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Desertinfestation is a medium map for up to two player. It will be also playable against AI (if i will get a working one later).

There will also be some modification to the gameplay, like

  • [X] Day&Nightsystem with effects on the LOS (done so far, maybe there will be some changes later)
  • [_] Dynamic Weathersystem (only planned sofar)
  • [X] UI to display the Daytime (and later on also warn you for upcomming weather events)
  • [X] Biosensor added to Zerg-Units (to buff them at night) so they are able to detect nearby enemies also without sight (works like the sensortower)
  • [_] Behaviourbased AI to add some intelligent behaviour to single units. (While only work for computer players and won't affect units of users)
  • [_] Limited tech for both fractions (at the moment only terrans aren't able to built air units... maybe i will also remove the thor to fokus more an the stuff thats left)
  • [_] Adding some removed stuff, like spidermines and maybe lurkers and similar stuff to raise the number of available stuff while reduced tech
  • [_] Adding releaseable Infestation Spores to take over terran buildings and built infested terrans in them. They can be destroied by AA-Weapons.
  • [_] Buildable Construction-Kits for placing spidermines, autoturrets and defense drones.
  • [_] Reinforce-system to make high tech unit very rare availible.

(some more stuff)


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