Starcraft: Replicant Remastered


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    Nov 13, 2022
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Welcome to Starcraft: Replicant!


I finally completed an update of Starcraft: Replicant. Every map should function with the new patches. Most problems was found in Episode V, but they work fine now. 


- Copy "Replicantlauncher.SC2Map" to Maps/Replicant in your Starcraft II directory
- Copy the folders "EpisodeIV, EpisodeV, and EpisodeVI" to Maps/Replicant in your Starcraft II directory
- Copy the .MOD file to the Mods directory located in your StarCraft II directory. 


Perhaps you won't have some of these folder locations in your Starcraft II directory already. If so, create the folders manually. If you do not place the files in the correct locations then the launcher will not work properly. However, you can start each map separately from the editor if you wish.


OBS! This is not the map folder located in "documents".


- In episode V I can´t create workers.

- Try unable simple command card- I see the portraits but no subtitles in the cinematics.

- Be sure to check the box for displaying subtitles in the options menu. 

- Where are episodes I, II, and III? 

- There are non made by me, it is referring to WoL, HoTs, and LoTv.



- Some new models.- Skippeble cutscenes. - Different rally points for workers and attack units in episode V.- Updated with feedback posted on the forum. - Minor balance changes. 


Known issues:

- In episode VI mission 6 the game will freeze if the turrets are attacked by ground or flying units. But will not freeze when attacked by your own turrets. - Mercenary compound has no build animations.- I have experienced some freezes in a map or two, the game will continue after some waiting time.  I am unsure what causes this, perhaps the triggers.