Urban Special Forces (Default and Hero Modes)


There are now two versions of the map you can download, one for Default mode, and one for Hero mode. In Hero mode you start out with one of 6 heroes from the campaign that level up as you and your allies kill enemies.

  • IMPORTANT: From this point on, the versions I upload here will not work correctly if you upload them to battle.net. This isn't something I wanted, but I can't make offline and battle.net versions in the same map without causing many problems. If you need the battle.net version (to upload on a different region, etc.) just ask and I'll send it to you, or if you're on Battle.net US, you can download it off of there. I don't want to upload 3 versions here every time I update. That would just confuse people anyway.

No timed enemy upgrades, much more upgrades, new Urban map. Armor/Weapon/Health upgrades can go up to level 100 and cost 500 minerals each. Special upgrades typically also cost 1 vespene gas, gotten by conquering areas of the map.

A lot of people had various problems with the direction my last Special Forces map went, so I'm hoping this one will fix some of their problems with it. It's not meant to be exactly like the other version, as not everyone likes the same thing from a map.


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