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    posted a message on Templar's Bounty (Formerly known as Turn-based Combat Game)

    @Zolden: Go

    The global movement is unfortunately not very amazing. You basically move your hero around in real time and engage enemies by attacking them or by getting spotted by them. Ideally i'd want the movement to be similar to the movement system from Heroes of might and magic, but that's easier said than done :P.

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    @Trieva: Go

    Thanks for your comment, I had forgotten all about uploading the map to mapster xD. It's available for download now on the project page for people without EU accounts.

    I tried Squadcraft briefly a couple of months back, and though i never got to play through it all i definitely liked the concept a lot. It's always nice to see other people creating turn-based strategy games, as these seem relatively rare these days :).

    @Domper: Go

    Kind words are always appreciated :3.

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    Development History:

    About 3 years ago I started a project here on sc2mapster called “Turn based Combat game”, which was an attempt to create a game reminiscent of King’s bounty and the Heroes of Might and Magic series. About 2 years ago I released the first public version of the map, but at that point the only thing you could do was play against the AI in a preset battle scenario. Basically, it wasn’t much of a game, but more like a combat system demonstration.

    Since then, progress has been very slow, and I constantly wanted to add more and more features before I felt the map was ready to be released. Nevertheless, I’ve finally ended up with something more than just a system demonstration (at least I like to think so), so I’ve decided to release the map.


    Like I mentioned before, the gameplay is heavily inspired by the Heroes of Might and Magic series and King’s Bounty. Most of my time has been dedicated to the combat system itself, so outside combat the game is relatively simple and straightforward.

    Templar’s Bounty is basically a single-player game where you walk around with your hero and a party of up to 5 different unit types, encountering randomly generated enemy parties and buying new troops as you level up/lose troops.

    Combat is enacted on hexagon-grid battlefield where units take turns performing various actions such as moving, attacking or using abilities. Your hero is also able to contribute by increasing the strength of your troops and casting spells. Below is a video showcasing a battle:

    Embed Removed:

    So anyway, I hope you feel like trying the map and I look forward to hearing your thoughts about it. It is currently published on Europe.

    Project Page Link:

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    posted a message on 12 maps giveaway Part 2/2

    Awesome terrain, definitely something useful for people who lack terraining skills (like myself). I will make sure to keep this in mind when i'm far enough with my project.

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    posted a message on [HERO ARENA] Smashcraft - Public Beta

    Definitely deserves to be on page 1 of the popularity list. Very well made!

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    Sorry for the slow update(and for bumping a kinda old thread), it took a lot longer time than i had expected.

    As requested, the map has been uploaded.

    Changes from earlier versions are:

    • A lot of system optimizations.
    • New Units: Reaper, Ultralisk, High Templar and Stalker.
    • New Abilities and talents: Psi storm, Zealous attack, Hit and Run.
    • When attacking a unit, the damage dealt and the amount of creatures killed will be displayed as floating text.
    • And some other minor changes that i can't remember.

    I'll try to keep you all updated on the project page. Also, a new video is coming up soon.

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    I apologize for not having responded to anything in this thread recently, and my only reason for not doing so is pure laziness xD

    I've read through the comments and looked up a lot of the games that have been mentioned, and i'm trying to get ideas from them. There have been some very good suggestions and i'll do my best to make use of them. I'll quickly respond to a few of them:

    A couple of you suggested adding heroes, and this will without a doubt be implemented. They're gonna work pretty much like they do in HoMM, as in they grant bonuses to your troops and cast spells. Trees and other obstacles will also be added to the battlefield(s) to make them more interesting.

    Some progress update stuff:

    I've added a couple of more units, but i still need to make their abilities. I've mostly been working on making abilities easier for me to add and generally optimized the system to be easier to use (it is still terribly, terribly messy though)

    I'm hoping to have added the hero system and to finish the above systems within about a week. I'm also planning to release a demo at that time. If you wish to use the system in your own map(when i release the demo) you can do so(as long as you give credits), but i warn you, the trigger work is a mess, and not very userfriendly :).

    And of course, if you still have more ideas or even some questions, then post it here!

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    posted a message on e_arrayIndexOverflow error

    Array index overflow means that you somewhere exceed the size of an array variable. For example if you have an array called Units[] with a size of 10, and you try to set Units[27] to a value, it will give an error, because the array is not big enough.

    In short, you probably need to increase the size of some array you are using or check your trigger for flaws that could cause the array to exceed it's size.

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    Quote from Aenigma: Go

    May I suggest doing a Turn-order display like in HoMM5. Knowing in which order each unit is going is so important. Looks insanely good. I love it.

    Good idea! Sounds like a cool and useful feature to have. I'll put it on my mental checklist.

    Quote from Timthetoolman: Go

    How about implementing a card game set up on top of this? Set up the units as cards and "summon" them onto the field over the course of the fight. Put the player as a nonmoving unit on one side of the field that casts these units and special abilities. Killing the player wins you the battle.

    I think that's a pretty cool idea actually. I to be honest think it's a game mode that will be a bit harder to implement because the constant stream of units will affect balance a lot, but it's definitly something that i could consider adding (although probably not as the first game mode).

    And again, thanks to all of you for your comments, i really appreciate your suggestions/nice words. Do come with moar! :P

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    Quote from dra6o0n: Go

    Putting a High Templar in there and giving no offensive melee/ranged attack will make it useful for the AoE abilities maybe.

    Maybe when a caster wants to cast a spell, it needs to take a number of turns, which is a number of unit before it's next turn. But that's a FF Tactics idea so it might not work...

    Interesting idea. My current idea is basically to have the high templar be a not-so-strong ranged attacker, who relies on his abilities, like psi storm, but i hadn't thought about the abilities using a "charge up" mechanic... hmm... Could make some interesting elements to the game if some abilities take more than one round to prepare/cast/whatever. Definitely something i'll consider using.

    Quote from Sephiex: Go

    You could make a map system in which armies are represented by units, and you navigate them (Turn-based, of course) and when a battle commences it shows a battle scene like the one you demonstrated. Something similar to say...Fire Emblem, I suppose. Just an idea if you haven't already considered it, your project looks nice so far.

    Ah, a navigation system like those in final fantasy/heroes? Yea, i have actually considered a system similar to that, which would be pretty cool, but there are a few problems:

    1: Although it is generally very fun to have that adventure style navigation, it could possibly be a problem for a multiplayer game, as there can be a good chunk of time between each players' turn. However, if i plan to make a single-player mode this should work out great!

    2: Another problem though, is that i think it might be a bit hard and time consuming to make compared to some other approaches.

    But this is still an idea that i'm very open to, although for multiplayer i'd prefer it to not be turn based.

    Quote from TECGhost: Go

    Download link please :D

    I am planning to upload a demo in the near future like the one in the video, so you can play against yourself/your friends on the same computer :)

    Quote from Zek23: Go

    Tournament-style fighting is fine, but you should certainly have bigger maps and obstacles and such, and maybe even increase the scale of the whole game so it's more zoomed out with one "unit" being represented by multiple units in a square. See Civ5 combat.

    Yea, i definitly agree that the maps(battlefields i suppose?) should have obstacles, perhaps even neutral objects that do negative/positive stuff to your units. The size of battlefield is something that i'm very open to changing, and fortunately it is no problem to have battlefields of different sizes in the map.

    Interesting suggestion about having multiple units represent a stack, although it will be a bit harder to implement, it is something to consider. The zoomed out view is not a problem at all though, as there is already camera control in the map that allows you to rotate the camera and zoom out with the mouse. (not shown in the video, somehow i forgot it >_<)

    Thanks to all of you for your feedback, it is highly appreciated :) Keep it coming!

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    posted a message on Turn-based Combat Game

    Turn-based combat game

    What is this?

    It is an attempt to make a combat system similar to the ones seen in games like Heroes of might and magic and King’s bounty. I decided to use the King’s bounty combat system as a template, because I found it to be much more advanced and challenging compared to the one in Heroes.

    How does it work?

    You should be familiar with the combat system already if you’ve played games like Heroes of might and magic, King’s bounty or age of wonders. I’ll try to explain it:

    It’s a turn-based system, where 2 persons fight each other with their individual army. The armies consist of different kinds of troops, who are divided into stacks on the battlefield (up to five stacks for each player). Each stack of troops gains an amount of action points each round (the amount of action points being determined by the troops’ speed characteristic), which can be used to perform actions such as moving across the battlefield, attacking or using abilities.

    A video and some screenshots are probably much better at explaining this than I:

    Embed Removed:

    As you can see, the core of the system is pretty much complete. I do naturally need to add more units, but that is not a really a concern. However, I’m not sure about how the map itself should look like outside combat. My current plan is to basically let the map be a tournament-style game, where you start off by composing your army and hero. Then, you just fight each other’s armies in a tournament.

    So what is the reason for me posting this here? (Other than trying to get attention)

    Well first of all, as I mentioned before, I’m not too sure about my idea of the map being set up like a tournament only. I’d very much appreciate ANY ideas concerning game modes and the map in general. Ideas about units and abilities are also appreciated, although I do have a lot of ideas already. Also, I wouldn’t mind hearing what you think about the combat system :P.

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