Smash TV 2010

Smash TV 2010 is an attempt to recreate the fun Smash TV maps from StarCraft 1, with various gameplay changes.

If you don't know what Smash TV is, then google/youtube it. One of the greatest arcade games ever created with intense action. This map will NOT be a true arcade style game due to the limitations of MrCreamyT is working on a more arcade style of Smash TV. This map will be a mix of intense action and hero style defense.

Here is the intro cinematic for the map so far. You should view it in full screen since it's hard to read the text in the smaller size. The rest of the map is still in progress though. Got a lot of the core systems done, but still got a lot of upgrades, skills and abilities left to do.

We got a new video for you. Recently there was a scripted boss contest that we decided to create a boss for. The result was stunning. Have a look for yourself in the video below.

UPDATE>> We ended up winning the boss contest! Thanks to everyone who voted for us! You can see the results of the contest here:

You can message me on AIM, MSN or Yahoo if you're interested in helping or would like to see the progress thus far.

AIM: ZarafFaraz

MSN: [email protected]

Yahoo: [email protected]

US Zaraf (527)


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