Life of a Terran

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Project Name: Life of a Terran
Team name: Team LoaT
Release Date: When it's done.

All clan members are required to use Google Docs, Twitter and Microsoft Live Messenger

Clan Log shows the most recent activities inside the clan.
Draft Ideas Preview of the draft map ideas so far.

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Main Idea
We have all played Life of a Peasant, right? It was a wonderful map where the Police, Mafia, and Drug Lord duked it out while other players played the roles of peasants as they tried to make a living while working, roleplaying, negotiating, and much more.
With its great success in Warcraft III, it was only a matter of time before a similar map will be released on Starcraft 2. So, let's grab this opportunity and be the first to start a project that thousands of people will enjoy.
However, in Warcraft III, Life of a Peasant suffered from huge imbalances and retarded remakes. Let's not make those mistakes. We'll protect the map and get it right the first time.
We're talking about balanced, dynamic, fast-paced and engaging gameplay that is fun to play for casual gamers, hardcore fanatics and time wasting players alike.

Here is where YOU come in. We are looking for:

  • T.E. Trigger Editor
    Create triggers and edit data. Know how to work around the Data Editor and the Script Editor.
  • T.D. Terrain Designer
    Design and edit the terrain. Know your way around the layers easily, and know how to make those small, minute details that make great scenes what they are.
  • W.D. Web Designer
    Help maintain and update our website. Be sure to know HTML.
  • I.D. Image Designer
    Creating custom images, for example, icons, loading screens, map previews, and forum interfaces.
  • BR. Brainstormer
    Brainstorm ideas, gameplay elements, stories and more.
  • P.A. Promotional Agent
    Promote the map on different community forums, websites, Battle.Net and such.
  • F.M. Forum Moderator
    Help maintain and take care of our forum, for example, helping people out and taking care of rulebreakers. Be sure to know BBCode.
  • M.D. Model Designer
    Create new and edit existing models, and give those models animations.
  • S.D. Sound Designer
    Do voice acting, mix background music, etcetera.

Team Ranking
All new members will start with Freshman rank. When you have completed your qualification tests, you will be promoted to Map Developer.
If you are good at a specific skill field, you can earn stars for it. First, you earn up to 3 silver stars, then the silver stars becomes gold stars.
When you get 2 silver stars, you get promoted to Advanced Map Developer rank.
If you earn 1 gold star in a specific skill field, you get promoted to Field Leader, and are the leader for that specific field. E.g. ID. (Image Design) Leader or Tr. (Terrain) Leader.
If you earn 3 gold stars overall, and show great leadership, you can get promoted to the highest possible rank Team Leader. Team Leaders have control and can decide many things for the team.

For now, these are the probable team members:

(Banner outdated)

Tharkas Story Writer.

Grygon Terrain, Trigger.

HoloProject Forum Moderator, Trigger, Terrain, Story Writer, Promotional Agent.

Financial Aspect
As we all know Blizzard will include an option to charge money for a Custom Made Map. However, LoaT will be a FREE multiplayer map! And if by any chance the game gets popular and very successful, we may create a PREMIUM version of the map that includes various improvements, entirely new regions, and new features.
All profits will be split between the project members based on their input.

About The Map
Read more in Pepper's notes
Life of a Terran is going to use the best ideas from the best games.

Life of a peasant: Huge open world with unique and different gameplay, depending on your class and side choice.

Kings and Knight: Working and playing for a king, having a boss. Dealing with superiors and subordinates.

Battleships: Endless upgrades and ability possibilities.

Monopoly 3D: All in real-time, buying and selling property, earning or losing money depending on your choices and game economy.

Call of Duty: Game transferable rankings, perks, rewards and levels. This is very important for the replayability. Every time a player replay the map, he will make progress. Trying to achieve an ultimate goal or a medal/achievement.

The map should be economy driven. Different events will have different impact on the economy/player income/prices , gameplay, difficulty.
The map will also be player triggered event driven.

A player could become a scientist and release a serious virus that will turn humans into zombies/zergs. Suddenly the gameplay changes into the survival map. Improving the pharmaceutical and weapon economy, but destroying all other sectors.
Successful player could gather enough resources to launch a nuke, destroying everything and ending the game, but earning an important achievement that would give him an advantage in the next game.

As a player you will be able to join one of the 5 sides:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Gangs
  • Drug Business (harvesting crystal meth)
  • Industry
  • Just be a neutral citizen

Players who choose the industry will have a fat paycheck, but will have to deal (turf money /protection) with police and gangs.
Citizen, industry and police income will depend on the world economy. If the banks get robbed, a lot of drug dealers on the street, cops getting killed, the overall economy will be bad. If the town is upgrading, drug dealers are under control, properties are safe, economy will do well.
Citizen and industry will also have an option to evade taxes (bonus 30% on the income). That also will result in bad economy. The cops would be able to trace tax evasion, and arrest non tax paying player.


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