Rebel Yell v1.03


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    Apr 10, 2011
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  • fixed broken upgrades such as U-238 Shells
  • removed some doodad clutter on certain maps, creating more space to operate
  • pre-placed Ghost Academies on certain maps (dammit) replaced by the correct SC1 Academies
  • minor cosmetic changes

Mission 07 - The Trump Card

  • removed random pathing blockers in the middle of the base

Mission 08 - The Big Push

  • fixed the top Vespene Geyser


More detailed terrain by johnnythewolf


  • Maps are now "linked", you can continue the campaign after finishing a map without having to exit the game
  • Score screens added to the end of the maps (limited to units produced/killed/lost for now)
  • "Hero" units now benefit from weapon & armor upgrades, and have their own abilities separate from regular units
  • Some minor cosmetic changes

Mission 04 - Jacobs Installation

  • Raynor's damage increased from 12 to 15, reload time decreased from 2,5 seconds to 2 seconds, reload no longer "spammable"
  • One friendly marine removed to compensate (and give you slightly more room)
  • Smoother camera when teleporting
  • Hopefully fixed a camera issue at the start with higher resolutions

Mission 06 - Norad II

  • AI no longer rebuilds the starting units at map entrance


First release

  • spider mine kills probably won't register on the scoresheet