Universe of Starcraft

This starcraft project is started because I would like a creat a starcraft mod that shows the storyline of starcraft in RPG style game.

(This is the Assets section any of my assets(models, sounds, icons) will uploaded here, the maps/campaings will updloaded here when the project is realesed: (still not created map section))

The project includes:

Multiplayer: You can play with heroes in battle arenas, instances, dungeons, raids.

Map types:, Capture the flag.(like warsong gulch in wow)

Battle Arena( like lol, dota, or heros of the storm),

Capture Area(King of the Hill)( like alterec valley, nether storm, isle of conquest, strand of the ancients, in wow)

Vehicle Fight(like isle of conquest, strand of the ancients in wow,)

2015 Marc 30:

Battleground page created to show the current version of battlegrounds:



You can play heroes from starcraft and play the starcraft storyline from a view of one charecter you choose.

Heroes: every infantry unit type has it's own hero version(zealot, marine, zergling etc).


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