Stav's Unit Addition mod

This is an open library project, aims for creating a basic map, completly editable (no triggers) that incorporate most of the unused campaign units and models unto the main game.


Units and Buildings:


  • Perdition Turret:Anti ground missile, build from SCV, req: engeneering bay.
  • Predator: train in factory, req: Tech lab.
  • Vulture: train in factory.
  • Medic: Train in barracks, req: Tech Lab
  • Wraith: Train at the Starport


  • Dark Archon: Merge from 2 Dark Templars (they can no longer be used for Archon)
  • Scout: Build in Stargate.
  • Tempest: morph from Carrier. using permanently cloaked Shurikens. req: Dark Shrine.
  • Preserver: will be somewhat combination of zealot and dark templar. req: Twilight Council
  • Reaver (thanks to C.D.U's models and textures!): build at Robotics Facility. req: Robotics Bay.
  • Corsair: (Thanks to C.D.U.'s models and textures!): Build at the Stargate.


  • Scourge: Morph from Larva. (2 at a time). req: Spire.
  • Lurker Den: morph from hydralisk den. req: hive.
  • Lurker: morph from hydralisk. req: Lurker Den.
  • Swarm Guardian: morph from Mutalisk. req: Greater Spire.

Upgrades and Abilities:


  • Seismic Spines for Lurker at Lurker Den.


  • Argus Talisman, Mind Control and Maelstrom for Dark Archon at Dark Shrine.
  • Apial Sensors and Gravity Engine for Scout at Fleet Beacon.
  • Increase Reaver Capacity and Scarab Damage for Reaver at Robotics Bay.
  • Argus Jewel and Disruption Web for Corsair at Fleet Beacon

IMPORTANT NOTICE: remember to export all models and textures, and then import them to your map. The mod is currently avilable the the EU servers.

Current To Do list:

  • fine tuning preservers
  • Azeroth's Hirelings (so you wanted to hire some murlocs and taurens for your army?)
  • Create icons for mind control, argus talisman, apial sensors' gravity engine and argus jewel.


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