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    posted a message on [solved]Play and Import Cinematic movie.

    play cinematics in editor


    Maybe this will help you Cinematic player. Not sure if it still works.

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    posted a message on [Trigger] Need Help with Free for ALL

    In Game for people that particepated tournament/became 1, 2, 3.

    *will be devided first among the two teams.

    Then the people with less then 100 games will be split over the two teams.

    *Based on amount of games.

    Then the people with 100> will be split over the two teams.

    *Based on winratio.


    What do you think? 

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    posted a message on [Trigger] Need Help with Free for ALL

    At the moment I am just discussing it. To see what you guys think.


    Currently in Star Battle games, the persons after Ship selecting, can upgrade and move out. The better people move out (to dont lose the motion it needs to start moving) and then just upgrade speed and range (most common), while you still are in range of building that hold the upgrades. New persons fly out sometimes aswell skip the speed upgrades (so they never reach that certain line in the set ammount of time that is determined). So you can check by 1 game, I believe if the person understands more or less the game. it was only a example, to spot a player who smurf. Ofcourse I know how the systems are working of bankfiles in the real Moba games, and that in this one you always can cheat your rating up by just keep refreshing bankfiles after each match. 


    The banksystem got currently stars, (build in game): 

    for the people who plays tournaments.


    So with that system, you can already split the teams more equal, then now is the case.


    FFA at the moment, 6v6: Every person got a rating (0/+32) you can earn each match or lose.

    With the current system FFA is based to make the rating as equal as possible so it checks everyone ratings in total and put the teams so the rating will be close to a (16+/16-) match.

    - Where the new people (0-5 games) don't count for a player.

    - So it can be 16+/16+ and you can have (3 new people) so in real your total rating of your team is just divided by 3 then by 6 members.

    You think:

    -Tournament players, who got the experience should be evenly split just like the new members,  To make a match more even based on skill, instead of rating?

    What kind of other system you can think off to determine the smurf account people in the 1st/2nd game? 


    To have more joy, or you think different?



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    posted a message on [SC2mod]Blizzard Enforcement: Rise is now operational (March. 10th update)

    Yea such good arcade games, should earn the spotlight of Blizzard.

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    posted a message on [Trigger] Need Help with Free for ALL

    Amount of games:

    0-50 . 1
    51-250 .. 2
    251-500 ... 3
    501-1000 .... 4
    1001-2000 ..... 5
    2001-4000 ...... 6
    4001>>      ....... 7


    Tourny Players recieve extra points:

    Gold star ..... +5 

    Silver star ... +3

    Brons star .. +2

    Particepation .          +0.5

                             ...        + 1

                             =>.....  +1.5


    System first checks,

    the amount of total points of all players together.

    the amount of points of each player seperate.

    After that checks the winratio for people with the same score, give them letter L 'Low' or letter H 'High'

    For example 3 persons same score, then two H, H and one L are given.

    The persons with stars will be equally split (if only 3 players with stars the Highest star go alone).

    The persons below 50 games are equally split (if for example 3, then the one with the higher winratio in total as team get the last Low tier player).

    Then the rest will be split trying to get as close as possible to the total points/2 as possible.


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    posted a message on [Trigger] Need Help with Free for ALL

    Thing is in this arcade map, people love to see their stats and want to say thats me, look at me with the highrating at the moment.

    With the current FFA/system:

    -Its based on rating to make a match equal as close to (16+/16+).

    -New acounts doesnt work on the rating, they need first to play 5 games.


    Yea I get your point, that it doesnt matter you always can create a new account or delete your bankfile.

    Those people in the end get tired, yea they can win the first few matches (but then they start losing, because the matches will start getting evenly matched) good games in the long run I hope gonna happen.


    The smurf accounts (what at the moment is  a rare case, among the arcade games) if that happens more often. Then we need to improve the system to track the first 20 secconds of the game (how fast they pick ship, upgrade with hotkeys and how fast they move out).

    * For example if they cross a certain line, in a certain time.

    (you know that they then know the system).

    Then after the first match, where he is low rated because 30%.

    it will be counted as 2 times, the usualy rating so in real its arround 60% for the rest of the 10-20 matches.


    You know if this gonna take to much trigger? I mean only the first line of code (not the smurf tracking adition).



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    posted a message on SC2 Mapster Upgrade Discussion Thread

    Its funny, that most people excuse the White background. Normally that wouldnt hurt a thing. Its not nice, but its not the main thing that need to be fixed. Instead of saying the one thing over and over again try to help to make the site fully functional again. 



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    posted a message on [Trigger] Need Help with Free for ALL

    Yea I know what you mean, but we now got the thing happening (where player modify their rating, and refresh them at all time) so lobbies are not equaly matched. This system what I thought off would only be happing in FFA, not in the 6v6 team based lobbies of Star Battle. In the end people will lose their interest of modifying bankfiles, because they never can win a FFA (that is what I think. Because their winratio is to high, so they stop or just playing normal stacked teams in 6v6 match.


    Banksystem currently, affects ammount of games, winratio, at which ship you played and the amount of wins on each seperate ship.


    Maybe you can help even of a better system? 

    Where modifying game files to get high rating, will in the end up losing more games (so in the end they get tired of doing the same thing over and over again).


    I thought of a system like Heroes of the Storm, Hero league (solo play) in SC it's called FFA.

    Their they got a system, you play 15 matches and then you get to a certain league. Most people think they can earn better (they try to boost themself, or let a higher tier person boost them for them (make it more diffecult for them) and after that boost to  a certain league they only lose because they got to high MMR instead of their real MMR. In SC that means they need to modify every match so in the end it will be really borring because you only lose.





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    posted a message on [Trigger] Need Help with Free for ALL

    How to make Free for All, based on ammount of games / win ratio ?


    * People who first play 20 games are split even over both teams [count as winratio 20; 0-4 wins, 30 5-9 wins, 40 10-15, 15-20 wins ratio 50].

    * The rest will be split based on the winratio.

    * If winratio is the same then it is based on the ammount of games.


    Can someone help me or got a tip how to make this?


    Thanks in regards,




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    posted a message on Using Advanced Ping in custom maps.

    Is it posible to use the panel and add something new to it? or Should you just custom make the whole panel yourself?



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    posted a message on Blizz is making a co-op contest with huge prizes!

    it would be sweet if tsomeone of SC2mapster will make video's and after the Co-up mission ended. You can use it as a tutorial for new player: How to make a map.  

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    posted a message on [Showcase] NanaKey&Delphinium's Models
    Quote from DrSuperEvil >>

    Surprised blizzard allows micro transactions for non blizzard stuff.


    By the way is there a feedback thread for your map?   I have noticed a few bugs/balance requirements in the English version.


    In the thread of NA: you can see the current contact mail: [email protected].


    Or use the Thread link I just posted.

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    posted a message on [Showcase] NanaKey&Delphinium's Models

    Hi Delphinium, 


    What is Blizzard statement about this kind of stuff. Or will they say anything that is made in editor can be used by everyone.

    They should else set new rules about it. 


    Hope you wont quit the scene, because of these Thiefs, stole work. People eventually will find out its not their work.

    Blizzard should make a department for this kind of stuff.





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    posted a message on SC2 Mapster Upgrade Discussion Thread

    I dont know if this already listed:

    I miss the list: of active thread, + when someone posted. ''Threat name + who post, when he/she posted.

    -So people who just post, and people that want to help them out dont have to search a specific area of the website.


    Make a system: You can see the projects you are interested in at the Home screen. Instead of populair Map/Projects.

    (Can change in profile settings)

    You get your own: Maps you support their creativity by a thumbs up, and then when their is post something New by the owner in that project you get a Sign. The owners of the projects know then people support his creativity:D 


    For New people show: the best Supported projects by the current, system thumbs up.





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    posted a message on Blizz is making a co-op contest with huge prizes!

    Maybe in the : end, we can make a Serie for the arcade, with all the maps.


    I think Blizzard only allow to use it one time.

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