SC2 Map Analyzer

SC2 Map Analyzer analyzes melee maps and creates PNG images and CSV spreadsheets with the results. It measures shortest paths between key locations, computes "openness" around the map and measures positional balance! Use it to gather data on the official maps or help develop your own.

Download release 1.4.3

What's new?

  • The whole usage model has changed; the analyzer is no longer intended to ever be run as a command line tool. Instead config files control the analyzer and you double-click the executable (or a shortcut to it) to start it up.
  • Map formats from beta phase 1, beta phase 2 and post-release are supported now.
  • The analyzer's model for pathing is much more precise; just compare the ramps in the before and after above. The analyzer also recognizes pathing fills and the painted pathing layer.
  • The footprints.txt config file allows pathing footprints to be defined for any unit or doodad. With some help from the community we can fill this file out until the analyzer is aware of every bitty doodad that can affect pathing. For now it has the resources, watchtowers and destructibles.

Read the manual here and check out details about what the analysis calculates and the FAQ.

If you have any feature requests or do something cool with SC2 Map Analyzer, let me know!



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