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    Quote from DrSuperEvil >>

    The 2 years industrial experience and 1 shipped title would exclude a large number of those talents. 

    I'm currently going through the job interview process with them and I have no prior experience nor any shipped titles...hell I haven't even released a custom game. If your work is clearly something they believe is good, then they'll give you a shot. There's nothing wrong with applying and failing to even get a call. It shows you where you are at and that you need to get better or that maybe you just applied at a time that your talent wasn't needed for what they wanted. If you truly believe that you could fill the position... then apply. The worst that can happen is that they'll turn you down.

    I have applied 3 separate times and failed on the last 2 times to even get a response. This time after taking steps to get better I had applied as a Senior Level Designer at the bequest of their Lead Environmental Artist. Two days later there was an associate position open and I got an email for an interview. You never know what will happen, put yourself out there and see what happens. Even if I fail this round again, I'll be that much closer to knowing where I need to be.
    Edit: Also, NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK...knowing people in the right places can make worlds of a difference.
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     I liked the Jarban Minor doodads with this texture set. I switched out the rock texture for the port city 6 texture as well. I used the description of Antiga Prime and looked back at the Starcraft 1 Maps as my guide.

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    First time doing one of these, figured I'd give it a shot. Spent a few hours screwing around with the nova doodads and this is what I came up with.

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