Lunar Special Forces release 3.2

Currently at Release 3.2

A new Special Forces map based on Special Forces 2 by Crayon and others, this map includes new Terran and Protoss heroes. It has some new features as well, including Drop Pod reinforcements for AI ally, new upgrades for both AI and players, and more powerful Zerg static defenses that upgrade throughout the game.

Changes so far:

Release 3.2

  • Large number of balance changes and a few bug fixes, focusing mainly on adjusting the difficulty scaling.

Release 2.6

  • Added a difficulty voting system that gives Zerg a certain number of stacks of a damage/health buffing aura.
  • Added a Terran Hero - The Reaper. Has a Flame Burst ability that damages nearby enemies when used, currently has no visual effects :(. I'm so bad with actors.
  • You now start with just a hero, not another unit as well.

Release 2.5

  • Adjusted some air unit prices.
  • Added some failsafe unit spawning regions/triggers to prevent sniping of bases that aren't spawning units yet.
  • Fixed zerg static defense upgrades.
  • Added new game mode: No Fly Zone Mode - No Special Forces Air Units Allowed.
  • Refined voting system (I think, needs multiplayer testing).

Release 2.4

  • Fixed Upgrades for Players 2-6 (sorry!)
  • Fixed Zerg temporary hatchery damage upgrades.

Release 2.3

  • Fixed Orbital Command.

Release 2.2

  • Completely revamped upgrades based on suggestions again.
  • All units are bought on either the Nexus or the Command Center/Orbital Command
  • You get a hero at the start. If this hero dies you are defeated.
  • Spine crawlers and all bosses except the zergling ones are detectors now.
  • Many many other changes (can't remember all of them).

Release 1.4

  • Fixed Vespene Costs for Special Upgrades.

Release 1.3

  • Increased Stalker rate of fire and bonus to armored units.
  • Fixed bunker salvage to return full price.
  • Fixed some pathing issues.
  • Fixed Spawn in the middle buttons.

Release 1.0

  • Upgrades are now trained through a dialog system.
  • Weapon/Armor upgrades have 5 levels instead of 25, each costing 5 times as much and providing 5 times as much benefit.
  • Many other changes I can't remember.
  • Try it out on!


  • Added Mode voting (Normal/Double/Triple Income) Warning: Double and especially triple income are far far easier. Play normal for the biggest challenge.
  • Modified Marauder splash radius slightly (it could only splash on closely packed zerglings before, changed radius from 0.5 to 0.75).
  • Visual changes, hopefully better but let me know if you like it more or less than before.
  • Added 250mm Cannon scaling with Vehicle weapon upgrades (starts at 1500 over 6 seconds, +25 per upgrade)


  • Archon splash damage reduced (at most 70% of single target damage, decreases further from epicenter, down from 100%), single target damage unchanged so far.
  • Colossus base damage reduced by 5 per beam (can reduce more, we'll see how it goes).
  • Zealot base damage -7 per swing, HP and shields both reduced by 250.
  • Zergling bosses spawn less quickly in the first area.
  • The zerg now gain temporary buffs from hatcheries left unkilled for too long. Kill the hatchery to remove the buff. Area directly around each hatchery providing buffs is revealed and a number above it shows how many upgrades it has accumulated. When you kill the hatchery the reveal and number along with the buffs are removed.
  • Void Ray replaced with Phoenix for now (it's easier to balance the phoenix anyway in my opinion; the void ray had a difficult time getting charged on anything except bosses so I probably put the damage far too high to compensate).


  • Hydra Boss does more damage than previously to armored units (making it actually do damage to fully upgraded units).
  • Ultralisk boss damage increased (especially to armored).
  • Final Hive HP greatly increased.
  • Lava Bridge removed, left the distance such that you can blink to the island.
  • Decreased Zergling Boss HP, reduced damage slightly.
  • Increased Zealot HP, shields, attack speed, and base/upgraded damage.


  • Added 5 new bosses, some spawn periodically so be ready.
  • Changed all +energy upgrades to be more useful.
  • Limited non-boss zerg spawning to 150 (can change if needed).
  • Added zerg unit counter.
  • Sentry/ghost attacks ignore armor (needed for one boss).
  • Increased nuke build time to 50 seconds.
  • Increased Overseer HP
  • Once you kill the rocks opening up the middle of the map, you can choose to spawn either in the base or in the middle.
  • Added a trigger for the final fight if you get too close to the hive (both so you can kill the hive and so it's harder to cheese)
  • No unit costs over 3 supply now (we'll see how it goes).


  • Medivac Heal rebalanced: Heal rate decreased to 15 hp per tick from 30. Relative energy regen rate decreased. The tooltip is now accurate. Medivacs now have 1000 energy (up from 200), 2.8125 energy regen (up from 1), and use 1 energy per 3 health instead of 1 energy per 30 health. This means it costs 500 energy to heal a Marauder to full (1500 hp). It'll take around 177 game seconds to get back to 500 energy again, assuming no healing is done. Overall this has made them heal more slowly and regain energy more slowly.
  • Infested Terrans now deal less base damage but when fully upgraded are unchanged (30 from 50 unupgraded, 75 upgraded).


  • Fixed Protoss Ground weapon upgrade prices.
  • Reduced Fungal Growth duration to 4 seconds from 8.
  • Reduced Neural Parasite range from 7 to 4.
  • (poor zerg, getting nerfed into oblivion :D)


  • Difficulty Scaling added based on active players in the game.
  • With 5 or 6 players there is no change.
  • With 3 or 4 players the first zerg upgrade wave is disabled.
  • With 2 players the first two zerg upgrade waves are disabled.
  • With 1 player the first three zerg upgrade waves are disabled and you start with 1500 minerals.


  • Infestors will autocast Fungal Growth on Biological units and Neural Parasite on Mechanical Units. Lowered number of infestors spawning slightly.
  • Added Overseers to the waves, they autocast Infested Terrans now as well.


  • Psi Storm and Snipe scale with upgrades.
  • Added clock so you can see how long until the next day (and zerg upgrades)
  • Changed day length to 240 seconds from 300.
  • Rebalanced upgrade costs in anticipation of multiplayer (cheaper now in most cases).
  • Limited Protoss to 10 shield upgrades.
  • Completely changed the upgrade system, each upgrade level has its own upgrade now, with a maxlevel of 1. Blizzard's limitations on the number of upgrade buttons on one command card forced me to spread the upgrades out a bit.
  • Most upgrade buildings have more upgrades on a second page now.
  • Terran air upgrades were moved to the starport.
  • Many tooltip and hotkey fixes.


  • Changed Marauder drops to Stalker drops.
  • Added Deep Disruptors upgrade to Forge, increases Immortal range by 1.
  • Added Overcharge upgrade to Forge, increases Archon Range by 1.
  • Added/fixed Jotun Boosters upgrade at Armory, increases Viking Range by 2.
  • Limited Supply to 75 per player.
  • Increased Ultralisk base damage and upgraded HP
  • Increased Kerrigan's upgraded HP


  • Changed Zerg upgrades: -Upgrades occur every 300 (game time) seconds, coinciding with midnight on the map. -Armor only upgrades to 25 max now, introduced HP upgrades that increase zerg units' max HP by 50 or more during the upgrade periods.
  • Changed Hardened Shield on the Immortal to reduce incoming damage to 100 while shields are up.
  • Added a Heal pad in the middle.
  • I have HP upgrades ready to implement for Protoss/Terran if necessary, however I'm waiting to see if it's actually needed first. Everything except the final fight is easily solo-able at the moment, and probably someone who knew what they were doing could beat the final fight solo as is.
  • Edited repair costs for all Special Forces hero units, they no longer require vespene gas.


  • Now localized with Xhatix's tool (thanks!)
  • Added Day/Night Cycle (every 300 seconds, may change later depending on feedback)


  • Decreased player armor/weapon upgrades max level to 25 and increased their prices.
  • Fixed Krazy Kerrigan attack animation
  • Increased Krazy Kerrigan health.
  • Added checks in the wave start triggers to make sure the building is alive before spawning units from it.
  • Fixed a few trigger problems I'd missed.


  • Reduced Void Ray upgrade damage
  • Fixed roach armor level not increasing
  • Fixed zerg armor upgrades
  • Changed lighting to nighttime theme


  • Increased zerg armor upgrades significantly. (needs testing)
  • Increased zerg damage upgrades slightly.
  • Decreased protoss shield recharge slightly.
  • Fixed some enemy spawn triggers (probably more to fix here still).
  • Fixed a couple small texture issues.

Here's a video from the first version, and part of why I increased the difficulty a decent amount in v2.


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