I had a separate game client for each region and when I published my map using the editor from the respective client, it would publish the game to the associated region.

    Now, on battle.net it says the client is global and I'm no longer able to download clients from other regions. So this is good news, it means we can go to different realms using the same client.

    However I can't figure out how to actually publish my map to other regions. I have an option to publish to differ locales (esUS, esMX, esES, etc), but this is not the same thing as another region. There's only, like, 5 of them: NA, EU, SEA, Korea, and China.

    I'd greatly appreciate any advice on this new publishing system.


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    Since the last patch, all dialog item labels with color tags seem to ignore the color tagging. For example, I have a label that contains this text:

    <c val="FD605B">HARD</c>: For new players who are already skilled with tower defense

    The entire text appears as white, where it used to be that "HARD" was an orange-y color. Is there a way to resolve this? Is there new color tagging syntax? I know that I can change the color of a dialog item, but that doesn't help for when I want to have only one word appear as a different color.

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    @UB3RFR3NZY: Go

    I recommend trying to do this yourself. I spent some time looking for loading screen help, but found no one who cared enough to put in the time and effort I wanted to make it look good. So I learned how to do it myself.

    Download paint.net, create multiple layers. Bottom layer should be your background image, second layer should be your title. Poke around for some crazy fonts in windows and try using those (you can easily download new fonts and install them to windows for use within paint.net), or google how to do photoshop tutorials for titles and follow some step by step instructions.

    If you intended your background image to be custom art, you're not going to find anyone to make it for you (well) without a huge time commitment or a huge pay check. So, instead you should work on setting up a screen shot to use, set it up and screen capture it yourself. Or alternatively follow the previous poster's advice and look around on battle.net and deviant art for a close-enough background image.

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    On Thursday, December 20th 2012 at 9:45pm, I thought the apocalypse had come.

    At 9:30pm, the lights in my house started to dim and weaken, about 15 seconds later the power went out completely. It was a cloudy night, but there weren't any heavy winds or rain, so I wasn't expecting something like this to happen. I look out my front door towards my neighbors who have a massive christmas lights dispaly in their front yard, and now all I see is darkness. My dinner was still in the oven, no longer cooking, so I said to my wife "our street lost power, maybe we can go get some takeout."

    I look out my backyard where I have a few hundred feet of forest. During the winter when the trees are bare you can see through the woods and get a glimpse of lights from houses in another neighborhood that we are living against back-to-back. The people through the woods did not have power either, and the strange thing is that they live on another power grid, and in the three years I've lived here I have never seen those people lose power as the same time as I have. I went outside and could not see the nearby city lights on the horizon.

    This was a huge power outage.

    I went inside and locked the doors. As I made the rounds through my house, lighting every candle and finding all of my flashlights, I heard increasing number of sirens from emergency vehicles in the distance.

    Roughly 15 minutes after the power outage began, I was looking out a window towards my backyard. Gazing into the darkness, I suddenly saw l lightning on the horizon. It was a cloudy night so the lightning filled the entire sky, kind of like heat lightning in the summer. Also the lighting was green. And it kept going. For 10 full seconds, the lighting was flashing green through the sky longer than any lightning I've ever seen. Was this a transformer exploding? Was this the northern lights? Is someone setting off fireworks? The lights continued in the sky for another 30 seconds; it was clear that this was not lightning and I had no explanation for it. The lights got brighter and changed color, now the lightning was showing flashes of blue, green, white, and red. A minute went by with these lights still going, filling the entire sky. I said out loud "holy shit, is this 2012 end of the world? is it really happening?".

    After a minute the lights stopped and everything was dark again, I continued to hear sirens in the distance. I went to find my cell phone to call my parents. I had no service. Is something terrible actually happening? Is the world ending? I couldn't explain any of it. My thoughts turned to fantasies about a foreign powers starting a war or an alien race attacking. If I was an alien race attacking earth, I would instantly cut off all power and communications, then bomb all major cities. Quick and easy, no more Earth.

    I was hoping that I would be able to laugh it off in the morning, and this was totally no big deal. I spent the next hour wondering "what if this is really it". This is kind of how the movies show the end of the world. The characters will laugh it off as no big deal, and as the viewer you can appreciate the dramatic irony that the characters are in deep trouble. "LOL, THAT'S NOT AN EARTHQUAKE WILL SMITH!"

    I was overcome with anxiety. I filled our bathtub with water, and also filled every large bowl of water in our house. I did an inventory of all of my canned food supplies. What if I could never go to the grocery store again? How much gas is in my car? Will I ever see my family again?

    Well, the world didn't end. I spent about an hour living a very realistic apocalypse fantasy. It turns out there was a massive fire at a power substation. Even with the explanation the lights in the sky were still terrifying, especially with all of the Mayan end-of-the-world talk. Here's a youtube video that someone captured of the event.

    I'm very glad the world didn't end, but I can also now appreciate the stress and terror from knowing it's possible that the end of the world is actually happening.

    Have a happy 22nd of December and a wonderful holiday! I'll be back in 2013!

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    posted a message on December 21st

    @SolidSC: Go

    I wish we had an epilogue on this guy. I tried googling him and found nothing interesting.

    I hope he's dead now. What an idiot.

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    posted a message on December 21st

    Taking this topic to a less happy place...

    Quote from TheZizz: Go

    My only concern is it becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    After the events in Connecticut, it seems like it would be very easy for a few nutjobs to get wrapped up in the end of the world stuff and do something regrettable. I'm staying home and locking the doors all day, although that's pretty much what I do every day.

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