Powers of Corruption

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Powers Of Corruption

So yea I got really busy for quite a while and the mod file was lost and is now in the progress of being redone however it will be an incredibly large mod due to the imports. The mod could take any amount of time depending on what is happening in real life and I can't make any missions until thats done. I really just wanted to say that this project has not been abandoned however it's original design has definetly been tweaked a bit.

Play as the corrupted Dark Protoss and follow Azaron and many others on the path of Corruption and find out how powerful corruption truly can be. Create powerful dark protoss armies and corrupt other protoss and take over the entire shadowed planet of Zenoth. Fight Terran colonies, Pure protoss, Zerg, Infested protoss, Terran, and other corrupt protoss. This campagin might explain how the dark protoss gained power what caused the corruption and more . A single player dark protoss campagin coming in January 2013. This has nothing to do with actual Blizzard story line and is all fan made.


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