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    posted a message on SCBW Sounds (or .wav)

    In reply to XLIIVI:

    I am having a hard time understanding your question. Are you looking for Starcraft: Broodwar sound files?

    I have a big folder of all the Starcraft 1 sound files if you want it?
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    posted a message on Zelda Breath of the Wild

    I only logged here to find a thread I wrote about map ideas. One of the map ideas was about a Mass Effect kind of map. I wanted to post it elsewhere but i bumped into this thread...

    Breath of the wild is AMAZING AND I CAN PLAY IT AT WORK!

    Quote from MaskedImposter »

    So i'm doing a playthrough of not looking at strategy guides at all and just casually exploring around. Its interesting on what abilities/skills you acquire that was meant to be later on and vice versa. For example, I had a theory that if you collect like 100 korok seeds then the Deku tree will reward you for something but then just YESTURDAY I Found that stupid Hetsu.... So this whole time, I THOUGHT that buying that EXPENSIVE house is the only way to have more item slots! OMG

    Guardian shield ++
    Guardian axe ++
    Guardian sword +

    Another thing is that, I kept stocking up many heat-resistant items to make lots of heat elixirs and health potions because going to Death mountain i kept dying and my stuff kept catching on fire. Finally, I just discovered there were fire cloths you can buy >.<
    Another thing is that, I kept stocking up many chillrooms and endurance potions/food so i can climb Mount Lanayru and kill that dragon but then I realized Theres the sky outfit AND theres a PATH going to the dragon LOL

    Tip: Walk the paths! They will naturally progress you through the game. Don't just paraglide all around LOL (but still fun).

    Things i'm trying to figure out right now:
    - Theres a Korok on top of the deku tree, he says something like, "This scale will zap you it is a ... fish". And I haven't seen any thunder fishes before. I'm thinking its going to be on the West side where its always raining or that Tower where its surrounded by water and thunder enemies 

    - Theres a Zora puzzle about finding the Zora helmet. "in the ruins near _ _ _ _ lake" and theres Toto lake with ruins and i don't see it and theres other 4 letter lakes nearby but i've explored them.
    - I'm also trying to find the helmet for the rubber resistance. I forgot how I got the outfit and the shoes, I think one of them was on a random shrine and another I bought at a store so i'm guessing there is a helmet out there for the complete set.
    - I am thinking there are more than 2 Fairy fountains. I also found a fairy horse fountain. I can't seem to find it.
    - theres this one shrine puzzle where you have to mount a Male Deer but no matter how many endurance elixirs i drink, those deers keep knocking me off. I know im doing the right male deers.

    - Theres this Yiga clan place and I think i found the entrance but theres nothing for me to do. I know there is a door somewhere in this circular room and i know you're suppose to place an item in the middle but i don't think i have the right one.

    So yea, no spoilers, gonna log off now.

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    posted a message on Leaving SC2mapster

    Is there a way to delete my account for this website? I don't really play SC2 anymore or map edit.

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    posted a message on Recommended games to play

    Anyone play H1Z1? i was watching a steamer play and it looks really fun! I might buy it.


    Edit: i realize there is 2 versions? the king of the hill one and the normal zombie one. I'm talking about the King of the hill one.

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    posted a message on Starcraft 3 - Mapmaker Needed.

    Heroes can work out. It worked out on Warcraft 3.


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    posted a message on is down is down, I did not bail on you!
    @TerraAzure, please email me to continue our conversation.

    We're currently investigating an issue preventing login to the App or Site. Thank you for your patience.

    — BlizzardCS (@BlizzardCS) February 16, 2017
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    posted a message on Recommended games to play

    I like the atmosphere and the assets and detail. I feel impressed in feudal japan

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    posted a message on Helping with mediation?

    i don't want to say outloud, I can PM you.

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    posted a message on Helping with mediation?

    Oh no, I don't know that person.

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    posted a message on Helping with mediation?

    Does any staff members or other SC2mapster members participate in any mediation?

    I am currently in a heated PM conversation with a fellow sc2mapster. I am getting extremely frustrated and I have lost my patience long time ago. I realized I'm a hypocrite now because I've always talked about practicing being professional, courteous and punctual. Now I've sent messages with bold, red, high-size CAP letters (and i regret it).

    I am the only one acting like a little girl and now it is at the point where the recipient is taking advantage of this and using my compromised emotional comments to continue attacking me.

    I could use some help to convey my message as English is not my native language as well. It will also be helpful having an unbiased 3rd party to provide additional support. Who knows maybe I really am getting frustrated for nothing.  I don't really want to use voice chat because I get made fun of my accent since back in the community.

    Note: This is not a matter of discussing politics or religion or engaging in a controversial topics.

    This is about trying to clarify a conversation, a conversation about talking about a Starcraft 2 map. I'm trying to provide reasoning and purpose to what I said as everything I have said to this person in the past has been taken very differently and in a way that is very hurtful to me.

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    posted a message on SC2 Mapster Upgrade Discussion Thread

    What does C.Y.A mean?

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    posted a message on SC2 Mapster Upgrade Discussion Thread

    To @DrSuperEvil. I just figured out that my browser setting was blocking me from viewing the wiki... for a long time actually! I see that our Wiki has already been transferred to Gamepedia. Sorry for the confusion...


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    posted a message on [Help] Understanding how all of this holds together

    Thank you for the explanation, especially the lovely chart :P


    I've realized that my adblocks were blocking the wiki the whole time; I thought it was broken and wasn't fix.


    Looks like the wiki is now the gamepedia site. What can i do to help with wiki, any grunt work?

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    posted a message on SC2 Mapster Upgrade Discussion Thread
    Quote from wargirlwargirl >>


    me too lol. Everyday can be Christmas to me :)

    Quote from zeldarules28 »
    I haven't posted here in a while, but I just wanted to drop in

    Welcome back! Thanks for posting :) I just want to say that even though we've haven't had any direct conversations, your funny avatar has always puts a smile on me for many years.

    Quote from DrSuperEvil »
    I question the validity of the first half of post #149...

    That was my way of trying to provide more objective reasons why users are complaining instead of saying, "I just don't like it, its different and its too bright". My understanding is that current background contrasts to all the other places users are visiting that is mapping related. I am going to edit that section to explain that it is my interpretation.

    Quote from DrSuperEvil »
    So why to we need a page between the home page and the forums???

    Actually, I don't want it either!!!
    This is a preemptive strike to Mrflamegoat because I have a feeling that any feedback regarding requesting adding features he will simply say, "Curse does not have any plans to add any additional features to SC2mapster at this time, we can't can't physically add anything else and the only possible kind of changes we can provide are fixing bugs. Curse staff has decided to make CurseFORGE sites be ENTERPRISED, meaning all the code of all sites will be the same. The benefit is that managing all these sites will be centralized and identifying/fixing bugs will happen across all CurseFORGE sites. In fact, the design of the new CurseFORGE sites have been finalized and locked long time ago and we've actually been working day and night upgrading each CurseFORGE site. SC2mapster when it was made it was one-of-a-kind and it was not upgrade ready. Although we won't be able to make specific additions to the SC2mapster, we would certainly be able to create big-picture changes that affects all CurseFORGE sites.
    So that got me thinking that any features requested from scratch would be a big no. That is when I created a series of what-if scenarios that is the introduction to my requests. Because if those what-if were applied, I can supply feature requests that can be easily implemented.
    What if stage 1: start communicating with Minecraft staff
    What if stage 2: Curse Inc will create a project called the: "CurseFORGE Xenforo upgrade" where they will reassign Minecraft dev staff to work with Mrflamegoat and other employees working on CurseFORGE to replace the forum. Since the CurseFORGE is now centralized, each CurseFORGE site will benefit. 
    What if stage 3: With the loss of Curse minecraft staff,we can equalize the change by making some Curse employees help out with the Minecraft data. We can call it a "Curse career opportunity" and it will give Curse employees the opportunity to practice and gain experience to other Curse work. Curse minecraft employees that are not part of the "Xenforo upgrade" project and became a temporary team-leader and oversee a handful of employees across all offices to get their feet wet with working with Minecraft data responsibilities.
    What if stage 4: Tweak and refine the CurseFORGE system so that it is both a centralized system as well as giving it abilities to change features separately on different sites.

    With all these conditions met (yes i know its far-fetched), then implementing the below features will work. The features asked are simply plugins/features already found in the default Xenforo system.

    What I'm going to do DrSuperEvil is I'm going to rewrite that section so it explains why chosen suggestions.

    Quote from DrSuperEvil »
    Lets just stick with wiki since there is already a tutorials list in the wiki.

    Its a misunderstanding here, if putting back the wiki function becomes a challenges for whatever reason, then we can transfer our data to use Gamepedia, Curse's centralized wikipedia.

    DrSuperEvil, I'll rewrite it that section.

    Quote from DrSuperEvil »
    What the hell is Pastebin?

    Thank you for pointing that out, it looks like in this case I forgot that sentence. It doesn't make sense because i've changed the related picture.
    Pastebin is like... creating a block of information and saving it as a public link...probably a bad explanation. I don't really use it but I figured some users would want it since its in I decided to remove that. Hey Hive users, what is the use of Pastbin? I'm assuming its like Hive's own

    Quote from DrSuperEvil »
    Or you could just open a new window and go to youtube directly and listen to stuff in the background.[Quote]
    The point of that feature is listening to it live together and a way of sharing what songs we like to listen to. We can also have specific DJ schedule. I thought the social tab is obviously a fun low-priority suggestion but I guess ill have to point that out.
    [Quote=DrSuperEvil] I strongly disagree with your proposed forum restructuring scheme.

    Thank you for pointing that out, looks like a paragraph is missing, I will have to rewrite it.  It explained that the suggestions is downright biased and subjective as I only visit the top portions and I ended that section with asking how others would change the forums.  So DrSuperEvil, if you were to make an update list on the forum thread, what would that be?
    Quote from DrSuperEvil »
    so how would this wiki be different

    again, just if the wiki rebuild becomes a challenge, then we have an easy alternative site to get Curse's blessing because Gamepedia is run by Curse. (By the way, "Curse's Blessing" sounds like a cool name)

    Anyway, isn't all wiki sites the same SC2mapster, wikipedia, wikia, gamepedia? What you think Drsuperevil? Are there different wiki functions on gamepedia? You can use this as an example:

    Quote from GlornII »
    [Though I do not agree with all of the suggestions, it was a very good presentation, and clearly communicates some major themes of this community.  If the verdict comes back "Not really" we will get a better idea where we stand; and the level we may be able to alter things.
    THANK YOU :'(

    Sure, its easy for y'all to quickly type "I disagree with that"... It took me a long time to write that report and I feel like I brought a lot of new content to the discussion.
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    posted a message on IXS Productions - Recruitment


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