wasteland survival

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A harsh wasteland where you have more then just creatures and other players to worry about. You have to scavenge for supplies and explore the terrain using different equipment. The environment also effects players as radiation continually makes them weaker unless treated, and hunger and thirst will also make your character start to expire. Find new armor and weapons throughout the world and use teamwork to overcome the other team. The last team standing wins. Small side quests and a variety of desert dwelling monsters will keep you occupied. And the need to keep supplies will make it so you cannot stay in the same place for too long. Game is still in production phase. Might be awhile before marked as non expiremental. Any comments are welcome. feel free to email me at Curtistbeckler@yahoo.com or SC2 account RipTheJacker @174 with suggestions or feedback. Any developers are welcome to help too. Thank you.


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