Cannot open saved file #800

  • Reksum created this issue Sep 16, 2022

    Bug Map


    Bug Description

    1. After a mission, click "Continue".

    2. Click "Start" to begin the next mission.

    3. Save the map: "Save successful".

    4. Restart SC2 and load the save: "Cannot open saved file".

    Workaround: Start all missions from SCMR menu ("Quit" after each mission).


  • Reksum edited description Sep 16, 2022
  • Reksum edited description Sep 16, 2022
  • 628w posted a comment Sep 17, 2022

    "Save successful"?
    Until now, players reported "Save Failed".
    It was/is a SC2 bug, also reported to the Blizzard forum.

  • Reksum posted a comment Sep 17, 2022

    Saving is generally successful for now (Ep.III). I can load save files that I just created of the map from inside that map. But quitting or returning to menu seems to break it permanently. So far saves of maps started fresh from main menu aren't affected. I have all menu options checked including hidden missions.


    I've also gotten "Save Failed" in Ep.I/II but didn't pay attention then. I noticed "Save successful" more because I only checked for that at the start of missions to decide whether to reload the map.

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