SC1 Revised Zerg Maps 4 & 5

Maps 4 & 5 from the Zerg SC1 Legacy campaign - if you played through them - contained many variations from the original SC1 concept; this is an attempt to restore some of those to the original idea. Part of the storyline of SC1 has Kerrigan with reduced powers in maps 4 and 5 when she first emerges from the Chrysalis, and going on mission 5 to the 'Amerigo' Terran ship to find the secrets to restore those powers.

I want to remake that original storyline and change Map 5 to an overhead map, since there have been several interested parties looking for that.

Primary Changes:

  • Kerrigan has no Razor Swarm ability or air weapon (as in the original maps).
  • Map 5, instead of being a first-person shooter, is restored to an overhead-control map with close black fog-of-war.
  • Energy pickups added to Map 5.
  • Restored some triggers and fixed doors to be non-killable in Map 5.
  • Map 4 now has places where no Creep can go on the original island.
  • Map 4 difficulty is easier
  • Possibly add difficulty system - Easy/Normal/Hard/Very Hard/Brutal

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Date created
Nov 09, 2011
Last updated
Feb 28, 2012