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    posted a message on Photon Cycles, a luminous lightbikes map

    Boundary Death: x made some pancake.
    Double Suicide: x and y are united for eternity. x and y both lost at chicken.

    Here are some pics from the one game I played. D:


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    posted a message on Spawn Units between random points not in a straight line?

    Get the angle and distance between 2 points, then do a polar offset from point 1 towards point 2 with the angle you got and random distance between 0 and the distance between the points.
    If you want a minimum distance to both points you can easily check the random value of distance and get a new value if its not right or:
    1) substract 2 * mindistance from distance between points
    2) get random value between 0 and new distance between points
    3) add mindistance

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    posted a message on Start listing things that annoy you about the editor and I'll give to Blizzard

    -Lets us create new local variables in the function/variable/value selection window.

    -Hire geX and make Andromeda an official part of the editor.

    And the classics:

    -Let EU and US play together
    -WC3 like gamelist

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    posted a message on [Minigame] Shadowplay

    Simple minigame, guess the unit by its shadow. First one to guess 15 units correctly wins. Includes most of the units from campaign.

    Requires shaders set to high.

    For 1-14 players, live on EU under Shadowplay.



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    posted a message on Creep Question

    Global: Position of unit Can be saved in custom value to make it work for multi units

    Event: Periodic Event
    -Create with timed life/move invisible unit with the Overlrods generate creep behaviour at the saved position.
    -Save new position of the unit.

    Use multiple position if the creep trail leaves holes:
    pos1 = pos2
    pos2 = pos3
    pos3 = position of unit

    To make creep stay:
    Data editor: Category Gameplay Data -> Creep Decay Time

    To remove the complete creep: Just open the trigger actions and enter creep in the search box to find what you need:

    Environment - Remove Normal creep at (Position of (Triggering unit)), with radius 524288.0

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    posted a message on Timer periodic event lagging on some computers

    No slowdowns over time, even after 20 minutes. No Trigger Debug window.

    Phenom 9950 Quad Core

    4 GB Ram

    ATI Radeon HD 4870

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    posted a message on Inspiration?

    Exactly, 47% of the maps have their origin in Starcraft, 47% have their origin in Warcraft 3 and 6% are unique minigames or games which use the new possibilities of the Galaxy Editor.

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    posted a message on [Tutorial] Lagless WASD System using Data Editor

    Just create a demo map where you move one unit directly with abilities, while at the same time a trigger catches the key presses and moves a second unit parallel to the first. Then add some slots and upload it on bnet, so everyone can test and compare the different systems effectively. Bonuspoints for a video of said map with multiple players testing at the same time.

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    posted a message on Boomerangers

    Up to 8 players fight against each other with their boomerang, support skills and powerups. Arena style, FFA.

    Heres a video of it, I guess thats conveys the gameplay best except playing it yourself. :P

    Its live on EU and should soon be published on NA.

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    posted a message on NativeLib Functions

    I extrated the function list for the native library from the latest patch: Versions\Base15343\patch.SC2Archive
    Mods\Core.SC2Mod\Base.SC2Data\TriggerLibs\nativeLib.galaxy. Its all the non-native functions we have availible in the editor. Handy as reference for custom code.


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