SBC Alpha (Fire and Sand)

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An alpha release for testing of the map Fire and Sand.
note: This version is not intended for public release, and is only posted for testing. Thank you.

Zip file includes the Map and Starbow Mod version 1.9 and Asset Mod file 1.7

Instructions contained within the Zip file.

Thank you.

Please post your findings, such as exploits, errors, difficulty issues, or anything you'd like to say.

Thread is here:

Map Info:

Mission Type: Tutorial, FFA, Assist and Infiltrate Mission, with tactical focus based akin to Drake's Campaigns for Starcraft and Starcraft Broodwar.

Completion level: features only first half of the scenario. Contains one functioning defeat condition, and no victory triggers.

After you deploy the Psi-Emitter, you must set its "focus" to a target or position on the map, preferably at a safe location from your base and close to the perimeter guns. I think the dialogue doesn't make this obvious.


I was hoping to let the player figure this out as a puzzle, as it hasn't been pointed out in the mission dialogues:

Place the focus strategically, and time your harassment to relieve a few defenders allowing the Zerg some leeway.


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