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I've been going to summer camps for the past 3 or 4 years now put on by people in the video game industry, and about 3 years ago this idea popped up.  Now that i'm bored with plenty of extra time and know the basics of the editor, i finally have means of making a demo! ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED!

I'm a little rusty, as i havent opened my notebook in over a year but, i'll try to give a quick description:

Gameplay takes place in your nightmares.  Crazy stuff happens in your repetitive dreams and you have to make the subconcious journey to the source.  Similar to Psychonauts i suppose.  I should also add that the main character is an artist.  The main unique feature plays off of something called "Lucid Dreaming" - basically being able to do ANYTHING in a dream.  For example:  Oh no! You're trapped in a room with no way out!  Take out your SketchPad and draw a door (this is why it's for the DS) and.. oh hey look, there's a door in the wall that leads to the next room!

"Somnium" is latin, meaning "sleep" or "dream".  I would have named it Nightmare, but there is no latin word for Nightmare (and i assume there's a game i dont know about already made named Nightmate).  It would have to be "Somnium Malum" -- Bad Dream


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