SC1 Episode 1 - Rebel Yell

SC1BWmod v4.5

Change log



  • fixed an issue which caused Vespene Geysers to become unclickable after Refineries/Extractors/Assimilators on them were destroyed
  • cleaner help/F12 menu


  • fixed Covert Ops upgrades
  • fixed upgrade damage & armor reduction values for Firebats
  • fixed armor reduction values for Valkyries
  • Command Center supply value no longer changes when it's lifted off
  • changed ComSat Station wireframe
  • changed unit responses for SCV's to original SC1 responses
  • swapped the audio file for Terran victory screen music to a better quality file


  • changed hotkeys for Sunken Colony, Unburrow to standard SC2 hotkeys
  • Scourge no longer attack Interceptors
  • Lairs and Hives now correctly provide 1 extra supply instead of 2 (same as Hatcheries)
  • Devouring One now has 3 armor
  • fixed missing models for Creep Colony morph, Guardian cocoon, Devourer cocoon
  • fixed missing visual effect for Devourer attack impact
  • removed Chrysalis description (due to spoilers)
  • changed Defiler icon, death model
  • added a command card button for Acid Spores (Devourer's passive ability)
  • added the SC1 birth sound for Drones


  • fixed Arbiter attack
  • fixed Hallucination (partially, doesn't work on all units)
  • fixed Corsair attack damage, armor reduction values
  • fixed Scout acceleration
  • reduced Shield Batteries' shield regeneration rate from 40 to 14
  • reduced Shield Batteries' range from 4 to 3
  • changed Observatory model
  • Carriers, Corsairs & Arbiters no longer briefly appear as different SC2 models when warped in
  • Dragoons now have the correct ready (warp in) response


Mod updated for Starcraft 2 version 1.5

1.5 related changes:

  • fixed various issues with attack-related visual effects
  • fixed Science Vessel abilities
  • fixed Command Center landing animation
  • fixed Machine Shop upgrades

other changes:

  • Protoss units now display the correct visual effect when taking shield damage
  • changed Creep Colony death model
  • Infested Terrans now properly cause splash damage when exploding on small units
  • Infested Terrans can no longer damage air units
  • changed Infested Terran death (explosion) model



  • More cleaning of the F12 section


  • Fixed EMP Shockwave (removes shields & energy)
  • Lockdown now disables detection
  • Fixed an issue that prevented canceling construction of Engineering Bays
  • Duran now has his own custom portrait
  • Duran speed reduced from 3 to 2.3 (as regular infantry)
  • HALO (Valkyrie) rockets now explode properly and have a new (old) model (purely cosmetic change)
  • The battlecruiser spawn sound is now "Battlecruiser operational" (other sounds unchanged)
  • ComSat Station, Nuclear Silo now have their original SC1 response sounds
  • A Koprulu medic "downgrade" was added, it activates via trigger and reduces medic healing rate
  • Medic upgrades moved to the second line of the Academy
  • Bunker was not changed


  • Protoss Brood War music track added
  • Arbiters now deal damage to all targets
  • Shuttles are now Mechanical, Robotic and Large
  • Artanis' subgroup priority increased
  • Mind Control can no longer affect Heroic units
  • Changed Apial Sensors upgrade icon


  • a couple changes & fixes related to Duran
  • fixed repair costs for Terran
  • changed a few Terran hotkeys to be consistent with SC2
  • changed the Nuclear Silo model
  • changed death animation resulting from Guardian attacks to "disintegrate" (same as when dying to Roaches or Banelings)


  • Artanis acceleration increased to speed upgrade level
  • Some icons were moved around to be consistent with the non-Brood War campaign
  • Minor changes to the F12 menu

Known caveats

still not perfect


Uploaded on
Sep 21, 2012
Game version
    105.2 MiB