v1.4.8 unofficial (r50)


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    May 26, 2012
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From r49:

- Added visual options for various vertex (terrain) rendering.


From mainline r45:

- Converted mineral counts to plain int (8m2g instead of 15.0K 5.0K)
- More color scheme changes (prettier!)
--+  To that end, added influence0~6 and enabled the smooth
-  blending method for influenceHeatMap.
--+  Also made mineral and gas colors more like their real
-  counterparts.
- Changed bases to be positioned at the place where the
-   townhall for that base lies. (Previously, it was the
-   linear mean of the base's resources)
- Added suggestions from Barrin (visible only in the pathing
-   renders)
- Added some more doodads to footprints.
- Changed the rendering code to use cell coordinates where
-   appropriate and also fixed cell coordinates to convert
-   correctly to image coordinates.
- Changed some renders to render all bases as their 5x5
-    footprints.
- Added option to us probe distance instead of cell distance
-   for path distances. (from Meltage)
- Changed doodad cell placement to be the same as editor/game (floor of +0.25)
- Changed color scheme
- Changed terrain vertices to be centered on the actual vertex
- Removed "# o'clock" text from bases
- Fixed handling of later mapinfo version
- Fixed incorrectness in point::pcSet
- Messed with the makefile (it refused to build for me)


License GPLv3; thanks to dimfish.