Ep.3 M.5,7 No Victory Screen #801

  • Reksum created this issue Sep 16, 2022

    Bug Map

    Choosing Sides, Homeland

    Bug Description

    After completing the map (Raynor + Tassadar + 2 Zealots to beacon) there is no victory screen. The screen goes black and only Zerg noises are audible (possibly leftover enemies). After quitting back to SCMR menu the cinematic and next mission are still successfully unlocked.

    Homeland has no leftover sounds, just the black screen; its next mission is also successfully unlocked.


  • Reksum edited title and description Sep 17, 2022
  • 628w posted a comment Sep 18, 2022

    I can't recreate these problems.
    For me, victory screens show up (SCMR v8.0.1, normal level of difficulty, quick test in god mode).
    But only the statistics of the executor fleet are shown.





  • vaxis7 posted a comment Nov 17, 2022

    I had the exact same issue on the same 2 maps. reproduced yesterday.

    I hit Restart Mission, used instant win code, and end cinematics and stats screen showed as expected


  • fattum96 posted a comment Aug 21, 2023

    I record video with this bug.
    Sorry for ru localisation.

  • 628w posted a comment Nov 27, 2023

    I can't reproduce the problem in the Russian version either.




    Edited Nov 27, 2023

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