Terran Moon Base Lockdown

Terran Moon Base Lockdown

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This is a Large Fortress Base defense map. It is up to Jim Raynor and his band of rebels to protect the moon base from the dark protoss. Swann is a expert at machinery he can build Generators and Turrets to help protect the base and repair them as well.

Map Info

Hero Base Defense

How to Win

  • Survive against the Dark Protoss

How to play

Basic Instructions

  • Setup Defense and Protect the Base
  • Complete the Loki Battlecruiser

Advance Instructions

  • MULEs don't die use them for Repairing when Done Mining
  • Use Swann and the Raven to Build Turrets inside Generators Power Field
  • Use the Generators to Build the Fortress Gates on the X Locations
  • Build Bunkers, Missile Turrets and Put Units in Key Locations


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