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    I am currently watching Your lie in April

    The plot is light hearted and a bit teeny bopper (like most anime) but...being a musician, im biased towards anything that has good music. I appreciate this work especially because the animation on the fingers when the characters play the instrument is correct.

    One of my pet peeves when watching a movie or TV Show is that the actors/actresses are trying their best to imitate. Whenever I see that, it looks like I'm watching a horribly dubbed old asian movie. When I see that,I have to look away... its that bad lol

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    @ksnumedia: Go

    Hows the project going? The lego models look great, especially this one: https://www.sc2mapster.com/thumbman/attachments/63/347/180x112/image.png.-m1.png

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    @HGWU: Go

    Curious, @HGWU did your friend fix it?

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    Oh theres a Faeria post!

    This is the pictures I made for my other post. I thought I'd put it here too just in case anyone would want to try out Faeria.
    Description: Faeria is a card/tabletop video game made by Abrakam SA. It combines the core values of Strategy Card Games together with a Living Board, giving you the ability to shape the board as you play to create strategies. Each game of Faeria is not only unique, beautiful and fast-paced but also highly competitive with upcoming features such as an observer mode and integrated tournaments.

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    " The Scottish and Welsh governments will be allowed to intervene in the upcoming Supreme Court case to decide how Britain will begin negotiations to leave the European Union, the court said Friday.

    Judges are set to hear the Conservative government's appeal against an earlier ruling that parliament must approve the triggering of Article 50 of the EU's Lisbon Treaty, which begins formal exit talks.

    British Prime Minister Theresa May wants to trigger the start of the process by the end of March, but requiring approval by parliament could delay the process.

    While Britain as a whole voted to leave the EU in the June 23 referendum, Scotland voted strongly for it to remain in the bloc.

    From December 5, 11 judges will hear four days of arguments from the British government and the claimants who brought the case, as well as representatives from the devolved governments in Scotland and Wales."
    Source: http://img-s-msn-com.akamaized.net/tenant/amp/entityid/AAksuFq.img?h=475&w=728&m=6&q=60&o=f&l=f

    We have some users from the U.K, I was wondering, what is your opinion on the matter.

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    @DOOMEDEARTH: Go http://i.imgur.com/R4l0kMK.png
    Again, Congrats DrSuperEvil on your help. Whenever I see his post, theres an automatic feeling of being... relived because its usually the answer to a question or a resolution to an issue.

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    @ArcaneDurandel: Go

    Quote from ArcaneDurandel: Go

    Graduated a little over a year ago. But then again, took much longer in college. Ultimately worked out for the best,

    Same, its been over 10 years ago and i've spent my time equally playing video games and studying for a chemistry lab. Its weird to remember that hyper kid who would say so many annoying things (i'm looking at you Taintedwisp). He probably graduated, has a job... being normal.

    Anyway, good luck in Rice University! don't let games distract you like I did, otherwise you'll find yourself scrambling to retake classes and argue with Admissions like I did...

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    posted a message on I am new here :)
    Quote from tweakimp: Go

    what is possible when a machine takes over

    Belated Welcome to SC2mapster!
    Did you have any more questions on learning A.I?

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    @willuwontu: Go

    Wow, I feel so old.. its been over 10 years since my last college C class.

    This is the old book I used for learning C. Around page 650 are some good explanations about classes.

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    Quote from Zolden: Go

    Scorched Earth remake.

    Thats pretty cool. I've tinkered with unity before. So to clarify, are you working on a Unity project or just having fun messing around?

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    @DOOMEDEARTH: Go I have no idea what you said, but it sounded like you want some websites that have gifs.

    I have seen lots of people posting on https://gfycat.com/ lately.
    I also like to goto www.deviantart.com, mostly images but there are a few collection of gifs from authors.

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    @CrossingAHugeRubicon: Go

    I recently discovered the SC2 official tutorials, they're really well done and visually clean.

    Speaking of map tutorials, I'd like to give a shoutout to OneTwo for making those awesome youtube SC2 tutorials back in the day. My old laptop bookmark bars was nothing but SC2 tutorials back in 2010 and i've learned a lot since then. This was when I had my Windows XP 2GB laptop. I could barely play SC2 but I was able to open up the map editor. I had to stay away from data editor because my laptop would freeze lol.

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    @Tehwildcard: Go

    Yes Ice banelings! Question, are you going to put it on Steam greenlight (I dunno how that works).

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    posted a message on Overwatch Free November 18 - 21. Free tour from Queen!

    @OutsiderXE: Go

    have you tried out Sombra yet or the new game modes?

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    Free Overwatch

    Embed Removed: https://www.youtube.com/v/IBIwGKDwnWY?fs=1

    Overwatch is free to play from November 18 - 21

    If anyone is interested in trying out the game, I am offering an "introduction tour" of Overwatch. During the tour, we will:

    • Queue up together and jump into the game learning the controls.
    • Try out the different heroes and their abilities in a training environment.
    • We will walk around the different maps and check out the scenic views and understand how the maps is played.
    • Practice live matches by teaming up and playing against easy A.I.
    • We can tryout the other game modes together such as - random hero mode, 3v3 mode, brawl mode.
    • If comfortable, we can team up and play a real match against other people
    • If you are REALLY comfortable, and you've been playing for at least 10 hours, we can jump into the serious Ranked match.

    If I played Overwatch during the weekend, do I get to keep Overwatch forever?

    No, it is just free to play over the weekend if you haven't bought it yet.

    Once the weekend is over, will my Overwatch Account be erased?

    No, you keep your Overwatch account. You keep your EXP, levels, loot boxes, emotes, sprays, skins, etc.

    How do I install?

    Download the battle.net installer: http://us.battle.net/en/app


    Click on the Overwatch icon on the left and click on Install blue button

    Once you have installed, choose the region you want to play in and click play. Note, anyone can play in any region.

    Okay, i'm ready to try out Overwatch for Free

    http://i.imgur.com/O4zV8LM.png Add me on Battle.net, my screen name: QueenGambit#1570 If you have any installation issues or need help navigating, post here. You can also add me and PM me via battle.net.

    OMG Overwatch is amazing, how much is it?

    Overwatch is on sale $34.99. That offer is available until November 28, 2016. https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/buy/

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