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    Posted by vjeux Jan 01, 2032 at 00:00 UTC
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  • Fantasy Legends

    Posted by Sixen Oct 23, 2014 at 03:46 UTC

    Fantasy Legends by PinkyBlue

    Fantasy Legends is a cooperative hack 'n slash RPG, inspired by Blizzards' other games, like the Diablo series and World of Warcraft.


    • nice fantasy setting in the great traditions of Blizzard games
    • fast action (no slow boring quest-taking-making) - heroes just go and kill
    • easy-to-undersand standart Starcraft2 interface (no or minimum custom interface)
    • replayability of the map (provided by random loot and events for every game)
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  • ColorCraft

    Posted by Sixen Oct 14, 2014 at 04:15 UTC

    ColorCraft by Scorp

    This game is an interesting proof of concept; colors changes with each left-click, and shapes change with each right-click. The applied gameplay is somewhat like a tower defense, mixed with Guitar Hero, in that you need to match the color/shape of the incoming object to "destroy" it.

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  • Hover

    Posted by Sixen Oct 05, 2014 at 23:22 UTC

    Hover by Elmaex

    Hover is a fast-paced sports themed map. Up to 8 players in two teams try score the most goals in 12 minutes. Each team has up to three field players, who skate on a hoverboard and are fast and mobile, as well as a slower goal keeper with four powerful abilities.

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  • Project Stranded

    Posted by Sixen Oct 01, 2014 at 02:36 UTC

    Project Stranded by EmBeRNaGa

    Project Stranded (temporary name) is a six-player fast-paced micro-intensive shoot-and-run co-op story-driven Zombie and Zerg survival RPG map. You and your comrades must travel to a mysterious planet to investigate a strange infestation epidemic that took place many years ago. Unfortunately, the vessel that takes you to this planet gets struck by an unknown entity. Now, you and your comrades have crashed landed and are stuck on this dangerous planet. With no help incoming, you and your comrades must traverse the planet and find a way to survive!

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  • A Journey Too Kind

    Posted by Sixen Sep 24, 2014 at 01:25 UTC

    A Journey Too Kind by TheAzureGuy

    In this dungeon crawling, singleplayer campaign, you can explore underground caves and fight lots of monsters, all while leveling up and purchasing the best items money can buy. Overall, the difficulty is planned to be hard, but not impossible.

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  • Legacy of the Swarm

    Posted by Sixen Sep 18, 2014 at 02:11 UTC

    Legacy of the Swarm by Narudek

    Legacy of the Swarm is a custom campaign continuing the story of Heart of the Swarm, based on Kerrigan's search for Amon. This campaign will include 6 missions, each of which touting their own objectives and even bonus objectives giving you access to talents or upgrades for Kerrigan and her Swarm.


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  • Waygate System Library

    Posted by Sixen Sep 10, 2014 at 01:48 UTC

    Want to use Heroes models in Starcraft 2? Now you can, thanks to BlinkHawk's converter!

    Waygate System Library by hobbidude

    This library is pretty straightforward, but also pretty cool, with lots of potential use. The author set out with the goal to make this intuitive and clean, requiring minimal effort to use. The system incorporates the portals into the unit A.I. pathing, ensuring units travel the shortest path including if that shortest path is by use by one or more portals (can be interrupted and redirected too). It also works with different and changing terrain heights as well as checks for pathing that can only be traveled to via portal like an island. Like the original system it only affects grounds units (modifiable) while air units are unaffected and free to fly their own course.

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  • RaZe

    Posted by Sixen Aug 29, 2014 at 21:07 UTC

    RaZe by hobbidude & Team

    The Game RaZe is a team-based Action RTS game where players choose mighty heroes and lead elite armies into combat. Combining strong elements of DOTA, Warcraft III, and Starcraft BW, The experience is concentrated, approachable, and satisfying.

    Key Features:

    • Warcraft III hero centered combat
    • Fast-paced team fights set in the Starcraft universe
    • 9 planned factions with multiple upcoming heroes for each
    • Supports 3v3, 2v2, 1v1 format
    • No power snowballing, power is determined by skill and teamwork, not gold
    • Unified command card puts you in control of your entire army without having to tab
    • Refined micro mechanics allow for nuanced control -Powerful spells reminiscent of Brood War and DOTA
    • Insane Hero ultimates: glass the earth with Planet Cracker, or become the center of a living hurricane with “Eye of the Storm.”
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  • Tomura's Shooter Systems

    Posted by Sixen Aug 24, 2014 at 20:13 UTC

    Tomura's Shooter Systems by Tomura

    This one is probably quite advanced in terms of functionality, as the author aimed to add features that are not necessarily common for SC2. It also includes a modified version of the SC2 Spectre that has additional animations for strafing, reloading, etc. Some of them are additive, so they can be used on a separate layer to the main animation (i.e. Reloading, so you can reload while walking). In addition, the mod includes a Ragdoll death version of the Spectre that still keeps it's team color when dying. While the mod does not offer a solution to the network delay we're all aware of, it offers enough functionality to warrant usage.

    In an effort to enable easiest consumption of this mod, Tomura decided it would be best to create the mod through triggers (with minimal galaxy for math and other misc items). The mod contains the following features:

    • Pre built WASD + Mouse Movement. That features, Walking, Running, TPS Aim down Sight, Dodge, Reload, Weapon Switch.
    • 3D aiming and shooting
    • Inventory and User Data based Weapon and Ammo system
    • Weapons make use of normal SC2 Effects. So porting existing ones to this mod requires only minor adjustments (mainly enabling Unit and Point Targets)
    • Weapons do support multiple Firing Modes. How you switch or access them is up to you.
    • Decal Spawing when a Shot hits the ground.
    • Connection to external Dialog based Interfaces possible using Generic Trigger Messages (UI is not in Main Mod, but Mods depending on this one can react to those messages)
    • Rebindable Keys and User Data Based Key Binding. You can just set up Key Binding Data inside the Data editor by specifiing a up/down function, a name for the Binding (this will be displayed in the ingame Menu and can me localized) and a Default Key (integer). A Mod using TSS as a depedency is able to delete the Pre-built Controls and just use it's own and is even able to add new actions. Triggers will be rebuilt when bindings change to have a minimum amount of triggers firing ingame.
    • Simple Height Region system to enable shot collision with doodads. (not very accurate)
    • Vector Functions based on Points
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