Marine Arena

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    1. King of the Hill: This would take the normal Map and extend it making more Open area in the middle. Having 5 Designated spots, when the spot is highleted on the Map it lasts for 20 secs. Who ever controls that area gains points.. First to 200 wins.

    2. Steal the Bacon: 1 Flag in the middle, only a Flag Carrier Unit (each player would get 1) could carrier the flag from the middle to their cap point.

    3. CTF: Each team gets 1 Flag and must cap other peoples Flag. Each player Again gets 1 Flag Carrier and you cant cap unless your flag is at home.

    4. Realistic Merc's: When 1 Player buys Stalkers or any other merc, no other player can buy Stalkers. Or If you want to steal Stalkers away from the opposing player, you must pay Double. The price would keep going up. Like a real Mercenary.

    5. FFA: 8 Spawn Points 1 CC. Fight to the Death.

    6. 3 Headed Hydra: For the MTG Fans. 3 CC's 1 in the Back 2 up front. ONLY when the front 2 CC's are dead can the Main CC get attacked. I was also thinking to allow Marines to spawn for a player whose CC is destroyed, but he cant upgrade them any more. Allowing your partners to help defend your base with Marines but not mercs once their CC is dead.

    7. Mineral Race: First to 10k minerals Wins.. Do you upgrade your units to kill faster? or do you Save? The choice is yours.

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