Portrait (Static) Pack

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(SoulFilcher) Pack 1: (Blurred civilian, night elf banshee, Hall, demon marine) and a few Alpha/Beta ones (Red suit marine, Fatty/Swarm Host, Nullifier, Disruptor and an alternative Infested Marine).

(SoulFilcher)Pack 2: Abathur, de-infested Kerrigan, Izsha and Grunty (murloc marine).

(SoulFilcher) Pack 3: HoTS' Widow Mine, Lessara. GhostNova's Firebat, General Duke, Duran, Stukov, Vindicator. Thrikodias' Aldaris, Tassadar, Stone Zealot, Cerebrate and Daggoth.

(rikky333) pack 4: Hots viper, Oracle
Thrikodias: Cosrair, Reaver DuGalle, Raven (Front), Templar Stalker, Infested Tychus
Ghost nova : zerg buster, Fenix
WoL alpha: adjudant (old)
rikky art : Dark Archon
Blizzard : choker, Pufiler

(SoulFicher) Pack 5: I had created some that rikky333 uploaded but here they are along with some new ones. Dark Archon. A new de-infested Kerrigan portrait. GhostNova's Banshee Pilot, Zerg Buster, Goliath and Fenix (Zealot and Dragoon. Thrikodias' Valkyrie.

(SoulFilcher & rikky333) Pack 6: Thrikodias' Dark Archon, SC1 Adjutant.Reaver, GhostNova's female Templar, Fatty,  Gestalt Zero.cafe never: Spartan, Blizzard All Stars (DOTA) : Sylvanas (evil), Stitches and Zamuro.

(Soulfilcher) Pack 7: Ghost Echo. Some units with alternative lighting, as requested, Zergling, Hydralisk, Mutalisk, Queen of Blades, High Templar, Immortal, Archon, Tassadar.

(rikky333) Pack 8: cloaked banshee,Infested MULE, l2d: Spotter, Thrikodias: Merc Vulture, SoulFilcher: Merc Helion, Ghostnova: Dragoon, Raszagal, Salirth: Psionic Hydralisk, KORroy: Aldaris.

(rikky333) Pack 9 : Ghostnova's: duke old, kerrigen, infested duran, zeredek: fenix, Cafenaver: cretoss, iron marine, Thrikodias: cerebrate, Brood Mother blizzard - sons of storms: male banshee, spectre with no mask, tempest, Beta zealot,

(rikky333) Pack 10: Hots Helion, Warhound, Widow mine, Tempest, Carrier, Oracle, Viper, Locust, Swarmhost, battle hellion battle mode.
Tree Viper, Viking with no mask,

(SoulFilcher&rikky333) Pack 11: Thrikodias' Reaver with reddish light, GhostNova's Raynor and Sarah. Diablo 3 Tyrael, Diablo and Azmodan. Hots: Cleaning bot. WoW: Panda

(SoulFilcher) Pack 12: Cloaking Tosh, Beta Civilians, Rocking Thor, Facepalm Hellion, Smoking Horner, Red-hat Duran and Dark Duran.

(SoulFilcher) HoTS Pack: See file description for complete list.

ATTENTION: To access older packs click the 'Files' tab up here /\ /\ /\ /\

ATTENTION 2: Using HoTS assets in WoL maps can get your map banned. We are nor responsible for any consequences.


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