Rebel Yell v1.5.1 (German)


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    Apr 25, 2013
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  • Medics' unavailable Optical Flare and Restoration upgrades removed from the command card
  • Score Screens now count pre-placed units as produced units
  • added new decals for the Mar Sara militia and Sons of Korhal
  • miscellaneous cosmetic changes

00 - Boot Camp

  • changed player decal to Mar Sara militia

01 - Wasteland

  • updated Score Screen buttons (added "back to menu" option)

02 - Backwater Station

  • changed team color for rescued SCV's and Firebats to purple

05 - Revolution

  • the intro will now always play at normal speed

07 - The Trump Card

  • changed Psi Emitter model

10 - The Hammer Falls

  • added Ion Cannon wireframe

v1.5 - Enhanced Edition

  • maps updated to be compatible with SC1BWmod (added ComSat Stations, Nuke Silos etc)
  • Raynor now has an ability to replenish Spider Mines (from map 5 on)
  • Medic heal rate decreased, for story-related reasons (non-UED, lower tech field medics serving at the time)
  • added campaign launcher functionality - "cancel" and "back to menu"-buttons, and typing "quit" as a chat message during the game now take you to the campaign menu
  • added short intros to each mission (except the tutorial)
  • briefing text writeout more or less synced to audio
  • in-game music now always starts at the beginning
  • fixed a potential issue with inconsistent (incorrect) unit decals when playing through multiple maps without restarting the game
  • script or data-related error/warning text no longer appears
  • a lot of subtle (and not so subtle) terrain-related visual changes (most changes to maps 4, 8, 9, 10). Some noticeable ones:
  • edited terrain textures around mineral fields on space platform maps to appear more realistic (not just small holes in the plating for the minerals)
  • moved/removed/edited floodlights and other light sources on various maps (mission 5, for example) to make more sense. Floodlights now illuminate larger areas. (you'll get the most out of this change on higher graphic settings)
  • other miscellaneous cosmetic changes

Some map-specific changes:

02 - Backwater Station

  • Infested Terran model now displays properly
  • fixed an issue where Zerg units would spawn during outro on easier difficulty

03 - Desperate Alliance

  • changed map lighting - sun sets during the mission

04 - The Jacobs Installation

  • RTS mode added - players can now choose to play the map in either third person shooter or traditional RTS mode
  • removed health pickups, added First Aid Stations instead (they have less energy in TPS mode)
  • changed map lighting

05 - Revolution

  • added short cutscene (+ intro)
  • expanded playable map area to the north & east slightly
  • changed decals for Antigan troops
  • Antigan forces now retain their decals, bunkered troops retain their Antigan colors

06 - Norad II

  • Infested Terran model now displays properly
  • Alpha Squadron forces now retain Alpha Squadron decals

07 - The Trump Card

  • removed black mask/fog of war during intro
  • added 300 minerals to starting area

08 - The Big Push

  • added Control Tower, Nuclear Silos to abandoned addons at the start
  • the starting addons now change owner only after having appropriate buildings attached to them
  • AI Dropships now always unload all units properly
  • AI no longer leaves multiple Dropships floating around
  • AI no longer suicides units one by one (as much)
  • enemy Wraiths will now use Cloak after a certain amount of time
  • added 1500 minerals to starting area

09 - New Gettysburg

  • fixed random attack angles for Zerg
  • Zerg will now also attack from the southwest flank
  • added 800 minerals to starting area
  • game speed set to normal during outro

10 - The Hammer Falls

  • changed starting area layout to more closely resemble original map
  • removed excessive floodlights near starting area to improve performance
  • tweaked AI attack wave & nuke mission routes to make them slightly less predictable
  • improved Ghost AI slightly
  • added a little variety to some attack waves
  • added another 1000 minerals, 1000 gas to starting area
  • changed Ion Cannon model


by Telenil

  • easy difficulty option added
  • Brood War (UED) upgrades such as Medic upgrades have been removed, for story-related reasons basically

Mission 07 - The Trump Card

  • enemy infantry will upgrade to 2/2 eventually

Mission 09 - New Gettysburg

  • enemy will upgrade a little more in hard mode
  • Protoss decal changed to Templar Caste
  • other miscellaneous trigger fixes

Mission 10 - The Hammer Falls

  • number of Siege Tanks in later attack waves decreased slightly (as in by one or two)
  • enemy Science Vessels should now properly use EMP shockwave


  • (almost completely) removed the nasty visible map borders/edges (mostly affected widescreen resolutions)
  • minor cosmetic changes (mostly to the space platform missions)
  • disabled Valkyries, for story-related reasons (Medics are still fine)

Mission 02 - Backwater Station

  • disabled construction of Academy, Bunker

Mission 04 - Jacobs Installation

  • fixed a camera glitch at the ramp before the last teleport
  • you can now reset the third person view after loading a save by typing "camera" as a chat message
  • fixed an issue that caused the friendly AI to not engage the Zerg properly

Mission 07 - The Trump Card

  • you can no longer accidentally "deposit" the Psi Emitter to a Command Center
  • fixed a glitch related to mining at the expansion
  • map edge is no longer visible in the ending cutscene

Mission 08 - The Big Push

  • "fixed" the broken Control Tower (we'll get back to it)
  • you can now actually place a Command Center at the top expansion

Mission 10 - The Hammer Falls

  • fixed the pathing of some doodads


  • fixed broken upgrades such as U-238 Shells
  • removed some doodad clutter on certain maps, creating more space to operate
  • pre-placed Ghost Academies on certain maps (dammit) replaced by the correct SC1 Academies
  • minor cosmetic changes

Mission 07 - The Trump Card

  • removed random pathing blockers in the middle of the base

Mission 08 - The Big Push

  • fixed the top Vespene Geyser


  • More detailed terrain by johnnythewolf


  • Maps are now "linked", you can continue the campaign after finishing a map without having to exit the game
  • Score screens added to the end of the maps (limited to units produced/killed/lost for now)
  • "Hero" units now benefit from weapon & armor upgrades, and have their own abilities separate from regular units
  • Some minor cosmetic changes

Mission 04 - Jacobs Installation

  • Raynor's damage increased from 12 to 15, reload time decreased from 2,5 seconds to 2 seconds, reload no longer "spammable"
  • One friendly marine removed to compensate (and give you slightly more room)
  • Smoother camera when teleporting
  • Hopefully fixed a camera issue at the start with higher resolutions

Mission 06 - Norad II

  • AI no longer rebuilds the starting units at map entrance


First release